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OCTOBER 5 , 2006

And DAMN- it's fun when the whole rotten structure falls down.

As of this writing, it is predicted that Dennis Hastert will lose his position as House Leader- pending another day of revelations, it's likely that he will be forced to resign his seat in the house, entirely. The republicans, having enjoyed four years of near-total immunity and exclusion from any scrutiny, have turned upon each other in a manner reminiscent of a pool of sharks, intoxicated by the smell of blood. In coming days, it's just gonna get worse/better...

Now- this doesn't upset Rove all that much- as long as we're talking about Foleygate, we're not addressing the war in Iraq, shrinking wages, skyrocketing poverty, the miserable state of healthcare in this country, and the veritable smorgasbord of issues on which the republicans are vulnerable. After all- when the smoke clears, only a handful of republicans will be implicated directly with this scandal, and the rest will be able to rise above the issue.

I do hope that the democrats are able to walk and chew gum at the same time, over the next month, and see this not as a decisive issue, but as yet another weapon in their arsenal- another nail with which to hammer shut the coffin of republican dictatorship.

That having been said, what is certain to follow, in coming days, is what can only be described as a witch hunt (carried out, admittedly, by the democratic blogosphere,) to "out" gay republicans in congress, and expose how some of them played a role in suppressing the disclosure of the Foley scandal (as did their fellow straighter republican compatriots.)

The reason why this will come to pass is not an effort on the part of the democrats to draw any parallel between homosexuality and pederasty, but to let the religious right (which is largely responsible for the republican majority in congress) know that- surprise, surprise- there are gay people in the party which they have held in such high esteem. Trust me- if there's anything that will keep a few million evangelical rapture-right voters at home on election day, it's knowing that the party that they spent so much time boosting isn't as "John Birch" as they were told, by Pat Robertson, et al...

Personally, I'm steadfastly against "outing" people, for whatever reason. One's own sexual behavior (as long as it's between consenting adults) is their own business- but in these times, a gay republican (as opposed to a gay conservative) is sorta like a black klansman. How the living hell a gay person could consider themselves a republican these days is utterly beyond me:

"I'm against granting myself full status as a human being- further, I'm steadfastly opposed to granting myself the right to marry my partner, and gaining the health insurance benefits or the legal rights entitled to me as a spouse. In addition, people like myself shouldn't be allowed to become schoolteachers, scoutmasters, public servants, or be allowed to adopt children. People like me are the reason behind the moral degeneracy of our country, and the quicker we're put out of our misery, the better."

But hey- even the Nazis got Jewish collaborators to serve as policemen for them. Go figure...

(Oh- one last thing- I watched four hours of Fox "News" today- not ONE, SINGLE MENTION of Foleygate. They DID spend ten minutes talking about a youtube video featuring domino tricks on a pool table- so I guess they're still "fair and balanced.")

As much as we love hearing about a republican's sexual fantasies about post pubescent kids, I'm hoping that a few bits of info about the continuing collapse of our Iraq occupation make it into the discourse, such as:

This month is shaping up to be the bloodiest, since "Mission Accomplished."

Thousands of Iraqi police were dismissed, today, after they were found to be aiding insurgents.

75 iraqis were killed in car bombings today.

Colin Powell continues to criticize the lack of an exit strategy.

Congress just acquiesced to Bush's request that our monitor of Iraqi reconstruction be recalled.

Oh- and one last thing- in a week that's seen three fatal school shooting sprees, one must consider that Bush's budgets have consistently slashed federal funding for school violence prevention.

Gotta go check and see if my passport is still current...





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