Texas is Bush's National Domestic Policy/Agenda
Mon Oct 9, 2006 16:10

In addition to the Iraq War, and the planned Iran War,
the Sociological and Environmental Conditions in Texas,
the Condition of “We The People” in Texas is key in
exposing the Republicans’ greed, heartlessness, and elitism. What Bush & Co. did in Texas they are now doing
to our Nation. George Orwell was a prophet!


Texas' National Ranking Under Bush/Perry
In 33 Sociological and Environmental Areas:

1st in Execution of Prisoners.
1st in Prison System, $6 Billion Annually
1st in City with Crime (Dallas, 8 consecutive years))
1st in Corporate Bankruptcy (Enron)
1st in Children without health insurance
1st in Percent of children without health insurance
1st in Poorest Counties
1st in Homeowner Insurance Cost
1st in Poor Personal Credit
1st in Personal Bankruptcies
1st in Toxic Air Releases
1st in Smog Days (Houston)
1st in Pollution released by manufacturing plants
1st in Pollution by industrial plants in violation of Clean Air Act
1st in Greenhouse gas emissions
2nd in Percent of children living in poverty
2nd in Percent of population without health insurance
3rd in Hunger
4th in the Nation in AIDS cases
5th in Teen Birth Rate
10th in Obesity (Houston and Dallas, No. 1 and 6, respectively)
45th in Mothers Receiving Pre-Natal Care
46th in Public Libraries and Branches
46th in High School Completion Rate
46th in Water Resources Protection
47th in Delivery of Social Services
48th in Literacy
48th in Per Capita Funding for Public Health
48th in Best Place to Raise Children (29th before Bush)
48th in Spending for Parks and Recreation
48th in Spending for the Arts
49th in Spending for the Environment
50th in Teachers' Salaries plus Benefits

Reference: http://www.bushwatch.com/documentation.htm

B.U.S.H…Bringing U. S. Hell!!!

p.s. There is no coincidence in 33 items. The number honors Jesus' last year of His ministry. We will pick up with confronting the Pharasees and Sadducees where Jesus left off. Remember Jesus said, "What I have done ye shall do and even greater things"."

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