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Think-Tanks and The Bush Doctrine
Fri Oct 6, 2006 00:59

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Government Think-Tanks and the "Project For The New American Century"

William Kristol - Head of PNAC says;
"We argued -- I supposed you might say elements *laughs* of the Bush Doctrine, before it existed. Or before George W Bush was even President."

"We knew that war was about to happen, that was not a question. It was just a matter of getting this country to get behind it and support our effort."
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The Think Tanks Behind the Bush ADministration


Think-Tanks and The Bush Doctrine


Welcome to the Project for the New American Century
A neoconservative organization supporting greater American militarization, challenging hostile governments, advancing democratic and economic freedom, ...


(Videos) Kristol confonted about PNAC
Fri Oct 6, 2006 01:03

William Kristol is NOT a federal govnerment employee, yet he has a Secret Service attachment!! (see 2nd video, interview with A. Jones that brings this out).

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