A former Political Prisoner interviewed on GCNlive.com
Fri Sep 29, 2006 16:49

Greg has invited back both Susan Lindauer and myself back onto the air this Monday. The show will air on GCNlive.com between four and six p.m., CST. For those not aware of Susan's story, in brief: She had been a former Congressional Aide and a reporter. She had been working as an "asset" for the CIA prior to the Iraqi War, and was attempting to derail the war before it began. After she contacted the Commission of pre-Iraqi war Intelligence, offering her testimony, she was arrested as a spy for the Iraqi Government, and then sent to Carswell Federal Prison Mental Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. In June of this year, the government went to court for approval to have her forcibly medicated.

Several individuals, myself included, launched a media campaign about Lindauer's plight. In September, she was released.

There was largely a press blackout about this story. It was only through a concerted attempt to alert the "non-embedded" media that we were able to mobilize concern and action for Susan Lindauer.

Janet Phelan

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