The US war with Iran has already begun
Wed Oct 4, 2006 12:37

Proof that this has all been planned long in advance!


Time is coming for Iran. Israel is behind it.
Time is coming for Iran. Israel is behind it.

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Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:15 am Post subject: Time is coming for Iran. Israel is behind it.


The US has been trying to pass off a mislaeding fabricated report on Iran's nuclear capacities. Kucinich is calling for an investigation. Funny there is no media coverage on how the Plame Affair undermided our abilty to track nuclear weapons. This debacle was to cover the lying tracks of the Niger forgeries, when the US was using similar lies about Iraq in order to justify that war. I spoke it on the radio here. So Iran is in the cross hairs of the Neocons and includes both parties. Well, this is something we have all known for a long time. At first I thought with Israel's unexpected asswhupping from Hezbollah and the unexpected coverage of some of Israel's bombings of civilians leaking out here and there that the US might not be able to hit Iran. Oh but you can always bet on the worst and dumbest moves with this president, he'll never let you down.

But with congressional elections loomming and Lieberman's deafeat in the primaries signaling a early death for the Neocons and more importantly the ever approaching trial of AIPAC in October the Neocons are going to try and set a time limit on Iran and demand an airstrike to protects us all from their non-existent nuclear weapons.

We know why the War party really wants to be in the Middle East the Zionist trash wrote out their motives in PNAC's papers and the ISAPS papers. (such as Israeli Clean Break and The Afghan Vortex)

Richard Perle the Neocon Zionist who resigned from the DOD after setting up Trireme Partner Company with Kissinger and engineering the upgrade of military air-might, and getting investigated for taking bribes from Israel, and writing strategy papers for Israel, and after the The AIPAC spy-ring involved the now sentenced Larry Franklin (to 12 years)who worked under Perle, Perle wrote in 1996 "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm"

Securing the Northern Border

Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran, as the principal agents of aggression in Lebanon, including by:

paralleling Syria’s behavior by establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces.

striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon, and should that prove insufficient, striking at select targets in Syria proper

Well that phase has already happened.

Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions. Jordan

They did this too Saddam is out of Power and Israel has attacked Hizballah on paper and in reality they attacked all of Lebaon as well, and they are currently setting their pawns in the so called "buffer zone." This was all written by Perle back in 1996 it's from just ONE of their policy papers. The very same little Zionist neocons wrote PNAC's papers with bolder aims.

The Race to Iran is with the AIPAC trial. The trial date has been moved 3 times! it now overlpaps with the coming elections of Novemeber, no doubt that will hide the motives for the increasing interest in calling for an airstrike soon on Iran. But it's not just the congressional elections, it's AIPAC. This nasty spy ring for the fascist state whose citizens wrote our foreign policy is at the heart of these war and 911.

You might want to read what this Israeli cabal wrote back in 2000 BEFORE the war with Afghanistan. very fricking interesting ISN'T IT?

Its not the illuminati people, its the ZIONISTS. How thick headed can you be? They wrote about what they wanted done before it was done. It doesn't get anymore clear than that. Match that with all the evidence we have of Mossad invlovement in 911, the lies made by the OSP that led to a war with Iraq, (particularly with the Niger Forgeries) and the Kristol clear push by Israel for the US to engage Iran. Atta had a double! He was not just living net to Mossad he was Mossad.

PLease drop these nonsense theories and get with the facts.
You won't here any of this eplained in the MSM. Because guess who controls the media?
It is no more anti-Semitic to speak out against the Israeli government than it is anti-American to speak out against the American government. The charge of anti-Semitism is a desperate defense for the Zionist warmongers.
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Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: International Affairs
Published: September 25, 2006 Author: Michel Chossudovsky

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

September 25, 2006

The following report, while presenting Iran rather than Israel as the threat, must be taken very seriously.

The decision by Israel to deploy its nuclear weapons against Iran is consistent with America's nuclear doctrine which also considers the use of nuclear weapons as an act of "self-defense".

The US with the support of Israel and NATO has already deployed tactical nuclear weapons directed against Iran. The US led coaltion is in an advanced state of readiness to wage war on Iran.

Michel Chossudovsky, 25 September 2006

Israel seen lifting nuclear veil in Iran stand-off

Mon Sep 25, 2006 1:38 PM BST
By Dan Williams

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - In October 1973, with its forces battling to repel invasions by Egypt and Syria, Israel did what had previously been unthinkable: It briefly wheeled its nuclear-capable Jericho-1 missiles out of their secret silos.

That, historians believe, was picked up by U.S. spy satellites and stirred up fears in Washington of a catastrophic flare-up between the Jewish state and the Soviet-backed Arabs. Message received, an urgent American shipment of conventional arms to Israel was quick to follow, and helped turn the war.

With Israel's current arch-foe Iran seen gaining the ability to produce nuclear weapons within a few years, and preventive military options limited, some experts now anticipate another "lifting of the veil" on the assumed Israeli atomic arsenal.

Were that to happen, experts say, the objective would be to establish a more open military deterrence vis-a-vis Iran and perhaps win Israel's nuclear option formal legitimacy abroad.

"No one should simply assume that Israel would stay where it is now with its ambiguous capability if Iran becomes a nuclear power," said Professor Gerald Steinberg, head of the Conflict Management Programme at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv.

"Israeli policy is likely to change, in order to demonstrate that the country has continued strategic superiority," he said.

Israel neither confirms nor denies it has the Middle East's only nuclear weapons, under an "ambiguity" policy billed as warding off enemy states while avoiding a regional arms race.

Steinberg said this might be abandoned only as a last resort to persuade a nuclear-armed Iran that it stood to suffer far greater devastation in any full-blown future conflict.

