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Politically Correct Treason
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Subject: 9/11 and the CFR
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 16:04:52 -0500
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Politically Correct Treason

The basis of our Government rests in the Federal and State Constitutions, in
which all powers not designated to the Federal government reside with the

We Americans have always upheld Liberty and Freedom as the essence of our Land.
Our Constitution assumed that we were a sovereign state, in control of our own
destiny, under God.

But for many years, going back to before World War I, there have been those in
High places who were attempting to subvert this concept by bringing about a
transfer of our national sovereignty to a form of World Government, such as the
League of Nations. However, this attempt failed to be adopted by the U.S.
Senate in 1919.

The proponents of this scheme did not give up, and went on to create a private
organization called The Council On Foreign Relations, or CFR, in 1921, whose
goal has been to bring about a Socialist World Government. During World War II,
it virtually took over control of the State Department, and has ever since been
providing the policies and key personnel for the Federal Government. As we
write, their goal appears to be ever nearer, as Globalism, in its many forms,
is riding high, and the Police State is here, under the banner of "Patriotism".

There are 4075 members listed in the CFR 2002 Annual Report, and any politician
would give his right arm to be selected into this private club of the elites.
Likewise, no politician, that I have seen or heard of, says anything negative
about the CFR; something about knowing where the power lies.

There have been many member/agents of this group in past administrations,
including this one. Former President George H. Bush was one, as was Bill
Clinton. Many recent Secretaries of State and Secretaries of Defense have been
members. V.P. Richard Cheney and Secretary of State, Colin Powell are members,
under George W. Bush. David Rockefeller, former Chairman of the Chase Manhattan
Bank, typifies CFR leadership, having served as its President for fifteen
years, and is now is its President Emeritus.

In 1941, just after Pearl Harbor, fourteen member/agents of the CFR were
appointed by then Secretary of State Cordell Hull to create a constitution for
their new baby; the United Nations, which held its first assembly in San
Francisco in 1945, led by Alger Hiss, later convicted as a Communist spy.

So, we can see that being a part of this club that advocates and works toward
the dissolution of the national interests of the USA in favor of a foreign
entity, such as the UN which they created, is very "Politically Correct". In
fact, the main determiners of our Political Correctness, the anchormen of
nightly TV, are mostly all CFR agents, along with the heads of the Big Media,
Banking, Education, Military, Congress, and on and on.

We may be sure that those directing our military escapades are highly involved
with these same elites in high places. Pat Buchannan has fearlessly spelled out
who many of these "Neocons" in the Defense Department are and why they are
doing what they do. Again, this is not Politically Correct to mention, yet the
future survival of our country is involved in it.

Now let us look to 9/11, and all that has evolved since that disaster. In spite
of all the talk about who did it, which has led us into war with Afghanistan
and Iraq, and a general "War Against Terrorism", we, the American people still
do not know who or what group was really responsible, as our nation is being
turned into a police state because of fear of "Terrorism".

Finally, in late 2002, the National Commissin on Terrorist Attacks was
commissioned and approved by President Bush, who appointed Henry Kissinger as
Chairman, and George Mitchell as Vice Chairman. Coincidentally, both men are
member/.agents of the CFR.

Fortunately, enough Americans were aware of the nefarious record of Kissinger
that created an uproar enough to cause his resignation. But the unfeigned gall
that was revealed in their attempting to put him in charge of such a vital
investigation, shows how brazen and confident they are that they could get away
with it. Former Senator George Mitchell soon also resigned. Here is where it
gets interesting. I suspected that the rest of the Commission would be made up
of the same bunch of One-Worlders, and so set about to find out who they were.

I wrote to the CFR itself, whose web site is http://www.terrorism answers.com,
and was told that they did not know! Lying? Yes, but why?

I then wrote to our two lovable Massachusetts Senators Ted Kennedy and John
Kerry, a CFR member, as well as Representative Delahunt, without a response
from any of them.

I then contacted the State Department, and wrote to the White House, but got no

Then I ran across a Washington outfit called the NARA OIG Hotline which advised
me that "Effective immediately" they would no longer answer such questions!

Finally, a wrote to http://www.FirstGov.gov which provided me with the
membership list I wanted, and the address of the web site of the Commission;
http://9-11commission.gov/ .

The names are: Chairman Thomas H. Kean,CFR, Vice Chair,Lee H. Hamilton,CFR,
Jamie S. Gorelick,CFR, and Phillip D.Zelikow, John F. Lehman,CFR, Exec.
Director, Phillip D. Zelicow,CFR, as well as other members: Richard
Ben-Veniste,Max Cleland, Fred Fielding, Slade Gordon, timothy J. Roemer, and
James R. Thompson. I suspect that some of these non-CFR members just might
become members real soon.

The Commission telephone is: 202 331-4060, info([at]9-11 Commission.gov, Fax 202
They held their first public hearing March 31 to April 1, 2003, and archived
footage will be posted at http://9-11commission.gov/ .

So what, you might say. The names are not that important. But I think that the
fact that, including the two first appointments that quit, seven(7) out of 11
represent the CFR, the most powerful private club in the world which is bent on
destroying the national sovereignty of the United States of America. That
should be enough to shake someone up, but political correctness holds a
powerful grip which is most difficult to shake, after years of brainwashing,
and lack of knowledge that the CFR even exists.
Should you wish to obtain copies of their annual reports, which I have been
doing, their telephone number is: 212 434-9400 in New YorkCity.TheReport for
2003 is now available.

The President is Leslie Gelb, and the Vice President has been Maurice R.

Incidentally, they advocate "a major new role for the U.S. Military to combat
terrorism in America". May I suggest that when Americans catch on to their
treasonous plans to submit the U.S. to World Government control (the UN?), they
know that they will need the Army and all of their new Police State regulations
such as the Patriot Act to keep their enemy, the American public, under
control. Post-war Iraq should provide them excellent training for this.

Finally, I am suggesting that the appointment of the CFR crowd from Kissinger
on down, is necessary to keep the lid on and cover up any facts that might be
damaging to them, or their friends. They claim to have all the answers in their
web site, but even lied about not knowing who is on the commission. Were they
involved in 9/11 more than they want known? Quite probably.

Warren B. Appleton , Dennis, Massachusetts, April 24, 2003

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