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PedoCriminals&corrupted collaborators in the kinky system, l
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PedoCriminals&corrupted collaborators in the kinky system, labyrintal relations of the officially figures, specially nowadays in the satellites of ZOG



Twice upon a time....

Dear listeners, readers, tv-viewers! Welcome! A new saga is shining here... Brave people makes these forums available to encourage intelligent and open democratic debate platforms. Users are requested to participate in the spirit of good fellowship and tolerance. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of saga tellers.... "Living tales broadcasting" does not mean "fantastical fairy tales", but aims to offer a solution for "living questions of humanity" and one of them begins here, today's well-documented tales! Notice it respectfully, please; this is a SAGA; man don't need to be stressed... Avoid to show incredible angry attitudes or overwhelmed happy on such tales... Test your self-control! Well, we are aware, there are a kind of interesting types, which fanatically programmed to see the similarly robotics and they can not accept the creative brains... Compare yourself with them! Take it easy; don't to be imprisoned of "mass-medial brainwashing campaigns"... In normally case, there are different open-views, artistically creations, poetry, approximate to the social cases in community; listen to them... If you want to criticize these stories, feel free; do that! No doubt! This is a form of literature to create essays; of course built a bridge to say out your opinion; do that, please! Other-ways, you will just a living witness here; yes, here seems many aggressive robotics making shit after my tales; let them stay on this page as my best evidence… People needs such testimony; who tells saga, who has shit in his mouth; discover on Internet around my saga texts... They are not only my enemies, because I have nothing as private conflict with them... In fact they are the fanatical enemies of human being; this is the question... They almost the AIPAC/ADL etc jewry masonry gangs and tehir related criminals, recruited staff still spread enormous spam and they run worldwide sabotage on Internet! Why? This is their traditional character and profession. Jewish fanatism based on hate and degrading of human! Neo-Zionism is most freak Fascism today and this well-donated machinery is completely fit with neo-Imperialism!.. Jews and their polit-whores hate Humanism, because of they are not idiots, they know well that the Independent Institutions and awakened human prevents their bloody profitees!.. Therefore they run systematic sabotage processes and spam is one of such kinky methodes... For example many false drug-seller-advertisements of the provocateur-saboter Fascist Jew Daniel&PIMPS and collaborated polit-whores worldwideMy Grandfather had pigs at farm; all the animals had name there and selected examples prized by true ID cards... I see that Grandfather's true pigs were more respectable than human faced piggies&doggies... Let's these doggies shitting here on Internet, mostly using false sexual announcements; let's people witness what a kind kinky planet the two-legged pigs dreaming… Keep the evidences should be apparently pasted there on internet page, although it's not friendly; all after checking this attack it'll easier to struggle against thus kinky character, who beyond this dirtiness! Go on to tell what the newest! In fact, we have much more exciting broadcasting tournaments... You see; the fanatics of system are so eager to bite your heel.. No doubt, its typical attitudes of bulldogs and lapdogs of judaized imperialism... But criticism welcomes.... Of course there are different opinions… Discussion is better than warplanes... Let's create new saga examples and try to build a wonderful socialistic saga-world for whole human being; yes, for human, dear! Solidarity regards from saga-teller, additional works of studio-guests, followers on friendly tv channels...



- The European Union awakened on announcements about the "fleed suspects".. We showed such posters on tv local channels... Here, you see a lot of dangerous
profiles of the recruited criminals...
- Let's watch!..
Factnet against the Pedophilia markets driven by the Jews in the EU

WANTED: DANGEROUS ARRANGERS&CRIMINALS of the SWEDISH-KURDISH-JEWISH PEDOPHILIA MARKETS... WANTED: Kurdish Pedophile Abit Dundar!.. Very Dangerous Criminal who bought two different fake passports...

Fugitive wanted for: Sexual enticement of children, pedofilia affairs, disappearance of many Kurdish children who were been betrayed and smuggled to Tel Aviv... All the poor children almost been sold to the child-porn Mafia...

