(Cont'd ..Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY
Tue Oct 3, 2006 17:39

Cont'd.... Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY ~

Cynicism too, has been prefigured into this equation, so that those most turned off will simply not vote; which is exactly what Cheney-Rove prefer. What was not-counted on was that the public would cling so determinedly to what is actually happening in the wars overseas—as well as what the Decider and his trolls have done to Americans, to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights here at home. “We” were expected to continue to “trust him” and to follow each outlandish new assertion as though we actually had a choice. The only thing that GWB can be trusted to do—is to kill any of us who stand in his way—and he’s not bothered by any illegalities that he might need to commit to accomplish his needs as ‘Decider.’

Remember; remember the twelfth of September – when we & the world were told - this War will NEVER end?

“Back in 2001, Vice President Cheney warned us, “There’s not going to be an end date when we’re going to say, there, it’s all over with. Many of the steps we have now been forced to take will become permanent in American life…..I think of it as the new normalcy.” This is from a man who stepped outside of ‘normalcy’, when he got himself not one, but five deferments. This ‘new normalcy’ of forever war is fine rhetoric from a man, who spends the days of his life Fly Fishing in Wisconsin, or going off to some fenced hunting preserve to shoot trapped animals, when he’s not visiting one of his mansions.” (2.

Power, and any nations’ flirtations with its intoxicating charms, has always been extremely deadly for those innocent of the depths to which power can push people or nations—in their forbidden grab for the whole damned world!

For over half-a-century now the political machine of the ‘two-party-system’ has been in disarray. First it slipped into a six party system of the extreme wings plus the middle of each party. That was followed by absorbing both parties into a battle over technicalities that effectively ended the differences between party labels. Any true political party would have been something that involved people month in and month out, in those policies and actions that most directly would have affected the lives of the people supposedly represented. But what we have now is something that only ‘appears’ at elections, something that cares nothing at all for the so-called ‘members’ of its party labels. “Politics” is only about how much can be stolen at any one time, under the rubric of ‘the needs of the people.’ With a handful of exceptions, the current ‘leaders’ ought to be thrown from office in every election – but only after everything they did while in office is gone over carefully by a special prosecutor.

This congress has been the ideal vehicle for Cheney-Bush on their privatized-path to Empire. Out of the 365 days in the year this congress has only been in session for 92 days—making it the least often to meet of any congress—and certainly the one body most responsible for key changes in the destruction of the United States and what remains of the laws that supposedly ‘protect and defend’ either the people or the constitution. Congress will be leaving again soon, on yet another vacation, and they’re assuming that their special positions will remain protected in the coming elections; in order to keep themselves out of jail—but that too may now be in doubt: America was a nation where personal independence once counted for a great deal. In fact personal ‘independence’ was what supposedly drove this nation from its very beginnings. The question is how will those formerly ‘independent’ individuals now deal with having the proverbial gun placed to their collective heads—when it comes to compliance with the demands of this treasonously illegal government?

Independent people tend to not sit still for bogus demands, for government blackmail, or for baseless intimidation—no matter where it comes from. That idea of resistance stems directly from refusing to live in fear, and from not responding to threats, regardless of their source. People should be afraid when their lives are threatened - but the key is not to live inside that fear. This principle applies to all of us, regardless of the level attained within this corrupted society – because this is where Dick Cheney’s promise of permanence becomes a direct threat to every American with eyes to see and ears to hear with – and the passion to resist tyranny and treason wherever they are found.

If that ethic holds, then Come-November - this government will fall: If not, then this nation will just be another place upon a map, a nothing to be used by whatever power chooses to enslave us, for fun or profit! How much independence is really still out there among Americans as a group – maybe there are enough of these rebels to help tip the nation back toward survival and away from servility, censorship and servitude. It‘s possible even at this late date—but it must be acted on now, or everything will just be flushed down the proverbial rabbit-hole: and the USA will take its place among third or fourth world nations that are only fit for subservience, for financial frauds and for anything else that the twisted minds of the powerfully perverted can conceive.


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