Aaron Russo's Film: America, From Freedom to Fascism Opens
Sat Oct 7, 2006 11:40

Aaron Russo's film opened tonight in Beverly Hills at the Music Hall theatre on Wilshire Blvd. Thank God I preordered my tickets online this week, both shows tonight were sold out, the lines went around the block. For the first screening Mr. Russo was there! He had a question and answer period after the movie. People, do you know how powerful it is to see a film like this and have 99% of the audience awake and cheering? For those of you in cities where this film is now playing, PLEASE go see it, tell your friends to see it, spread the word. The way the globalist agenda is accelerating with each passing day now it can seem mighty hopeless at times, but tonight gave all of us in the theatre a much-needed shot of optimism that maybe, just maybe this march toward fascism can somehow be slowed down a little. Maybe it's pie in the sky hope for something that is way past stopping, but the feeling of camaraderie that was present tonight was so intense, so over due, to be in the presence of these people who were all on the same page for once, all wanting our beloved America to return to what the founding fathers envisioned was just what the doctor ordered. When Mr. Russo spoke after the film you could feel the love in this mans heart, you could sense his genuiness, and his true belief that there are enough courageous Americans left that can make a difference. Please see this movie. If nothing else the energy of the folks seeing the film with you will lift you up from the fear. God Bless Us All.
link to film website: http://www.fromfreedomtofascism.com/

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