Dont Forget Who Dropped the BOMB !!
Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:17

The International hysteria over North Korea is really amusing and clearly demonstrates that the leaders of most nations in the world are complete idiots, apart from being total hypoctites.

So north Korea has the Bomb - big deal - wouldn't you if the moronic President of the worlds superpower kept threatening to blow you off the face of the earth, after clearly demonstrating to the world that he is capable of attacking other countries on a whim ??

Israel has the Bomb and they are clearly totally insane as a Nation, India and Pakistan have it and threaten each other all the time that they will use it.

But which nation is the only nation on earth to have used it ?? The USA of course , and who has recently conceived a plan to use it again on Iran ?? The USA of course.

So who are the 'terrorists' ?? Who are the real International Outlaws, who bypass the United Nations when it suits them and then complains when someone else in the UN uses their power of Veto, or the UN is not doing enough to carry out the wishes of the USA?? The same STUPID Nation that has its head up its ASS !!!!

When I watch and listen to John Bolton the United States Ambassador to the United Nations I shake my head in disbelief that he could be so absolutely capable of believing his own Bullshit. The man is unstable and a threat to world peace. American Foreign Policy (if you can call it that)is a total disaster, and the chickens are at long last coming home to roost.

Iraq is lost, Afghanistan is lost, Israel is in dissaray, North Korea has the Bomb, Iran probably already has the bomb, and the peasants are starting to revolt.

Hopefully we are about to shortly see the end of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of the nasty Nazi's in their group.

Bring out the ROPE.
End of lesson!

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