PNAC ring leader William Kristol confronted on 9/11
Thu Oct 5, 2006 15:46

PNAC ring leader William Kristol confronted on 9/11

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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 10:01:28 -0500
From: Aaron Dykes

Video reveals elitist behavior and reminds chicken-hawk columnist
that 9/11 jig is up

Aaron Dykes & Kevin Smith/ | October 5, 2006

"A 9/11 Conspirator Worthy of Demonizing"
Aaron Dykes / | October 5, 2006

William Kristol, chairman of the Project for a New American Century
(founded in 1997) spoke at the University of Texas in Austin about
the current political climate and the "new order" or "new world" that
emerged after 9/11. He was confronted by a large number of protesters
who carry banners and question his role in 9/11. The event was
covered by the Daily Texan. (link:

Pg. 51 of the PNAC document "Rebuilding America's
Defenses" (published in September 2000, which otherwise calls for the
dramatic build up of military forces and for a climate of multi-
theater wars) states: "Further, the process of transformation, even
if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent
some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor."

VIDEO: Part one of the William Kristol affair in which he
demonstrates his indifferent attitude towards 9/11, his role in PNAC
and more. He is also confronted by a multitude of demonstrators,
including Infowars staff members.

Confronters included Infowars staff members Kevin Smith and Aaron
Dykes, as well as members of the U.T. student group "Project for a
New American Citizen."

Through smirking and laugh ing at the challenging audience, Kristol
admits that he at first thought 9/11 would be a forgettable "one-
off"; he admits that his father was a Communist after joking about
voting communist accidentally and laughing at the question itself.

VIDEO: In this video clip, William Kristol jokes about voting for a
communist. Ironically, he has to admit that his father was a known
Communist after his is confronted by Kevin Smith, who offers to read
off quotes penned by his father. Interesting case of slippery words...

The function was hosted by the U.T. Dean of the LBJ School of Public
Affairs, James B. Steinberg, who is a Bilderberg attendee (multiple
times since 1994, including 2006). He is also a member of the Council
on Foreign Relations, and has been a part of the Brookings
Institution and an advisor in Bill Clinton's Presidential cabinet.

I confronted him on his involvement with Bilderberg (Steinberg
appears on page six of the 2006 list we obtained from Bilderberg
investigative reporter Jim Tucker during our trip to Ottawa in June),
as well as a paper he wrote entitled, "Preventive War: A Useful Tool"
in which he suggests that we not let W. Bush's idea of a pre-emptive
War ruin our concept of a 'preventive war.'

VIDEO: Part two of the William Kristol affair, in which Kevin Smith
and Aaron Dykes discuss the details and the things not caught on camera.

I am fairly certain he was not expecting me to challenge him, and
certainly did not expert me to drop the 'B' word.

I certainly noticed that it was the last word I got out before
Steinberg called on two University of Texas police officers to make
me the first person escorted out of the building (the other
protesters he simply asked to leave).

My removal made for my third encounter with the police at that one
hour event. The previous two encouters developed before the event
even began when they tried to convince me that I had no right to film
the event.

I find it particularly appalling to find William Kristol so
disconnected from reality that he can so easily dismiss the attacks
on the World Trade Center and discuss the victims of the tragedy only
in macrovision and statistics.

I find it fitting, predictable and shameful that the PNAC chairman
would pretend the concept of a "new Pearl Harbor" is something out of
context in a document who lists four plain goals for an expanded and
sustained Pax Americana. The stated goal of the document is to
ESTABLISH FOUR CORE MISSIONS for U.S. military forces. The second of
those prescribed CORE MISSIONS is to "fight and decisively win
multiple, simultaneous major theater wars." (page iv of Rebuilding
America's Defenses).

It is clear that PNAC members (if sincere) would find a new 'Pearl
Harbor' to bring in a 'helpful wave of indignation' (as the
contributors to Operation Northwoods suggested) which contributes to
their intentions. It is just as clear that a 'bungled operation in
Iraq' helps their cause for permanent military presence, expanded
Military Spending and on and on...

Mr. Kristol's twisted language does not fool the discerning, and the
discerning are growing in numbers his separated, elitist mind can't
imagine. He is a criminal caught and publicly indicted, alongside
other known traitors who definitively sold out their country by
conspiring to attack their nation on 9/11.

"I have seen the face of true evil, and frankly Mr. Kristol you don’t
scare me."
Kevin Smith / | October 4, 2006

First, I’d like to thank the new University of Texas student group,
Project for the New American Citizen for giving us a heads-up on
William Kristol’s appearance. They have truly broken through the fake
left/right paradigm.

We returned to the scene of many recent confrontations with NWO
minions, the Bass Lecture Hall within the LBJ Library complex. This
place has turned into a den of vipers. The School of Public Affairs
located there is literally a training ground for globalist,
Constitution and Bill of Rights shredding traitors; of course they do
it with a smile on their face.

What you’re going to see in this video is the Chairman of PNAC. The
neo/fascist/communist group that has seized control of our once great
country. His comments about communism, 9/11, and war in the middle-
east are quite flippant, all the time with that neurotic Joker-esque
smile and laugh. When I called him the modern day Dr. Joseph Goebbels
I meant it, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

The Host of this event is LBJ School of Public Affairs Dean, James B.
Steinberg, a Bilderberger.
(Check out his scholarly article on "preventive war.") I guess Aaron
Dykes still resents being detained for 15 hours by them in Ottawa
this June, because he really lets him have it.

One person of note that I don’t believe appears in this clip is the
nephew of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Prof. Philip C. Bobbitt. Prof.
Bobbitt is a member of the Commission on the Continuity of
Government, otherwise known as ‘The Shadow Government’.

Immediately after the lecture Prof. Bobbitt approached me to try to
explain their position, I was polite but unwavering and basically
after a while I told him to sell it to the Okie’s, no offense to
Oklahomans. Hopefully we will get some footage of this in the near

The last person of interest you’ll see in the clip is a bald
gentleman in a suit, he is the man at the top of the stairs smirking
as Aaron is being escorted out. He is seen again outside after the
event was over. What’s interesting about this man is that the
Journalism Prof. that co-sponsored the event introduced him to the
campus police as being Secret Service. Hmmm, that seems weird; I
thought they’re job was to protect the President, Vice President,
their families etc.

I’ll leave that for the readers to mull over.

All in all it was a smart aggressive new paradigm style protest, by a
great group of info-warriors, disrupting Mr. Kristol with multiple
waves of descent. The vinyl banners questioning 9/11 and stating it
was manufactured by the Neo-Con’s were a nice touch. I think we all
still have smiles on our faces a day later, I know I do. Curiously
absent were the hard-core leftist groups, no where to be found.

Something that truly disturbs me is the endless supply of supposedly
educated people that seem to just beg for attention from these
traitors; frankly they make my skin crawl. One thing for sure is that
Mr. Kristol earned his filthy neocon paycheck last night;
unfortunately I get the sense that he sort of enjoyed it.



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