Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY
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Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY

Jim Kirwan

Here we are five long years into the Cowardly New World of ‘the Decider,’ and what do we have to show for it? It’s been said that:”Nothing can check Bush’s Power Grab” – I disagree for the following reasons…

On the last day of September of 2006, Bush announced his embrace (and ours by default), of his Principles of Darkness—as his closest allies in his never-endings wars for the supremacy of money over humanity, power over life and death, and of ‘the Deciders right ‘to rule over all humanity. He did all that in this simple paragraph:

“The only way to protect our citizens at home is to go on the offense against the enemy across the world. When terrorists spend their days working to avoid capture, they are less able to plot, plan, and execute new attacks on our people. So we will remain on the offense until the terrorists are defeated and this fight is won.””

To ‘go on the attack’ against any perceived ‘enemy’ anywhere in the world is to declare that there are no longer any laws, or any rules of warfare anywhere, that can still protect any other nation or its people from the greed and brutality of the ambitions inherent in the will-to-empire.’ This idea unilaterally drives the war machines that seek to annihilate all opposition to the New World Order. It’s one thing to propose the kind of world we live in now—it’s a very different thing entirely to know that things will never return to the way they used to be—but more importantly that the NWO will never end!

“The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed the first legal challenge to the new Military Commissions Act passed by Congress last week. The legal group has filed a habeas corpus petition on behalf of 25 detainees held at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. The petition demands that the men be released or be charged with a crime. Some of the detainees have been held for years without ever receiving a hearing. Under the new bill – prisoners have no right to challenge their detention. On Monday, Bill Goodman, the legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, warned about the dangers of the new law.

* Bill Goodman: “No one can be held indefinitely, and if they are, they have a right to go in front of a magistrate or a judge and demand that the judge make a determination as to whether they’re charged with a crime and whether there’s any real evidence to hold them. And if there is not, the magistrate, the judge, can order the king, the police, the FBI, or anyone, or George W. Bush, the President of the United States, to let him go. That’s what habeas corpus is. Without it, we are virtually slaves to a police state.”

Bill Goodman spoke last night in New York at a rally sponsored by the group World Can’t Wait. On Thursday, World Can’t Wait is organizing emergency protests in over 170 towns and cities to condemn the government’s sanctioning of torture.

Bill Frist: U.S. Might Never Win War in Afghanistan
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist visited Afghanistan on Monday and acknowledged that the United States might never win the war against the Taliban. He said there are now too many Taliban fighters and that they have too much popular support. Frist said backers of the Taliban should be brought into the Afghan government.” (3. What does this say about our invasion of Afghanistan and our long-term commitment to the original reasons given after 911 - for all the blood and violence?

It’s one thing to promote ‘freedom and democracy’ in the wider world – at the expense of events here in the US, but its something completely different when there is no time at all to even begin to counter all the criminal acts on all fronts at the same time. To ‘say’ that we have a two-tiered system of perks and privileges, is one thing, but the reality is quite another thing entirely. For instance in the Foley affair, it has been revealed that the FBI was involved early on and they discussed this with the retarded congressional leadership, who assured the FBI that they would take care of it. From this we know that the laws are never equally enforced—especially against those who make the laws.

ABC News said: “It turns out Foley’s obsession with 16- and 17-year-old male pages has been known to Republicans on Capitol Hill for at least five years. But other than issue a warning, little else seems to have been done about the congressman. A former page has come forward to tell ABC News {that} warnings were issued about Foley to the pages in 2001.

ABC News has obtained Internet messages sent by Foley to three different pages after that warning. Two of them were sent to pages in the 2001-2002 class, with sexually explicit messages, most too graphic to be broadcast, from Foley using the screen name Maf54.

Maf54: To be honest, I am a little too interested in you. So that’s why I need to back off a little

Teen: Ya slow things down a little I’m still young…like under 18. {I} don’t want to do anything illegal…I’m not 18.

Maf54: cool…don’t forget to measure for me. {The length of his penis}

The FBI’s preliminary investigation of Foley began over the weekend, with agents in the cyber unit of the FBI already examining some of the Internet messages. It’s possible Foley could end up being prosecuted under laws he helped to enact as the co-chairman of the House caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.”

