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Fri Sep 29, 2006 03:38

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From: William J. Wagener
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Yes indeed,
I agree with all of those reasons for IMPEACHMENT, except 1. Can't happen because every incumbent
CongressCritter will and would be re-elected even if they did not spend a penny on re-election costs. You see,
they have already picked their majority landslide voters by gerrymandering the 435 House seats into 431 safe seats,
so they can't lose. The to Major party's can then concentrate their staged battle on the remainder 4 House seats and
spend millions. So IMPEACHMENT can NOT happen, because we the people, have no power to remove any of them
thanks to gerrymandered districts.

global warming can NOT be blamed on the Bush-tapo Nazi President. It was well on its path 25 years ago, when W
was still dodgeing Viet Nam service. Mt. St. Helens did more to create Climate change than everything Man did for a
century, even if you THINK mankind is causing any significant "Warming" of the globe. True is floods, Sun spots, weather
goes in cycles. We are still coming out of a long cold spell of 10's of millions of years. Even within that framework there are
shorter cycles of warming and cooling. W had nothing to do with it. Not even 1/10th of 1% of it. And while it is true glaciers are
melting in Alaska, new ones are forming and growing in Scandinavia at about the same latitude. So don't blame the bum President
for that. the other stuff your dead right on, and we don't need to make him look like we are blaming a man who is innocent [ of global warming]
because he IS guilty as the devil on the other things. I got my Bach. of Science in Environmental Science 35 years ago, and have
done extensive reseach on millinium weather patterns. The South Pole used to be a swampy jungle. Look at it today. Frozen except for
one thermal lake surrounded by ICE & Snow. Imagine what weather would be like in USA, if the South pole returned to Jungle temperatures.

Problem is there is nothing left to do except to EXPOSE Bush for his helping cheney pull off the murder of 2900+ WTC employees.
Maintenance man, Wm rodrigues, heard and saw multiple bomb blasts in the sub basement BEFORE the towers colapsed.

Build # 7 was hit with nothing, and # 5 & # 6 were closer and remained standing, though more damaged than # 7. All three were taken down
then like #7 with demolition charges carefully timed. Bldg # 7 was suppose to be hit with a plane too, but it either crashed in Penn or never got
off the ground, so they lit fires in it and by evening "pulled" it down with thermite charges, just like #1 & # 2. Cheney and his handlers were
part of that. G.W. Bush went along for the ride. He is a stooge.

But the video's are all over the net. People are figuring it out.

But... it makes no difference if we can not impeach the bastard. And we can't because Congress Critters have no balls to impeach.

good bye America, hello aeriKKKa.

William J. Wagener

Ye shall Know the TRUTH,
and the Truth shall set you free.
Seek the Truth in all things.
Accept Not the deception.

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Mommy, What's Waterboarding?
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Mommy, What's Waterboarding?

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