"It's not desirable, but this is about survival," he said.

Iran, the world's fourth largest oil exporter, says its nuclear programme is for energy needs alone. But calls by its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be "wiped off the map" have fuelled Western calls for the programme to be curbed.


Talk of a nuclear stand-off between Israel and Iran has sparked comparisons with the "mutually assured destruction" formula that reigned during the Cold War and, more recently, between India and Pakistan.

But those precedents assume a parity that may not exist with Israel and Iran. Militarily advanced Israel is geographically small and vulnerable. Iran's atomic ambitions are at fledgling stage but its large size could help it survive a major strike.

"The use of a nuclear bomb against Israel would completely destroy Israel, while (the same) against the Islamic world would only cause damage. Such a scenario is not inconceivable," former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in a 2001 speech.

There is also speculation that Ahmadinejad might welcome an apocalyptic confrontation, meaning the idea of a deterrent would not work. Yet he answers to Iranian clerics who work by committee and thus provide a rational set of safeguards.

Reuven Pedatzur, defence analyst for the respected Israeli daily Haaretz, proposed that the country, under U.S. guidance, go public with its nuclear capability in the hope of building back-channel ties with Iran and establishing mutual deterrence.

"Israel cannot continue to rely on it (ambiguity policy) if Iran has nuclear weapons. This is because ambiguity leaves too many grey areas. The enemy cannot know with certainty what the red lines are and when he is risking an Israeli nuclear response," he wrote.

"There must be a deterrent policy that will leave no room for misunderstandings," he added. "Thus, for example, we would make it clear that the identification of any missile launched from Iran in a westerly direction means, as far as we are concerned, the launch of an Iranian nuclear missile at us."

Declaring capabilities is one way for a nation to becomes an official nuclear power. The other is a controlled atomic blast.

"If the Israelis really have any doubt about the credibility of their deterrence, they could conduct a nuclear test, say, in the Negev desert," said Gary Samore, a former adviser on nuclear non-proliferation in the U.S. National Security Council under President Bill Clinton.

But he said the diplomatic fall-out of such a move would draw scrutiny away from Tehran and further alienate those Arab nations willing to endorse Western pressure on the Iranians.

"It would be a godsend for Iran," Samore said.


Israel did not sign the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It thus kept its main nuclear facility, outside the desert town of Dimona, exempt from inspection. It has received billions of dollars in aid from Washington, whose laws ban funding states with unregulated non-conventional arsenals.

A nuclear weapons test by Israel would effectively blow away that U.S. blind eye. Iran, in turn, could withdraw from the NPT and argue that it should not be subjected to sanctions. After that, other Middle East states would likely seek atomic arms.

Avner Cohen, author of the seminal study "Israel and the Bomb", has suggested that Israel seek to form a new nuclear pact along with India and Pakistan, which refuse to join the NPT.

"Such a protocol might permit them to retain their atomic programmes, but inhibit further development. It could also require cooperation with international nuclear export controls, prohibit explosive testing of nuclear devices, and call for the phased elimination of fissile material production," Cohen said.

Iran would not be able to join such a pact, he added, as it has violated the NPT by pursuing unauthorised nuclear projects.

Cohen poured cold water on the idea of Israel seeking mutual deterrence with a nuclear-armed Iran, noting that during the Cold War parity was achieved only after Washington and Moscow scraped through two crises -- over the 1948 Western airlift to Berlin and the 1962 deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

"The sense of stability associated with mutually assured destruction grew out of a learning curve," he said. "Israel had its learning through crisis, especially the 1973 war. Do we have time for the Iranians to learn? Will they learn?"


Connect the dots...
All roads lead to Israel!

Cheney Calls For US to Nuke Iran
A number of political observers and activists today sounded “a red alert” after allegations surfaced this week that Vice President Dick Cheney has ordered Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to make contingency plans for a nuclear strike against Iran in the aftermath of another “9-11 type attack” on the United States.

US Plans Nuclear Attack on Iran

The US war with Iran has already begun (for Israel)

Jewish JINSA/PNAC Neocon (Richard Perle) Calls for the Bombing of Iran for Israel:

AIPAC Fifth Columnists Push US to Attack Iran for Israel:

Post subject: More war for Israel coming: Netanyahu warns West on Iran


More war for Israel coming: Netanyahu warns West on Iran:

Post subject: Rumsfeld looking for any 'excuse' to bomb Iran for Israel


Rumsfeld looking for any 'excuse' to bomb Iran for Israel:

The Coming Wars
New Yorker, Jan. 17, 2005

Into the Dark: The Pentagon's Plan to Foment Terrorism
CounterPunch, Nov. 1, 2002

Cry Havoc: Bush's Own Personal Janjaweed
CounterPunch, Sept. 7, 2004

American Dominance
Bergen Record, Feb. 23, 2003

Preparing for an attack on Iran?, Jan. 18, 2005

Neocons turn their attention to Iran
Financial Times, Jan. 18, 2005

Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President
Glasgow Sunday Herald, Sept. 15, 2002

Cheney visits STRATCOM, the planning hub of Iran nuclear invasion via CONPLAN 8022

Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack


Nuclear specialists and governmental sources pointed out that one of its main missions would be to implement the 2001 nuclear strategy that includes an option of preemptive nuclear attacks on 'rogue states' with WMDs. (Japanese Economic Newswire, 30 December 2005)


JFCCSGS is in an advanced state of readiness to trigger nuclear attacks directed against Iran or North Korea.

The operational implementation of the Global Strike is called CONCEPT PLAN (CONPLAN) 8022. The latter is described as "an actual plan that the Navy and the Air Force translate into strike package for their submarines and

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