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This has be one of my most favorite jouralists out there today.
A True American Journalist.
Moyers on America
Wednesdays, October 4, 11 and 18, 2006

This week, Bill Moyers returns to investigative journalism with MOYERS
ON AMERICA, taking on crucial issues facing our nation. Previews
available at www.pbs.org/moyers.

- October 4, "Capitol Crimes" investigates the Abramoff lobbying
scandal, revealing the web of relationships, secret deals and political
manipulation and opening a disturbing window on the dark side of
American politics.

- October 11, "Is God Green?" looks at the implications of a debate
among politically powerful conservative evangelical Christians over the
handling of the environment.

- October 18 "The Net at Risk" reports on how mega-media corporations
could restrict the democratic possibilities of the Web's new future.

Join the MOYERS ON AMERICA Citizens Class!

Are you an informed and engaged citizen? In October, Bill Moyers
returns to investigative journalism with MOYERS ON AMERICA, a series of
three documentaries on issues affecting democracy - money in politics,
the environment, and internet neutrality. You can connect, reflect, and
respond to these hotly-debated topics by joining the MOYERS ON AMERICA
Citizens Class. [hyperlink to class] This national dialogue will take a
hard look at some of today's most pressing issues and ask: What do you

Timed to launch with the series, the MOYERS ON AMERICA Citizens Class
will host an extensive, interactive curriculum designed to spark public
discourse. The workshop offers multi-media discussion and reference
material summarizing the key aspects of differing perspectives; posing
questions for reflection, consideration and response; and stimulating a
deep and thoughtful dialogue about the issues raised in the series.

Libraries across the country are gathering members to discuss the
series - is your library one of them? If not, encourage them to take
part in the Citizens Class. Check http://www.pbs.org/moyers/citizensclass.html
for more information.

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