Dundar, Abit (was born 1958, Kurdistan; already wanted in many countries...) According to the authorities there thus criminal been wanted: Abit Dundar, is
charged with two counts of child enticement and two counts of exposing a child to harmful materials. These crimes occurred in Kurdistan, because Dundar is
experienced master smuggler and hunting the young boys, aged 5 to 13, as a youth group without parents. Dundar would allegedly make available to these children
sexually explicit magazines, and encourage them to play sexual contact games while with him. He sold many of them, when they fleed to Israel and EU
countries. He failed to appear in court of Northern Iraq on 8th June 1992 and has not been seen im Middle East since.

Dundar was also charged on 5th December 1992, with 23 similar counts in Syria, Jordania, Lubnania, Iraq, Bosnia, Palestina etc mostly occupied countries for
crimes which occurred between 1988 and 2003.

Zionist&Imperialist lobby recruits such criminals and infiltred to the authorities of satellite-regime Swedish Kingdom.


- Do you tell me, why all these criminals been recrited by the masters of child abuse issues?
- They need each other!.. Listen to the experts who telling the stories on tv!..
- Let's watch it!..
- Pedophile Kurdish criuminal Abit DUNDAR is the typical living product of Zionism because CHILD PORNOGRAPHIE IS A JEWISH TRADITION and uses as DIRTY TACTICS of PROVOCATION METHODES ( comments Ostara news center, Germania) PORNOGRAPHIE AND JUDAISM.. Before you read this article, you should know that the talmud (a religious lawbook of the Jews) explicitly allows sex with Babies older than 3 Years, sex with animals, dead relatives and within the family.
Patriots need to keep a proper perspective on the recent Fed crackdown on child porn. Named Operation Candyman, it's had huge play in US news cycles all
week. According to the Feds, a Yahoo group called Candyman online child porn have done rounds for years; sadly, such porn does exist.
Huge Jewish Israeli/Russian mafia networks supply the demand and also corral Eastern Europeans for prostitution purposes. Since child molesting is a Talmudically sanctioned act, it's no surprise Jews are so heavily into it, though (as Marx said) their real god, lucre, is as much to blame. Jews are also huge players in "regular" porn; Goldstein of the "Screw" paper is considered the eminence grise, and young Jews are producing the super-popular "gonzo" porn in Southern California that threatens the mainline porn kings. One, who does only anal sex films, was even on PBS recently with his mother, who is his secretary!
The gentile frontmen of mainline porn like Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner (whose Playboy recently put out a ridiculous "expose" on TP) have paid the Jews off
handsomely--both are large ADL funders. Now, ZOG (the Zionist Occupational Gang) is saying it's dropping the hammer on online child porn. Isn't this a tad odd?
After all, these same Feds who now supposedly love kids helped send forty million American children to their deaths as (again, largely Jewish) abortionists shredded, scorched and drugged them to death in utero since 1972. And the children of Palestine, Iraq, Serbia, Russia et all might have a different opinion of Zog's sudden change of heart. While individuals in power might honestly think cracking down with lots of media noise is helping kids, ZOG has larger fish to fry, and this is clearly in their planning. Presently the Europeans are attempting to smash up online "hate." In the USA, we have a First Amendment (frankly as a result of our ancestors shooting enough ZOG in the 1770s!), so a crackdown on the internet has to go with utter filth like child molestors, as the camel's nose underneath the tent. Down the line they'll lean on IPs to adopt "federal guidelines"--and guess who'll set them up? Just as the ADL has got a number of filter programs "against porn" that also just so happen to filter White freedom, we'll see the same thing here. When nationalists gain power, we will kill child molestors, either summarily when we catch them, or after we've finished with them in human experimentation programs.We will hunt down and exterminate any and all networks dealing with child porn.Pornography is Jewish! Child molestation is Jewish! Nationalists must not let their eyes off the prize. Nothing will get genuinely better until we have power. Never get the idea that ZOG has any right whatsoever in enforcing anything It is the root of the problem, not a solution for anything! We'll clean our own house!
- You can see everywhere that pedophile Abit Dundar have a lot of announcements and incest pics on these Jewish pages... Here is a terrible example of the
liberal markets of Russian AlexiJew's pedophile league ATTENTION!.. This link includes terrible torture seances on the children: (ordered by A D and many other Swede Pedophile Zionists)