What immediately comes to mind is, why was there no action taken on what Hastert knew early on, and what has transpired since then? This is having an effect upon various campaigns in the country—as it should. Hastert must resign! Because what remains to be seen is, if this scandal will actually bring about the needed changes in who does what in government from now on!

Add to this latest scandal that collection of criminals who owe their existence to bush-league practices that contain no ethics or logic at all—besides their worn-out-oaths to mega-money deals regardless of real costs. Remember that Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, and Duke Cunningham were also disgraced and have been charged with criminal violations, along with others, in this same time frame. Is this what Cheney means about “the New Normalcy”? Must we just get used to this as the new standard of government behavior? Another’ filthy little secret first raised its ugly head in the Gosch-Guckert-Gannon Scandal that broke in March of 05—but it had its origins in 2003. That scandal was never addressed by anyone in the FBI or the White House. It seems that Mr. Guckert attended White House Press conferences, impersonating an accredited reporter where he was able to serve the president with softball questions that diffused tensions and allowed the Decider to leave impressions with the public that Bush wanted to convey. Bush claimed when he ran for his first term that his administration would return ethics to the office of the presidency and that ’there would never even be the hint of corruption or a conflict of interest’ anywhere within his administration – if he were elected president. Maybe, since he stole the office he just thought that he didn’t need to bother keeping that promise, because he was NOT elected!

The problem with Gannon came with the fact that Gannon lived his lie for two years, without a security clearance, because each time he was given a day-pass that allowed him to skip the Secret Service Clearances required, for all the other reporters present. Gosch-Guckert-Gannon had his own male-escort web site at the time – where he offered a number of controversial services – at the same time as he was supposedly a journalist covering the White House, in presidential press briefings. Gannon apparently claimed to have had several hundred clients among the highly placed in government, and therefore there was a continuous drumbeat of “No Comment” that was allowed to kill that story every time it was raised.

The question this time is will Hastert and Foley and the FBI escape the responsibility that each of them bears in this new revelation, so that the criminals-in-office won’t be interrupted in the coming election-formality in November. (It has been current practice for this government to block the release of all damaging reports and or occurrences—whenever those reports or events might change the outcome of pending ‘elections.’ This “practice” has been used throughout the rein of the Decider, in both his illegal terms. The Democrats did this too but to a much lesser degree—because they could not hide behind the false shield of National-Security-in-a-Time-of-War.

The White House would answer no questions about Gosch-Guckert-Gannon, but this time things may be different. It would appear that the sleazy behavior is becoming too difficult to contain, and that it may actually further affect the coming elections—by uniting opposition to the bushwhackers and to government corruption at all levels—as we begin the long trek down the road to never-never-land as promised to us all by Vice President Dick Cheney.

These events are really only the footnotes for what lies ahead for Americans once the Decider’s new rules for Fortress America are firmly and finally in place. The corruption, the bribery, the endless flaunting of privileges granted to the insiders, is becoming far too great a scandal to continue to remain hidden. There’s a new PBS documentary - Capital Crimes, from Bill Moyers: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/moyersonamerica/index.html  Starring Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, and others.” The fallout continues from the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. A new bi-partisan House report released on Friday details extensive lobbying contacts between convicted lobbyist Abramoff and the Bush White House. Investigators found that between January 2001 and March 2004, Abramoff and his associates had more than 400 contacts with White House officials. The committee conducting the investigation noted that the records showed "an unusually detailed glimpse into a sordid subculture of fraud and attempted influence peddling."”(1.

That’s from the formal and ‘acceptable political world,’ in the real world where most Americans have to live, things are grim but in a much different way. In the America beyond-the-spotlight; in the inner cities with the wrong zip codes, the police do not respond to crimes, because the callers are not the right kinds of people. In the schools, in medical care, and in every transaction between government and the people, if you are not a member of the right class—then nothing is done about your problems, except perhaps to make things worse. This is common knowledge among those most directly affected—it’s only ‘news’ to those who have never had that problem.

