There will be NO elections in 2008 if your relect these.....
Sun Oct 8, 2006 10:08

.... incumbant slimes in EITHER PARTY in 2006. We have no time to vote for third parties since that simply guarantees the incumbant gets back in. This congress of incumbants are being blackmailed for similar stuff as foley. We have to get rid of them. ITS WHY BUSH WANTED THE WIRETAPPING WITH NO OVERSIGHT BY THE COURT. HE IS TAPPING HIS POLITICAL OPPONENTS.

Vote the opposite party that is currently in the seat you are voting for. If its a republican, vote him out,and hold your nose and vote for the dem. If its a dem, hold your nose and vote for the repub. IF WE HAVE 100% TURNOVER in Congress, I guarantee you they will know it was us who consciously said we "are taking our country back" from the satanic bulls. That new congress will know we are mad and will do as we say instead of ignoring us like a bunch of sheep.

Nothing else will work. Now after we change the entire congress and 1/3 of the senate with brand new people then we can prepare for the 2008 by building the third parties and getting their people elected at the local level. Be careful though, all parties can be corrupted as we saw with my majority Repubs.

I am soooo ashamed of them, and the dems aren't much better either. They lack spine, courage and principle or they would have stood against this piece of shite President.

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