J. Croft
"Well, what the hell can I do?"
Tue Oct 10, 2006 16:37

(excerpt from "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America)
J. Croft

I know your frustration. Struggling against a entire society going "wheee" as it's flushed down the toilet is a daunting challenge, and from what you've been taught in those public schools and the TV you've gotten "their" message that the only thing to do is to go with the flow. Those are lies.

It's also a lie there isn't a thing you can do about it. There's EVERYTHING you can do, you've never been shown a concrete plan of resistance and victory. Read on, if you truly desire Freedom.

What you can do as an Individual

Before an athlete can compete in a game he must be in his best possible shape. To win the war for our freedom, you too must be in the best possible shape-physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. You must clean up your own house before you can clean up your neighborhood, so to do that you must clean yourself.

A house, a person is only as good as the foundation, and that foundation isn't in your material wealth, your health, or the soundness of your mind. Your foundation is your soul, for without righteousness, without truth or love, nothing else you'll do will be certain. So let's start with:

God-in spite of what your pastor might've told you, or Pat Robertson, God expects us to do battle against evil wherever we see it, especially in ourselves. Love God and others like you do yourself-it's because we as Americans have been conditioned into thinking strictly about ourselves, being selfish, and that taking responsibility sucks that we're losing our nation. Love God, because He loves you enough to have let you come into this world as a free agent, a Human Being in a society of relative affluence-as corrupted as it is.

So,why did He make you as a American in 2005, and not a Brit or Russian or Somalian or Iraqi? It sure as hell wasn't to await some "rapture" and let our traitors destroy our planet and civilization. It sure as hell wasn't to damn 5 billion, seven hundred million people to death so YOU can have some imagined get-out-of-the-apocalypse-free card. It sure as hell wasn't to pursue that masterstroke of marketing called the "American Dream" of shoddy, imported megacorporate junk.

No! We're here as Americans at the dawn of the 21st Century because God puts us here for a purpose-to fight to get back the Nation and Freedoms our ancestors fought for. To be equal under the law, free to do as one will without harming others, with no corporate tools poisoning the enviroment, hypnotizing us with their ceaseless advertisements, or having their lackeys push us into pre-arranged wars of conquest. Taking back control over America's direction, stop fighting bogus wars, and avert a global Holocaust that's slated to kill off most of the human race.

A holocaust "they" have been laying the groundwork for at least the past century if what I've studied about them is accurate. How else could the elites turn around and progressively strip America of it's economic strength and spread our forces out over the entire globe like a more insidious form of imperialism. Almost all the nations of Earth have our troops stationed there.

And yet our borders are wide open. We have the greatest debt levels in history. China was sold our nuclear weapons and high tech secrets by Clinton and Bush, who took their money and invested in corporations who literally strip America of it's industrial strength and ship it over to them. So have all of the super rich living today.

Reading that, "their" game plan's obvious; one more ruinous global war-between America and China. This time, America will not be victorious; we have been used and abused and we shall be tossed to the side-violently. China will probably still stand, but all the nations of Earth will be so ravaged by this coming conflict, we'll all be ready to accept anyone's proposal to fix things. And "they" have such a plan; you might have heard of it whispered, it's called the "new world order". Which is nothing more than "them" controlling everything and everyone through a choking high tech bureaucracy. America will be broken up into a bunch of dependent states-resource colonies where the remaining assets, the land, the trees, the minerals in the ground, our homes-our very lives will be used as collateral to pay back the debts our leaders took out as we all slept.

"They" have made a fatal mistake though. Fatal to them.

It may have been "their" true plans for America to use this nation to build a "new world order", but in their hubris they unleashed ideals dangerous, lethal to them; the expectations of Freedom and Prosperity. Because never before in human history have there been such a codification of the Rights of Man as in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Religion, Speech, Assembly, Bearing Arms, Secure in your Home and Property, protections against self-incrimination, a speedy trial, bans on cruel and unusual punishments, and strict boundaries on government authority with the advantage going to the People.

