[LEAK-GATE] The CIA creates a purposeful problem

Larry Nichols
[LEAK-GATE] The CIA creates a purposeful proble
Sun Oct 5 03:27:07 2003

[LEAK-GATE] The CIA creates a purposeful problem

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Volume I September 27, 2003 Issue 24



Wow! What a week! You can bet that things are heating up so let's
take a look together at the signs and how they are interrelating to
each other. Let me start with the last one first, President George
Bush. Right now, G.W. Bush is the President and Hillary Clinton
desperately wants to be the next president. Now you should
understand why the flap over the White House supposedly releasing the
name of the wife of a former Clinton Ambassador as being an agent for
the CIA creates a purposeful problem.

Second, now why is releasing her name not the real trick? Is it
because of the fact that the Republicans used a special prosecutor to
dog Bill Clinton when he was President? Fact of the matter is that
in this case, the Clintons will use this very story to force an
Independent Council to go after President Bush and as a result of
that very investigation, Bill Clinton will not be perceived quite so
badly in the eyes of his beholders. Bush, having now recognized the
Clintons' plot to perpetrate schemes upon him and the Republican
Party realizes now, that the same trick was pulled on him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the name that would, at first
glance, seem to be the one most out of place. Not so fast… he is
running for Governor of California and the Clintons have been working
desperately to keep Gray Davis in office. Hillary needs to carry
California if she expects to win the Presidency in 2004. They need
that State held together by the Democrats to pull if off. This is
not to say that even if they have Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new
Governor that they cannot still hold that State together for her, but
it would be real easy if Davis stays in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as you should now know, has been attacked for
supposedly groping six (6) women in his past. I do not know if he
did or he did not but he did apologize to somebody publicly.
However, it was the fact that his story broke just one week before
the election, which of course, was just in time to cause people to
think about how bad a person he must be and to maybe re-consider
voting for him, but not enough time for him to respond and to prove
that the stories might be over stated, and that he might not really
be that bad of a guy. This trick is absolutely, positively vintage

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the way of Hillary Clinton as she is
running for President in 2004.

Rush Limbaugh was one of two people Bill Clinton was referring to as
part of a group of people involved in "Hate-Radio". Limbaugh
constantly attacked and galvanized his audience against Clinton
during his terms as President. You can bet that the Clintons have
been waiting to slam Limbaugh before Hillary gets into the race for
President in 2004.

By the way, the National Enquirer is the publication that has broken
the story about Limbaugh and a possible prescription Drug Problem.
In case you do not know, the attorney for the Enquirer is one of
Clinton's big buddies.

Pretty slick trick, in one week Slick Willy has trashed all three of
the people in Hillary's way as she seeks the Presidency. The only
problem is that I am the only one who seems to have noticed.

By the way, remember before when I told you that Limbaugh was one of
two people Clinton blamed for all of the "Hate-Radio", well the other
person was me. I do not need to tell you, I figure they have got
something really special waiting for me and will probably honor me
with giving me a week all to myself. You can bet it will be special
and it will get plenty of coverage by the main stream media. That in
itself, will be interesting since they will not cover what I am
saying about her-yet!

Oh Yea, I sure hope you don't still doubt that Hillary's running and
with these tricks out, I can tell you she will be announcing sooner
than later now!


For those of you that read last weeks' Nichols Notes, I wrote an

In this article I basically pointed out that in today's world of
politics, it is impossible to know which side is telling the whole
truth or in fact any part of the truth. The reason I tricked you
was, because I knew that the truth was, that you always choose the
lie that you want to believe. I should have said, which lie you
wanted to believe in. In either event however, your answer was
wrong. Actually, the fact is that we in this country have to make
such a decision in the first place in totally wrong.

If we are forced to choose between one lie and/or another lie then
our system is truly broken and needs fixing. Well, it is not
actually broken, we are! We still have our ability to vote and to
pick people to lead our country in a proper and honorable way the
problem is that we just do not do it. There are really no problems
there are only situations. Let us all look at the situation, study
the situation and then do our part to correct the situation.

