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Does no one read these type of emergency posts? I have had posted for 2 days (w/no reponse posts) a article entitled "Another Rocky Flats" and yet, it seems to be ignored. Is it REALLY posted or just on my computer link?

here it is AGAIN:

Here is info that MUST be passed on and acted upon:

On August 25, 2006, the Amarillo Globe news (Amarillo, Texas, ONLY newspaper) published an article “Pantex eyes possible land buyout.”

This article says that Pantex (a DOE nuclear facility since 1946, prior it was an ammunition facility during WWII) is trying to buy up 2, 2 0 0 acres with water rights from the nearby land owners.

WHY? you may ask?

BECAUSE Pantex has contaminated the biggest underground water table in the U.S.–the Ogallala Aquifer. It extends into 8 states (Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Oklahoma) as their well water supply. You can easily locate a map at Wikipedia or just do a google for ogallala aquifer.

The land buyout will give DOE/Pantex a way to cover their asses and try to hide even more the contamination and exactly what is in the aquifer. Right now, the land owners can still conduct their private evaluations and investigations; however, if Pantex gets what it suspects to be the immediate effected areas under their control, then there will be no way to conduct private analyses and investigation because it will become FEDERAL LAND, all 2,200 acres!

HOW has this happened? Just as it happened at Rocky Flats, Colorado (near Boulder): local testing on the ground, storing nuclear waste, storing nuclear weapons and bombs, and sloppy handling of waste material(s).

DOE has known for many, many years that there is a MAJOR problem concerning contamination of local wells (one gentleman has had so many wells drilled by Pantex that no one knows just for sure how many have been drilled in search of “clean water” on his property; his name is Lee Cockrell).

Because of the actions/nonactions of this facility, the “playas” around the facility have supplied the underground Ogallala Aquifer with nucleated rain water (from “mini” tests conducted on the ground, i.e. “Igloo” 1954), runoff water besides just the general absorption of the facility “gunk” into the ground.

Arjun Makhijani, owner/editor of Science for Democratic Action, a IEER publication, has written a 323 page article (available on the internet, pdf form) regarding what it would take to clean up Pantex and the surrounding area. Go find it and read; very, very interesting (google IEER Pantex cleanup).

Google Pantex and read the DOE version of the history of Pantex and then talk to me about the truth of the DOE Pantex facility.

EVERYONE needs to pay very close attention to this situation as it effects one of the BIGGEST crop production states in this nation: NEBRASKA. This aquifer sits under the entire state of Nebraska and agriculture uses and reuses the aquifer water for irrigation of its crops, besides fresh water wells for people and livestock.

Being originally from the Amarillo area (51yrs of my life including being born there) I grew up knowing of Pantex and its “secret”work being done that NO ONE who worked there was allowed to talk about for fear of being fired. However, a lot of the past work there has been exposed, talked about and written about over the course of the last 20 years.

People in the area THINK that Pantex has buried its waste ONLY on the facility site; however, I know for a FACT that is not true. There is Pantex waste buried in many places outside the facility in the eastern and northern parts of Amarillo. This is something that seriously needs to be investigated and the DOE forced to confess where ALL of these buried objects are located for the protection of the citizens and the aquifer.

Over the past recent years I have conducted research regarding the Ogallala Aquifer and have found very interesting information.

This aquifer is very unusual as its “rocks” act as a sponge, not releasing ANYTHING that gets into its absorption level. With the severe drought over the past several years, the aquifer water depth has dropped significantly so that the radiation (this includes plutonium since it is stored there also) contamination to the water supply is more readily available to the water user than in past years when the depth of the aquifer was deeper.

Therefore, more of the contamination particles are stirred up when the water is suctioned out through wells to be used as irrigation, drinking, etc., water.

One very important fact that I found in researching the Ogallala Aquifer is that once “something” gets into the water table, it is there forever–there is no way in today’s science world to remove that contamination.

So, Pantex is becoming the next Rocky Flats.

Research Rocky Flats and be ready for some very shocking information. By the way, Rocky Flats is now an “animal refuge”–all of those animals are eating nuclear vegetation, grass and living on/under nucleated ground.

I also have information (personal working knowledge) that Pantex has known for many years that they contaminated the aquifer. If anyone is interested in that knowledge, please let me know and I will be glad to share that with you. My working knowledge was gained in the Spring of 1998.

In March, 2000, Pantex was forced to admit that they had known of “ammunition” contamination at the facility since the prior August (1999). They never told the state of Texas until March when independent testing revealed contamination. By law, that had seriously violated state and federal regulations; their punishment for this violation was a $5,000 (now ain’t that a hoot for endangering the area!).

There is also another article dated August 1, 2006, that you might want to read at the Amarillo Globe News ( This is entitled “Pantex recycles weapons into armor for Strykers.” This talks about Pantex taking the dismantled neutron bomb casings and making them into bullet shields for the front of the Stryker vehicles. The first shipment was sent to Ft. Lewis, Washington, shortly after the article was published. Go read; amazing what the boys at the front are getting exposed to–in the name of “war on terror.”

If anyone has additional info or seeks more info from me, please email me at:

Dana Priest (NOT the Washington Post, D.C. reporter)
Seattle, WA



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