Investigative Journalist
The Recent School Shootings, Mind Control Final Testing(s).
Sun Oct 8, 2006 00:19

The School shooting(s) this past few weeks are a clear indication that the Elitists are desperate to try out their super advanced "Mind Programming Technologies" to ready them to control the Law Enforcement community and their contracted NWO mercenaries in order to begin their rounding up of U.S. and Canadian Citizens very, very soon. They are at this time performing their last minute testing of these Mind Control remote operations programmable Manchurian Candidate Telegeodynamic-Scalar-Microwave-Projected Field Mind Control and Mind-Behavior Altering Weapones technologies and be assured that if a investigation of "Black Ops" operation being in the areas where these shooting have taken place would prove this but they are utilizing remote operated "Mind Control" technologies via satalite for example as well but if the American people were truly being served by their government other an a government that is solely serving the elements of World Control then the American people might stand a chance to find out which branch of these extremely advance "Black Ops" Mind Control operations were involved. But now knowing that the Bush pedophile Elitists who have now filled our entire Congress and Senate with homosexual lesbian Satanists who serve only the Bush Satanist Rothschild agenda then for Gods Sake you that are aware take time to prepare in a remote place in the country as soon as is possible where you will at least have water and some chance of food because the cities are now past tense.

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