Combat Perverso Criminals!
part -II-
Wed Oct 4, 2006 06:53

- Who are the most dangerous fascists who aim to massacre children?
- Ariel SHARON and his lapdogs...
- No, I mean the pedophilia market figures...
- Just a minute!.. We have a special documentary on this subject; here you see the "human faced" monsters...
- Lets' watch it!..


Anti_paedophile Network exposes pedo-net....

Sture BERGWALLkinky rat still stay in his best fit place; "cell", should be in fire there...

Roland IVARSSON: was born 1963 Pedo-doggy's address, should be in fire: Vintergatan 9, Huddinge, southern Stockholm

Abit DUNDAR, get support by Tel Aviv-Mafia and settled in Sqwedenwas born 1958 Neo-Zionist Kurdish traitor, Mo$$ad member, imported to SvekJa Kimgdom and prized three different salaries by Jewish lobbies of Scandinavia... Pedo-doggy's address, should be in fire: Slättgårdsvägen 91,. 12944 Vaestertorp-Haegersten / southern Stockholm.

Michael LEVENTIS: was born 1972 Greekia, imported af sionistiska lobbyer och utnyttjas som infiltrator i det jäviga Green party, Sweden

- Who are the sponsors, back the pedofilia criminals?
- Biggest power of this market is ZOG... If you want to see the kinky face of individyual sponsors, so we can contunie watch the clip...
-Let's watch it!...


- Dan AHLMARK; chief of organization "Stand-by-Pedo&Incest&Suspects", works in Stockholm, Jew York, Tel Aviv, Addis Abeba, Brisbane.
- Is Dan AHLMARK son to the Mo$$ad chief Per AHLMARK?
- You mean, Dan is bastard product? Well, I don't know.. But I know that Per AHLMARK is bastard cloning of Ariel SHARON.
- What about the narco-figures, most dancer ones, Jan GUILLIOU?
- Well, younger GUILLIOU was a honored man.. Elderly GUILLIOU turned to an droged monkey in the imperialist system... This charlatan was pursued and reaktion-man before.. Many many years ago.. But finished at this point.. He was been multi-millionaire and find new hobbies like drug market etc. nowadays.. System welcomes his "new hobby; drug affairs" and he welcomes sytem's pedo-criminals. Today's capitalist GUILLIOU defences Sture BERGWALL by his "master lie book fabrications"...

...much more....such imported (fake immigrant) criminals, like Hama DOSTAN, Esref OKUMUS, Kurdo BAKSI and NEFEL league members...


- There is an extra clip here; Swedish team prepared it...
- Let's watch it, too!..


- Pedophile Abit DUNDAR's clan members&follwers exposed, reports on the Scandinavian media; "klanmedlemmar af neo-zioni Kurd kriminella, först och
främst de s. k. Abit Dundar valpar blev avslöjade", lydde dokumenterade nyhetsrubriken i TT, men Expressen redaktionen försummat, manipulerat innehållet.. Har ni sett detta? Känner ni de kriminella figurerna? Vilka som är de anförande figurerna i den här välgynnade klanen?
- Visst!.. Här finns en kopia af detta omtalade klippet som avslöjar en rad huvudansvarige af den kriminella ligan..
- Låt se klippet och bevittna hur den judaiserade EU satellitet delar förmån, tittlar till de samverkande klanmedlemmarna... Kurdish Ne-Zion recruitment examples (alltså, dessa kortlistade förrrädarna ingår i lika fascistiska Dundari-klanen...):
Goranê Cano, journalist
Xursid Mirzengi, författare
Abit Dundar, ledamot i Stockholms Kommunfullmäktige (prosionistiksa partiet Fp)
Sefik Kaya, tidigare vice ordförande i Kurdiska Riksförbundet som sttulit
pengarna ur stackare sanna asylsökande kurdarnas kassan..
Xursidê Arî, arkeolog (han hade ingen toalett i sin grotta hos Godfader
Barzioni, därför upptäckte -!- den råttan första WC i Europa, därefter
etiketterade sig som arkeolog)
Djengo Esmer, regissör, via första bedrägeriet första socialbidrag köpte han en
begagnad kamera, etiketterade sig som regissea-ur
Chiya Mayi, tidigare ekonomiansvarig Kurdiska Ungdomsförbundet, den tjuven också
stulit de drabbade kurdarnas pengar på detta enkla sättet...
Firo Esmer, etiketterat sig "journalist", ty då den kloakråttan underskrivit
första propaganda artikeln hos sin pappa i Tel Aviv manipulation centre...
- Det sista klippet har preparat af organisationen Offrens anhöriga
- Jag känner den här organisationen för att jag intervujat dem styrelsemedlemmarna i Hägerstensåsen, södra Stockholm. Allt korrekt, instämmer...
- Det finns vissa andra kloakråttor som också medverkar i den skitiga handeln..
De kallar detta "liberala marknaden"...fräckheten full fart!...
...m. m...