Those ideals of Freedom come from God ultimately; why else would God make us individuals, with free will? For those "founding fathers" however, who were attributed with their origin, they owned and traded slaves. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin-all had plantations and never freed their "property" while they were alive. They were the elite-part of the "they" back in those days who sought a "new atlantis", a mercantile empire. So, why the First Revolution? The obvious answer, knowing history, is to provide the British elite with a eventual enforcer state to spread and enforce their own fortunes through their corporations, especially after "they" got done exhausting Great Britain proper and make it a dependent state. They needed a excuse, to get the People to go along with no longer being British subjects, but Citizens of a independent America.

So, in a conspiracy with elites in the British Homeland they staged a war that constantly saw the British Army lose in European style warfare-just enough for the third rate regular Colonial Army to survive and fight another day. For cannon fodder "they" sought to recruit the common folks for their War of Independence. Same common folks that they were constantly putting a squeeze to in Colonial America by sewing up the legislatures and the laws, and rigging the economics to benefit themselves-and keep everyone else dependent on them. For these Colonial rich to get them to fight "they" had to inflict what's known as the dialectic on them. The British Crown raises taxes and imposes regulations on economics and travel beyond the Appalachian mountains on people wanting a new life and opportunity, which frustrates some into open revolt. Most just wanted the Empire to be reasonable but they were unknowingly being herded into rebellion. A few "radicals" in league with "they" take the rebellion to the next level. They in effect launched a civil war and wrapped the whole cynical thing under the banner of Liberty.

"They" played a most dangerous game; unleashing those ideals to people armed, to raise their expectations-to go from subjects to a king to being virtually kings of themselves and the government the subject. "They" got their American Revolution alright. It also took decades of fighting off a number of rebellions after the war, against "their" foreclosing farms for debts, their taxes on whiskey(which launched the federal agency ultimately known as the ATF) and the imposition of the 1787 Constitution and Bill of Rights to put a leash on what they unleashed from Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box is still open, however. No matter what their descendants have done in using America as a tool for world domination, no matter how they've used America as a whore for their designs, the concepts they've unleashed can and will never be unlearned. And now, in 2005, it is up to you Mr. and Mrs. America, to finish the American Revolution. Finish fighting these all too rich elitists for our world.

That's why God's put you here, now. Not to have that job you prostitute yourselves for, and yet not even see a tenth of the fruit of your labors for. Not to have that mortaged-for-life five bedroom "mansion". Not to have that SUV you can barely drive, or afford to gas. Not those 18%APR VISA cards you use to get that garage full of crap you probably used maybe twice. Certainly not to have obnoxiously authoritarian bureaucrats running around imposing yards worth of books filled with regulations on every conceivable aspect of life so that the People are mired in red tape. Or worse, stage murderous raids on those seeking to be outside of their tyranny-tyranny they desecrate the American flag with by wrapping their foul deeds in it.

You're here to forge a better world for you and your children. You're here to do that by doing what's necessary to liberate America from the chains of the "soft" slavery that bind us mind body and soul. Starving the corporate made consumer culture of the demand for it's junk. Breaking the back of the government and it's lackey corporations by denying it dollars in the form of taxes from what you spend and what you report. In doing so stopping it in it's tracks from installing a permanent police state here, and smashing third world nations over false pretenses.

Fight, you must instead of fretting over what game to watch or what you're gonna grill up for the weekend. But to do that you must be ready for the fight, and the very first thing you've got to do is get right with God.

First, make some time to be alone, and with absolutely nothing going on but your thoughts. No music, TV, or interruptions. Let all the stresses and worries of your life slip away. Let your thoughts slip away until the only thing you feel is your heart.

Your heart does more than pump blood. It feels, and those pangs of consciousness, that voice that's told you to do the right thing-that's God talking to you.

So pay attention to your heart and listen to what God has to say to you. Direct, and not what some pastor or that scam artist Benny Hinn says God says.(I'd like to see that blow dried creep follow Jesus' teaching and sell all he has, give the proceeds to the poor, and quit with that ridiculous doo)

God's gonna surprise you, I'll warn you right now. Somehow you came across this message, and somehow something inside you got you to read this message. Guess what? That's God, and the good news is you listened so you're already on the path. You got to keep going though, because you're already in a war declared against you by the rulers of this sorry world. You're already in the war, and further acquiescence, further submission to their evil is not only futile, it should be insulting, shameful, degrading-beneath you! Dying? This body dies, as does everyone's, but after that we're all in God's hands, and what we-you do now and for the rest of your life in this world WILL matter.