As for me, I still believe that there are plenty of good men and
women in this country that know the difference between right and
wrong. People that are truly decent folks that want our country to
stay strong and to remain sound in the principles, as set forth by
our Founding Fathers. Leaders that would keep our Constitution in
place and not spend time, while being paid by us to go around it
whenever the occasion arises that would benefit them. What we want
are true Americans that will represent us with equally high morals
and the courage to proudly set forth our values and fight to keep
them in place now and forever.

But Larry, if you are right and there are people out there like the
ones you have described, then why aren't we having these people in
our Government? The reason good people are not running is:
Because we do not support good people,
Because we do not believe they can win!
Everybody knows they cannot become a candidate for either of the
major parties, so therefore, we cannot change anything.

This indoctrinated thought pattern that we have accepted is because
we have been made to believe that we cannot do anything and that is
why it makes us feel like we cannot do anything. The truth is that
we can change this mess whenever "We the People" decide to do
something about it.

Our Forefathers gave us a power to fix our country, if ever this type
of situation ever arose, they gave us our vote. We can still vote
and we do not have to vote for only the choices brought to us by the
two major parties and the main stream media.

Next week I will tell you how we can change our country back to the
way it is supposed to be, hopefully in time to save our future for
our children.

Until then, watch the news because things will start moving faster

See You Next Week and May God Bless,

Larry Nichols


It has been proven over and over just how influential an organized
minority group can influence the majority. Samuel Adams is quoted as
saying "...it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an
irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds..."


TELECOM 2000: The Appeal filed by Larry Nichols is still in review by
the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and anxiously awaiting to receive
the decision soon, as we know all of you are.

WELLSPRING CAPITAL GROUP, INC.: Motions being prepared per Court

PAI: Currently checking the payout system and PAI should be giving
notices to recipients of contracts when they can expect payment.


I have taken the liberty in this newsletter to give some space to a
couple of the numerous letters I received this past week. Hope you
enjoy them as much as I did and please know that I always look
forward to your comments. Larry


I could not agree with you more regarding remembrance of September
11th. I was shocked that there were no "moments of silence" in our
local schools or the company I work for. Some folks, just plain out
forgot the day! Everyone acted as though there was nothing sacred or
somber about the day; certainly not the five people who cut me off on
the way into work that morning. There are people alive today, who
were late to work that morning, thankfully.

Had September 11th occurred sixty years ago ala Pearl Harbor, we
would never forget. That response was a generation still in touch
with what America was about and the values that permeated that
society. In today's world of non-confrontation, people would rather
not confront the tough issues of the day, but move on to the next
issue and not fix the previous one. A country that denies its
history forgets who it is. That is a scary thought.



I just joined the DSB and salute your efforts in support of
Wellspring Capitol Group. It's good to know we have an advocate who
is willing to help fight the powerful who try to impose themselves
upon the weak. We CAN be strong if we join together armed with the
knowledge of who, what, how and why things are being done to us, and
how to fight back.

Not that it matters, but I am a Black man. But first and foremost, I
am a proud American. It pains me to see the scams used against all
minorities (actually, "majorities") in this country. Poor people
appear to be an industry in this country that is used during
elections to garner votes. It this is true, then common sense tells
me that poor people would have to be KEPT poor to maintain that
industry and maintain the votes.

I was the first "Republican" in my very liberal family back when
Reagan was running for president. They insulted my action by saying
Reagan was "for the rich!" Great! I said, I'll have to become rich
so he'll be for me! I also truly believe being poor is a mental
state, and nothing else. Too many people, of all races and colors,
choose to be poor and seek the Government's help, rather than to
stand up and take responsibility to make a change in their attitudes
and eventually their lives. No more LOW glass ceilings and false
hope given by false political promises. This goes to both Democratic
and Republican parties. I believe it's a political game used by
both, only presented in different ways. We the people need to take
BACK our government and put the power back where it belongs.

Thanks for the venting opportunity and thank you for being on our
side. I sleep a little better at night just knowing I'm not alone.

T. M.
P.s. If the federal "alphabet" folks have all of Wellspring's files,
and WCG is now an open member of DSB, wouldn't they now have
everything they need to know about the identities of the "newest"
members? I'm not paranoid (well, maybe a little), but to me this
opens the door to future harassment on an individual basis...under
the old "divide and conquer" approach. What are your thoughts on
this? Thank you and God bless you.


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