- What are you thinking on the close connex of pornoPedophilia and Judaism?
- I have a clip as my answer.. But before you watch this documentary, you should know that the talmud (a religious lawbook of the Jews) explicitly allows sex with Babies older than 3 Years, sex with animals, dead relatives and within the family.
- Yes, we know that!..
- Well, Proletarian power need to keep a proper perspective on the recent Fed crackdown on child porn. Named Operation Candyman, it's had huge play in US news cycles all week. According to the Feds, a Yahoo group called Candyman online child porn have done rounds for years; sadly, such porn does exist.

Huge Jewish Israeli/Russian mafia networks supply the demand and also corral Eastern Europeans for prostitution purposes. Since child molesting is a
Talmudically sanctioned act, it's no surprise Jews are so heavily into it, though (as Marx said) their real god, lucre, is as much to blame. Jews are also
huge players in "regular" porn; Goldstein of the "Screw" paper is considered the eminence grise, and young Jews are producing the super-popular "gonzo" porn in
Southern California that threatens the mainline porn kings. One, who does only anal sex films, was even on PBS recently with his mother, who is his secretary!
The gentile frontmen of mainline porn like Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner (whose Playboy recently put out a ridiculous "expose" on TP) have paid the Jews off
handsomely--both are large ADL funders.

Now, Zog is saying it's dropping the hammer on online child porn. Isn't this a tad odd? After all, these same Feds who now supposedly love kids helped send
forty million American children to their deaths as (again, largely Jewish) abortionists shredded, scorched and drugged them to death in utero since 1972.
And the children of Palestine, Iraq, Serbia, Russia et all might have a different opinion of Zog's sudden change of heart.

While individuals in power might honestly think cracking down with lots of media noise is helping kids, Zog has larger fish to fry, and this is clearly in their
planning. Presently the Europeans are attempting to smash up online "hate." In the USA, we have a First Amendment (frankly as a result of our ancestors
shooting enough Zog in the 1770s!), so a crackdown on the internet has to go with utter filth like child molestors, as the camel's nose underneath the tent.
Down the line they'll lean on IPs to adopt "federal guidelines"--and guess who'll set them up? Just as the ADL has got a number of filter programs "against
porn" that also just so happen to filter White freedom, we'll see the same thing here.

When oppressed proletarian cathegories gain power, we will prevent really by concrete methodes the child molestors, either summarily when we catch them, or
after we've finished with them in human experimentation programs.We will hunt down and exterminate any and all networks dealing with child porn.Pornography is
Jewish! Child molestation is Jewish! Nationalists must not let their eyes off the prize. Nothing will get genuinely better until we have power. Never get the
idea that ZOG has any right whatsoever in enforcing anything It is the root of the problem, not a solution for anything! We'll clean our own house!


- What we learned via this saga?
- Many things!.. Pedophilia Markets' arrangers demasked... These freak sadists are not secret cases more, transferred infiltre to authorities, collaborates with polit-prostitute lobbies, most famous example is Swedish pro-Zionist Folk Party recruitments...and such criminal leagues still controlled by ZOG and all together runs by U$raeli Military Mafia... Here exposes many figures all of them who already using the Tel Aviv made passports, such second paper prepares by the satellite regimes, specially Swedish&AUSraelian dollies and all these ridiculous characters working as official&halfofficial figures, corrupted and collaborated with close "legalized criminal foundations" profiteers&supporters&lobbies of this kinky market...


- Internet paedophile Atheer Al Suhairy raped at least 200 little girls.. But he charged only for 50 cases and sentenced for 11 years...

Malmö district court in southern Sweden convicted Atheer Al Suhairy for 11 counts of rape and a long list of charges for taking sexual advantage of underage girls.

Prosecutor Ulrika Rogland, who pushed for a sentence of 12 years in prison, described the man as extremely manipulative and "a parent's nightmare".

Al Suhairy contacted girls over the Internet using the pseudonym 'Alexandra', alleging the character was a woman in her 30s. Under this identity, he became chat buddies with the girls on youth sites such as the popular Lunarstorm.

As Alexandra he built up the girls' confidence in him and tricked them into sending pictures, supposedly for a modelling agency.

But he claimed that Alexandra was a real woman who was an intermediary who arranged the sexual favors on his behalf. Rogland said the evidence collected proved the man and Alexandra to be the same person.

The trial began in January and mostly dealt with the crimes committed in Malmö and Sundsvall from 1999 to 2005. The girls were between the ages of 12 and 18.

The inquiry began after a girl reported Al Suhairy to the police for rape in January 2005. But Lunarstorm had contacted the police about the 31 year old as far back as 2002. Even then he was calling himself Alexandra, but when he moved from Sundsvall to Malmö the investigation went cold.