We do what God would have us do. Reading the Bible, you'll find different books and authors contradict each other a lot-a lot saying you should "obey your masters and government" and whatnot. Consider who wrote what, because if for nothing else it was men that put together the bible. Mostly the type that are Roman Emperors, bloodthirsty conquerors looking to legitimize their crimes, and false prophets who claim God sent them but turn around and contradict everything.

So you have to consider what most likely came from God and Jesus and go from there, weighing the author and his words against God. The closest that is would be the Gospels at the beginning of the New Testament, although Christ didn't write those. This is Christianity we're talking about, so assuming that the four gospels containing Jesus Christ's words are accurate you weigh the rest of the Bible on that.

So what does Jesus say we should do? We heal the sick, help the homeless find a home, free the prisoners(and we're all prisoners on our own planet by the way-think we Americans have it bad?), expand the frontiers of Freedom, fight evil and prevail wherever we find it and crush the demons literally and figuratively. Jesus DID all of that-and got executed for it!

But first we must be right. It's not important to God that you have a lot of junk-in fact, a childish need for the trinkets the megacorporations push on us gets in the way of the essentials of life. It IS important to God if you do right. So if you're not to be trusted with secrets because you're a gossip, quit trash talking about your neighbors who don't deserve it. If you borrow things and never return them, that's stealing. If you don't spend time with your kids because Survivor or American Idiot is on, well what's more important?

God wants us to love ourselves and love our people as ourselves. He also wants our love as well, but religion, in service to "they", always wind up painting God as a celestial crackhead frothing at the mouth for our suffering-when they're not asking you to tithe. That's actually the devil's propaganda, a subliminal message that makes God repellant to folks. What you get for a religion that's been in the hands of evil men for two millennia.

No. God wants our love because God is love. And if you love, you'll express that love as action. You'll defend yourself and yours; your family, your home, your neighborhood, your town, your country and your culture. Only people who have God are capable of this; those in positions of power certainly don't have God in their hearts-why else would they attack us and destroy our lives as they do?

God wants you-needs you to do your part because you're already in a war for yourself and your world. So you might as well join the battle.

The point is, if your heart ain't right you won't have the inner strength to withstand what's coming, let alone resist it. You'll collapse, give up, take the "easy" way out, betray your friends when things get tough. Being a traitor; that's not something I'd want to carry around for eternity.

Next: learn what's really going on. You sure as hell won't learn it by watching CNN or Fox. The internet's the way to go, as it's the last bastion of independent voices that have a wide reach. Go to Rense.com as it's a warehouse of information… how much of it's valid well, that's for you yourself to determine. Take personal responsibility for what you believe in. Some other good sights are DailyReckoning.com, Gold-Eagle.com, for straight talk about the economy. Another website I would recommend you think about is RumorMillNews.com.

Start getting alternative views-a lot of them are right. You find out what's going on, and while you're not on the internet: get the hell out of debt and that slave wage job you're working like a chump. Most of the fruits of your labors either your employer keeps or the government taxes away-and then like a genius you turn around and spend what's left on crap you'll have to replace because it's engineered to break down or otherwise become obsolete.

Now, you must take steps to prepare yourself financially; you can't get political freedom if you're still dependent on the same economics that has you like a mouse in a wheel for our enemies.

Stop buying crap you don't need! What you got should be fine. In fact you probably got extra-sell it! Then, take that money and start paying off those credit cards. At 18%, it makes me wish I owned a bank. You'll immediately notice you have more money in your wallet.

Sell that SUV, and get a somewhat older decent car that you can pay for up front: kiss that 300 a month loan payment goodbye! You can barely handle driving that monstrosity anyway. There are auctions in the paper all the time, giving you a even bigger savings. Having 300 bucks more a month not tied up in debt payments gives you more options-like liberating yourself from debt.

Scale down your domicile; sell that huge house and that huge mortgage payment for a smaller home that you can own free and clear. Having at least a grand a month of cash t

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