Hal Turner
Too Late Mr. President!
Tue Oct 3, 2006 04:04

Too Late Mr. President!

You may have the White House on 100% Lock Down since late afternoon on September 30. . . . .
The Secret Service Protection Unit may have called-in a whole slew of guys and deployed riflemen all over the building to bolster your protection detail. . . . .
But I suspect you're finally starting to realize there are a HUGE number of Americans who've had quite enough of you. Do yourself a favor: RESIGN NOW.

If you resign, I suspect you'll be able to go in peace. If you don't. . . . . . well. . . . . I hear rumors that people are coming for you. The rumors say they mean to remove you - without your consent - permanently.

Of course I have no solid information one way or the other but it's funny how the rumor mill always seems to leak the truth. Today, the rumor mill says the White House is on Condition "BLACK" and that absolutley NOBODY is getting in or out. It also says that some "military guys" are coming your way.

Oh, but wait. . . . maybe they aren't Americans. Maybe they're Venezuelans? Did you _really_ think Chavez would just sit back and let you take shots at him without retaliating? And you know, Chavez has access to the very same weapons that Hizballah used to take out Israeli tanks. Even your hardened Limo isn't that tough. (ANd they dare call it "The Beast"; how arrogant) How does it feel to be "the most powerful man" in a cage?!?! ~
Can you hear us laughing at you? You pathetic, lying, murderous, faggoty filth!
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Hal Turner


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