Today there are the parents of those ‘problem children’ who seemingly cannot adjust to society. It is there where the depth of many of these problems potentially originate. It’s the two to three hundred dollar hand-held game with its own morality of random violence, rape, brutality and murder for fun and “points” that seems to be making a difference in the lives of so many who are not living on the streets yet. But these future monsters are seething in the burbs with a malignant hatred and a vast mistrust that seemingly escapes all the right studies on: ‘What’s really wrong with America?’ Are these ‘games’ providing the scenarios for the recent spate of senseless killings that have befallen the nation in the last week? The cops in too many cities won’t bother to respond to small instances of theft or violence, because in many cases the cops are overwhelmed, but also because everybody knows that the items taken or the violence done, is too small to really matter—especially to the already poor—so ‘why bother’!

Drug use in the US has grown out of the legal over-the-counter drug world into a population that finds its pleasures in injectable relief, in pills and powders, and in a variety of artificial substitutes for real life, for joy, or for genuine pleasure. Those who become hooked, if they’re not wealthy enough to afford their habits, become part of the overburdened privatized prison system—where the jailers are compensated by the head—to incarcerate the many, at a huge cost to both the society and the system as a whole. Currently we are leading the world in the percentage of our citizens behind bars. Is this part of the freedom and democracy that we want to export to the world?

This stuff isn’t secret, and it’s not officially part of any city platform or budget reform plans. It’s just life in the two tiered system. The rich have fantastic lawyers and get off—the poor have no legal representation worth a damn and they go to jail. That’s the system as it has grown up under the two-tiered system of privilege in America now: and this will eventually lead back to the Marie Antoinette solution for the rich-who-refuse-to care: That’s where the guillotine became a very effective physical comment on the excesses of the too-rich and the too-indolent in an earlier time—in a different country. Yet the rule of excess power still applies and may soon be revived here, unless there are checks soon to be placed on the lawlessness-at–the-highest-levels - within this country now. Will this ‘system’ still rule after we all enter that permanent state of total war that Cheney dreams of?

The USA is not a nation in any sense of that term. We are not ‘one-people,’ and we cannot site McDonald’s and Home Depot as anything like a culture, anymore than we can call Wal-Mart a business with a future for those who work there. We have become a scam unto ourselves in this land of “Me, My & Mine.” We have no homegrown national arts, and the music, the writing, and the arts we do have usually come from somewhere else, because the USA has no use for those traditional and arduous disciplines that demand so much from their creators, for so little commercially, in return. Americans also seem to have an absolute hatred of history, because history requires a context for events—and most Americans know nothing about last week, much less last year. Yet without an awareness of what has gone before; then every moment is no better or worse than any other moment in life—so essentially nothing really matters anyhow! It’s become the mantra of the ignorant and the disconnected – “Hey shit happens!” And since the USA is virtually nothing much more than a vast emporium of business schemes constantly competing for any advantage no matter how small—is it any wonder that we haven’t time for any of the things that every other country must make room for?

Change has created a new paradigm whose speed alone has forced so many changes now that nothing remains long enough to even be carefully considered—never mind being something that anyone could actually become involved in either defending, or resisting. If you go on vacation for a month, when you return, your phone service provider may have merged, your bank could have undergone a takeover, or most of your former ‘services’ might have altered their names or changed owners, and all of this would be only normal now, that too is part of Cheney’s new normalcy! Does this mean that Americans are to be stripped of all meaning from traditional politics, by converting the process into a war between the classes: those with the money to pay-to-play, and the vast majority, who have no voice in anything.

Cynicism too, has been prefigured into this equation, so that those most turned off will simply not vote; which is exactly what Cheney-Rove prefer. What was not-counted on was that the public would cling so determinedly to what is actually happening in the wars overseas—as well as what the Decider and his trolls have done to Americans, to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights here at home. “We” were expected to continue to “trust him” and to follow each outlandish new assertion as though we actually had a choice. The only thing that GWB can be trusted to do—is to kill any of us who stand in his way—and he’s not bothered by any illegalitie

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