So this is the fool who has been poisoning your thinking

So this is the fool who has been poisoning your thinking
Tue Oct 3, 2006 16:03

So this is the fool who has been poisoning your thinking

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Subject: Re: FW: The real story regarding what is happening in the Mid East and how it will impact American way of life within a generation or less. Neal C. White
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 11:48:15 -0500
From: Oceania Investigations
To: Richard Bachert

Dear Dick,
So this is the fool who has been poisoning your thinking. Up until now, I thought Neal White had a brain. Now I see I was only half right. One need only read B. Gabriel's Intro page to see that she is part of the Propaganda Machine. For White to be recommending this drivel only tells me that he is too.

You are welcome to forward this to him and tell him that I will retract my derogatory assumption if he will just tell me how or why:

1 - Bldg. 7's 47 floors collapsed eight hours later when nothing hit it; and

2.- A B-757 pierced the 6-foot thick concrete fortress at the Pentagon and parked in a hole about the size of his bedroom; and ....

3.- Flt. 93 crashed into a hole in Pennsylvania leaving no remains of plane or bodies, but spread debris for eight miles; and....

4. - NO black boxes, (which ALWAYS survive and are even located at ocean bottoms and are built and advertised to be "indestructable") were found in three out of four crashes. (The info on the fourth is still suppressed.) And.....

5.- Nine of the alleged hijackers returned from the dead to go on Eurpopean TV only a week later, protesting the accusations. (American Muslim comic Azhar Usman suggested that this indicates that the real hijackers were not Muslim at all but Hindu, because they believe in reincarnation. Maybe Neal White agrees.)

Meanwhile, I am copying everyone I can think of with a large E-mail list and asking them to be prepared to forward Mr. White's reply far and wide. Please ask him to "reply to all" when he is ready to send.

Anxiously awaiting,

On 10/3/06, Richard Bachert  wrote:

Visit my RANTS on the UN and other topics at the Madison Forum at

Your opinion is important. When you go to Madison Forum, click on "More" on the Home Page then "This Post" on the Comments Page.

Although he was on the wrong side of many of our issues, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. DID get it right when he declared "As life is action and passion, it is required that a man be involved in the action and passion of his times LEST HE BE JUDGED NEVER TO HAVE LIVED."

I encourage you to go to the web site,  .

American Congress for Truth was founded in June 2002 by Brigitte Gabriel a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth, Lebanon, to militant Muslim fundamentalists. Brigitte Gabriel an American citizen founded American Congress for Truth to give a voice to Americans, Jews and Christians, who have lost their tongue to political correctness. We have become a society unable to act or speak because we're afraid to voice our opinion lest we would be sued and accused of being not fair minded.

You can view an excellent interview with Brigitte Gabriel on the web site. It is a little over 45 minutes long, but well worth the investment of your time. Sign up for the E-mail message and you will receive information regarding this fight not reported by the national media.



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