Sat Oct 4 14:08:22 2003

excuse me, but focusing on libby takes the heat off rove, but with no good reason! novak stated that 2 officals provided this info to him. we have to conclude that rove is the one whom novak called to confirm, who said 'so you know'.
we cannot let rove off the hook here, folks; the appropriate and LEGAL response would have been 'i can't talk about CIA identities'.
i'm all for getting at the bottom of this, and if libby is a culprit, then so be it. but rove is right there with him. in fact, wilson has stated that he chose that name very carefully in his 'frog-marching' comment, and he has stated that several reporters had told him that rove had contacted them with this info (corroborated by the guardian). wilson has also announced his intention to give this info to the FBI, and reportedly may have already.
bottom line, libby may well have been the one to give novak this info, but rove clearly did so, as well. now, he may have - upon hearing from novak that he already knew - decided to contact a host of other reporters to break the story wide open.
but whatever the schedule of these events, it's most critical that no one, none of us, take the heat off rove.

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