Incest *PICS*??? Please, drop me the new suggestions about Lolita XXX; I am your old customer, me (again) Advertiser: Abit Dundar (Jewish Swedish Kurdish XXX main customer about such lolita&incest subjects),
Order form prepared by Abit Dundar on February 23, 2006:

Baby's place&incest annumncements:

- Have you some additional sources on this subject?
- Hundreds of websites for instance: Kurdish links; like KurdCity News:

MoralDefects at Boyne archive:

Lolita-boys-imported via Jewish pimps:

Wanted figutives&SexCriminals contains commerZional cases, clan members like Abit Dundar:

Brand new related one short video - Url.:

Film examples about the Missing Children:

- Fascist Paedophile Abit DUNDAR coloured his hair on the dirty photos; here is one of them retusched photos of Criminal pig Jew Abit

- Abit DUNDAR is laughing here.
- On what?
- Maybe on the fake democratic systems...
- I hope at the least the victimized children shall smile on this pig's shitty skeleton!..
- He is a member.. Clan member... There are a lot of sadistic satanistic neo-zionists...
- Bloody money turns these figures to the freak monsters...
- It's true!.. We have new evidences and related film on such cruel affairs.

Satanic ritual film about Jewish monsters:

Online Sexual Exploitation film:
Film about the Scientology: "Systemic child abuse within Scientology


- We discovered announcements about the wanted pedophile criminals, commercial clan members.. First at all we saw the same name, Abit DŁndar, but this foxy
changed his aftername as Dundar, 'cause "dundrande collaborator" is Swedish word!...
- Where you found this sadist foxy character? In prison?
- No!.. In Sweden, "open air", freee, sitting on a glamorous chair, recruited as chief!..
- Kidding!...
- Unfortunately, it's true!.. This criminal saved by Scandinavian Zionists and settled in capitol municipality, as Haegersten district vice chief... - Unbelievable!.. - We hope, Sweden will expel such fascist criminals...
- We hope!... It ust be... so the dirtiness should be expelled if Sweden a true democracy...


- Sweden should expel Abit Dundar and collaborated Zionist criminals, comments Tv Independent laponia on March 14, 2003
- Lets watch it!..
- Unfortunately, the lobbies choose to save the criminals. And zion-driven establismnet expels the Iraqi diplomats, instead of true criminals. This shurk regime expels two Iraqi diplomats, citing 'refugee espionage', instead of criminals... It's incredible!... Sweden will expel two Iraqi diplomats after a request from the U.S. government and an investigation that said they were involved in espionage among Iraqi refugees in Sweden, the prime minister said Thursday. Prime Minister Goeran Persson said the decision was made after "careful preparations and after a thorough investigation" by Sweden's domestic intelligence service, SAPO (manipulated by the Jewish financial lobbies). The Foreign Ministry said the two diplomats, who were not identified, "have been engaging in refugee espionage." A spokesman wouldn't describe the nature of the espionage. Two Iraqi diplomats, including the charge d'affaires, were expelled from Sweden in January 2002 for the same reason. Lars Leijonborg, leader of the Jewish Folk Party, Sweden's third biggest, said he was told the diplomats were spying on Iraqi refugees living in Sweden. He lies like his true father Ariel Sharon: "It's a scandal that Saddam's personnel aren't satisfied with persecuting their population in their own country, but continue to persecute
them when they have fled to Sweden," Leijonborg told Swedish Radio. Last week the United States expelled two U.N.-based Iraqi diplomats and said Washington
had identified 300 Iraqis in 60 countries — some operating as diplomats out of Iraqi embassies — whom it also wanted expelled. U.S. officials said the alleged
Iraqi agents could attack American interests overseas. Iraq (news - web sites) has denounced the U.S. request and called it "a frantic campaign" by the "Big
Brother", who aims dominate the petroleum sources of Middle East. Iraq has five diplomats in Sweden, a Scandinavian country of 8.9 million, including Qassim
H.J. Al-Zuhairi, the chief of mission, Omar Abdul Razak Ibrahim Al Khlil, Najim A. Itha, Jamal Yass Abdul Razak and Khalil Jassem. The Iraqi Embassy in
Stockholm also handles affairs in neighboring Denmark. Sweden's decision came just hours after neighboring Finland said it was investigating the actions of
Iraqi diplomats there. Finnish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen said Thursday that United States approached his government about thei

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