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Subject: a Bush Bashing Classic
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 04:25:57 -0400
From: Karl W B Schwarz

Greetings to all Email Update Members,

Most of you probably remember the butt-ripping letter Joe Cortina sent to Bush. Every word in it was true and Bush proves every day that every word in it is true.

I never thought I would see in my life a sleazier presidential administration than Bill Clinton, and damn, as soon as we got rid of suffering through him we got an even sleazier president who is a pretense as a Conservative Republican, a pretense as a Christian, and a pretense as a family values man.

George Bush loves to play Mr. Big, but I clearly see him for what he is and would not spit on him for fear he would drown.

One of the email update members came across another brave American who has come forward and stated clearly what he thinks of Bush. I cannot say that I disagree with any word this person wrote. His name is Karl like mine.

With his permission I am forwarding it to my email list and I know many of you will forward it on to yours. He even said it was OK to disclose the email address.

The light of truth is shining and America from coast to coast is seeing Washington, DC for what it is and America does not like what it is seeing.


Cast as many of these liars, thugs, thieves, pedophiles, derelicts, greedy morons out as we can. Just do it America. Upend the apple card, knock down the house of cards, scatter the checkers and dominoes all over the place, and start over.

Every poll is clearly showing that Americans are fed up, so FOLLOW THROUGH. Take that anger to the polls and rip their asses off in November.

Let the Democrats have the House and Senate or, get as many Independents and Third Party candidates elected as possible. It is time to break the balls and run the table on them, and America, WE CAN DO IT.

Subject: Exercising my First Amendment Right

To: President George Bush

October 5, 2006

Mr. Bush:

Recently I asked my friend if she believed in the existence of Satan. She said not in a literal sense, but that the concept embodies social chaos and destruction - lies, deceit, harm. I was reminded of a conversation I had 25 years ago with a close friend, a professor of developmental psychology, after I had finished training at the police academy. He asked me if I thought anyone was truly evil, and in my callow and idealistic youth I said no; that everyone has some redeeming positive quality.

Over the last few years, I've considered the promises, rhetoric and actions that have emanated from your 'administration', and it gave me thought to review that old question. I got out the notes I have been keeping on you for some years and went over them, which led me to question my friend.

I decline to proffer a diagnosis of your mental state. That would be unethical. Without slander or libel I am free to call you a liar and a cheat. The evidence exists at literally thousands of locations around the world and is available with little effort.

Most people are acquainted with pain. You enjoy it vicariously in myself and others. Undoubtedly there are some who simply pity you. I do not. I despise you. I find no worth in you as a human being whatsoever, and whatever qualities are lumped together to construct the mythical figure of Satan are all found in yourself.

I will continue to expose you because as Edmond Burke said, "Evil triumphs when good men say nothing."

So I shall continue from a sense of duty to humankind, just as years ago I separated the body parts of small, dead children from wrecked autos after some drunk had whimsically declared himself capable of driving. Please do not think for one second that I am exposing you for any other reason. Not one word or action I have ever seen from you contains a grain of truth or honesty.

I shall fulfill my promise to have my children and friends read history textbooks because I want them to find out now that there are people like yourself that would strip them of their intellect and innocent desire to learn truth, and then rape them with the perverted seed of fascism, disguised as "compassionate conservatism."

I want them to know that beyond the humour in your self-ridicule there is a depth of evil that is unsurpassed in the most hardened criminal.

I care not whether you seek mental help. You are there; I am here. As long as you continue to spew crass and arrogant lies in public (who knows what craven notions you espouse in private) and decimate the soul of America I will be there to show the dishonesty that oozes from every pore of your wretched body.

You have fooled, cajoled, or intimidated a fair portion of the electorate. But your scam is coming unraveled...every day, thousands of Americans are willing to admit they have been victimized by a superb con job and we are not going to take it any more. What you have done to the country, the Presidency, the Constitution and the world is obscene and disgusting.

Not all of us are willing fools, Mr. Bush.

Disclaimer: Not every word of this exposition is my own, I have used a few originally penned by a dear departed friend, Dave H. who surely would not have objected.

You can find me easily, you can have me arrested, detained, sent to Gitmo or probably anything you want but you can't silence every American who finds you to be unfit for and in violation of your oath of office.

Wagoner , OK

When the guard changes, start demanding loud and clear that America demands justice. No one is above the law of our land of America.

Before you vote for an incumbent, remember the Rep Mark Foley disclosures. Before that is all said and done America will learn that we have had sleazy people in office for years on both sides of the aisle. Don’t embarrass yourself by voting one of them back into office.

Demand loud and clear that Washington, DC clean up the mess they have made of things, across the board. Put Americans first in America, no exceptions. Demand that they go back and reverse this onslaught on American freedoms and liberties. Demand they go back and address 9-11 with a truly independent commission seated with American citizens, not hand picked cover up artists. Demand they face up to the war crimes the current Republicans and Democrats have perpetrated.

Demand they do something about DU and our veterans.

When this cabal in the White House loses either the House or Senate, much of this insanity will turn into grid lock. Let that happen for it will slow down the insanity while we organize across America to put our chosen leaders into power in 2008.

VOTE THEM OUT AMERICA! You want change? Start making it happen in November 2006.

Many keep asking what it is going to take to fix America. It will not be easy but at least I have put forward a platform and plan of action. If you have never read it or forwarded it to others, take the time to read it and forward it on.

Many of you will remember an email I sent out long ago when I explained why I amended an old saying from the early days of the environmental movement – if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. When it comes down to just you and me, if you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.


Best regards,



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