Ulrika Rogland said she was very satisfied with the verdict.

"That was what I had wanted," she told TT.

She will now look into the points of the prosecution where Al Suhairy was found not guilty, including two rapes, before deciding whether to appeal.

However, she said that she expected that the case would go to the Court of Appeal anyway, through an appeal from the defence.

Ulrika Rogland said that the case could set a precedent for similar incidents in future.
'Alexandra man' avoided jail sentence in 2002
Published: 18th July 2006 11:11 CET

Last week Atheer Al Suhairy - known to dozens of girls on youth web sites as "Alexandra" - was sentenced to 11 years prison by a Malmö court for sexually assaulting, raping, and seducing 58 girls during the past few years.

But this was not his first time in a Swedish court.

He was convicted in a Gävle court in 2002 for pressuring a 15-year-old girl to give him oral sex.

Al Suhairy came in contact with the girl and her friend on the Internet also under the pseudonym Alexandra. He said he would meet them in a hotel room to talk about modelling.

When the girls arrived, he asked them to have sex with each other. When they said no, he sent one girl away and offered 300 kronor to the 15-year-old for oral sex. She complied, but then went to police, reported Aftonbladet.

The Gävle district court said Al Suhairy should do jail time, but after a correctional system inquiry suggested the man should be given a chance to be rehabilitated, the court sentenced him to probation.

The man was suspected in 1999 for a rape in Sundsvall, but was let go. His interest in young girls was so well known that he was banned from a youth area where he wanted to help as a youth leader, according to TT-newsbureau.


- Internet paedophile markets should be banned!
- But the oligarchies want to ban you...
- Why?
- You classed as terrorist... They mobilize the two-legged dogs to catch the people, who struggles against the paedo-ciminals...
- Incredible!.
- Watch these Internet clips, cruelity on children and it's free...

- But if you try to publish a book and save the moral values of humanity, so it's risky to be victimized like Ernst ZÜNDEL, David IRVING and all other courageous intellectuals. Swedish authorities for example completely were aware on the dirty affairs of Jewishg bastard SUHARY, didn't ban him.
- What a cruel world!


- Atheer Al Suhairy sold many children too. I played customer roles when SUHARY drove "Alexandra online"-brothel.
- Okay!..What did you learnby him?
- He tried to sell to me... Watch this photo!
- A little boy!. Terrible!.. Whose child this victim?
- He didn't know. It was an example as "opening offer"; special terms by them... SUHARY said he is "buyer-seller".. He bought such photos by a Kurd Jewish child-seller.. A Kurd JEw offered to sell such photos, maybe much more... So I tried to learn much more... SUHARY is like a fox, he gave me only a name but no more details...
- It's enough!.. Who sold this child photo to SUHARY?
- Also, Kurd Jew photo-seller calls Abit DUNDAR. I think he is in Tel Aviv... There ae 200 000 Kurds in Israel converted to the strange sects, I don't know... I guess that this "seller-guy Dündar" works in a clan in Israel and spread dirtiness on EU too.
- You are sleeping, dear!.. Abit DUNDAR lives in Sweden... In the beginning he sold children in Middle East and by this bloody way and stinky money he get ciytizenship in the EU, nowadays he is sitting in the Stockholm-Haegersten municipality.
- Incredible! I had another Sweden in my brain, but you are telling now...
- Do you give me this victimized child's photo?
- You are welcome! What should we do know?
- I don't lknow... Abit DUNDAR and Atheer Al SUHARY have close supports by their sects.
- Sex?
- Sect, dear!.. Sects drive Sweden and such criminals still importing to the satellite regimes of the ZOG.
- What does it mean?
- I'll tell that next time! This is another subject and a dangerous matter...
- Selling the children is not dangerous?
- Children are cheaper in Sweden, cheaper than to explain the secrets of the sects... DoninaZional sects.
- Unfortunately, I was never been in Sweden.
- So you can continue to think Sweden is fantastic.
- ?!



Attorney: Foley was molested as teen by clergyman
By Brian E. Crowley

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WEST PALM BEACH — Former Congressman Mark Foley was molested by a clergyman from the time he was 13 until he was 15, his attorney said today.

Foley, who resigned from Congress Friday after he was confronted with inappropriate e-mails that he exchanged with a 16-year-old former page, also directed lawyer David Roth to announce publicly for the first time that he is gay.

"Finally Mark Foley wants you to know that he is a gay man," Roth said in the 6 p.m. press conference at Centennial Park in West Palm Beach.

Roth said Foley, who is in treatment for alcoholism, directed him to make the statements as part of Foley's recovery.

"This was a life decision, not a tactical one made by others."

Roth said Foley wanted to announce the name of the individual and the denomination of the church, but upon counseling decided to wait

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