Waco, JFK, RFK, Murrah, WTC 1993, Holocaust, 9-11.
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Waco, JFK, RFK, Murrah, WTC 1993, Holocaust, 9-11.

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Where are the reports?

When the al Qaeda thugs murdered John F. Kennedy one media house zoomed into the Grassy Knoll immediately after the shots were fired.

Stooping down was a Dallas cop with a transmitter in his ear. (Photo available) Another Dallas cop and one official were standing close by.

Imagine that where these three were was exactly where one shot came from and none of them were curious.

The video I speak about is held by a few persons and note that it was not shown publicly after it was originally aired.

The two Dallas cops who assisted in shooting Kennedy were later seen escorting the 'Three Tramps'. Although one of the men, well-known hitman named Smith was no tramp.

Those cops did not file reports and the authorities did not ask for reports.

In the 9-11 case it is important to note that the Coroner at the Flight 93 scene, Wallace Miller did NOT file any report.

A major crime scene and the Coroner did not file any report?

Then here's the puzzle! Flight 77, all identified by DNA. Flights 11 and 175 all evaporated and Flight 93 DNA could not identify some of the body parts.

And here's the ass kicker! Only 8 per cent of the Flight 93 bodies were recovered.

The 9-11 bodies burned differently at each location, and DNA also provided different types of results.

And it gets too silly here - all the bodies of the wicked Islamists who hijacked the 9-11 phantoms evaporated. Not one survived for DNA testing.

Has anyone wondered why there was such lucid identification of the Flight 77 passengers?

A few fools find it puzzling why people who saw no windows in 9-11 planes, and no plane parts in Shanksville could change their stories. These nuts need to read the story in the Washington Times some years ago about Daddy's homosexual case; where over 80 persons retracted their testimony - that is after the thugs in the security services visited them.

According to State of Pennsylvania The Tribune Democrat:

"Only 8 percent of the human remains [of Flight 93] have ever been recovered, [Wallace] Miller said, and three caskets full of those have yet to be identified and are in an undisclosed mausoleum."

So then - no 9-11 report by NIST

No report by NTSB

No report by FAA

No report by NMCC

No report by NORAD

And one grand bogus report by the Coverup Commission

Question: Do the families of those remains want some form of clear identification?

And yet some people say that there was no conspiracy!

Do you guys know how many schizophrenics in the US lambasting conspiracy theorists?

Folks the Conspiracy of Dunces who carry out some notorious crimes, have gotten too complacent because of the complaisance of the populace. I wonder if it is the burgers that people eat?

Too many scams have been perpetrated by these hoods without them being punished. And remember that these scams are always used to create straight jacket reforms in the society:

Waco, JFK, RFK, Murrah, WTC 1993, Holocaust, 9-11.

I know that the 9-11 thugs are busy creating videos to show bogus impacts into the WTC and the Pentagon. They may also be creating FAA reports to show the names of bin Laden and the 19 bogeymen.

But be not afraid - those data will not surface in our life time. They will definitely be available in 30 years or so when there will be no one to discredit them.

And that's the way the Conspiracy of Dunces survive - lies, scams, slaughter, and cover-up.







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