The lies catch up whose "duties" are to answer the phones
Sun Oct 8, 2006 19:05

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The lies catch up with those whose "duties" are to answer the phones

Senator Olympia Snowes' website reads:

Welcome to my website.
As your U.S. Senator for Maine, I am committed to serving the people of Maine and representing them in our nation’s capital.

From September 22, 2006 to Oct. 5, 2006, I made many phone calls to Sen. Snowe's campaign manager, Lucas Caron, State Director Gail Kelly ( I spoke with a few different people because Ms. Kelly was "on the phone", "in a conference", "out of the office" and when I called again before her ususal departure from the office, "she had left for the day") and The Maine Republican party requesting their help in obtaining a meeting with Senator Snowe and asked for Senator Snowe's campaign schedule. Not one of them knew what the schedule was as of those dates, nor did I receive a call from Lucas Caron or Gail Kelly as to whether my request to meet with Senator Snowe would happen. Senator Snowe was in York County on Thursday, Oct. 5th. So much to be committed to serving the people of Maine........... You see, the excuses and lies catch up with those whose "duties" are to answer the phones of elected officials.

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