Concentration Camps? "You're Eating Where Nixon Ate......"
Mon Oct 1, 2007 19:14

The year was near 1990, and I was told we were going to visit Austria and Germany, and the trip would be nearly "free."

It sounded like a wonderful, exciting idea having never visited Europe.

I was corporate wife of a buyer and manager in charge of the track maintenance equipment for a large American railroad and we'd been invited to spend a week in Europe by an Austrian corporation from which the railroad purchased equipment.

The President of the Austrian company was a very nice and generous man. We'd dined with him and his wife, and we'd gone deep sea fishing on their yacht.

When in Austria one of the gracious hosts commented, "You are eating where Nixon ate, and sleeping where he slept."

Buses took us to each destination. There were two full busses of American businessmen and wives and I may have wrongfully assumed they were all railroaders.

We'd flown to Germany on Lufthanza airlines, and landed in Frankfurt. We went to several locations, but at each, the food was divine and hotel accommodations luxurious.

Toward the end of the trip, the men left the ladies to themselves to tour and enjoy some beautiful Munich flower gardens.

Prior arrangements had apparently planned other outings for the executive wives and mothers who weren't invited to tour Dachau's Concentration Camp with their husbands.

Dachau was near Munich and so the men took a day and toured the death camp.

When the men returned to say where they'd been, images of mountains of skeletons, emaciated human corpses, and torture flashed in my mind remembering horrors of the Holocaust depicted on "The Twentieth Century" tv show as a child.

"Why would they even want to go there?" I couldn't think of a darker, more dreary, horrifying place to think of visiting.

(And why would an Austrian Corporation entertain customers in this manner?)

Later I couldn't find reference to the European trip at all on my passport. It was as though there had been no passport record. Could I ever prove I was there other than the few things purchased?

With a change of departments to communications, those workers had a baffling "secret code language," but the treatment of buyers was nearly as eloquent. Communications corporations sponsored free expense paid trips to televised golf tournaments, other companies hosted railroaders and others at the Grand Ole Opry. Trips to Denver, Houston, New Orleans and a ride on a Mississippi River Boat spiced life.

Needless to say the mountains of food among these corporate customers and "friends" was impressive, and again I thought back to the years of watching the old Nazi movies on TV. There were always social parties with plenty of wine and drink while folks were secretly being exterminated in dark, hidden gas chambers.

If it's true the USA has been building "FEMA" camps and they're actually concentration camps, and if it's true that corporations are dark villain-motivating, secretive scheming mafias who run the government and world, then the world's people should quickly awaken and smell the coffee burning.

Learn to live without certain products and services!

It's difficult to discover the truth because of the fear attached to revealing or uncovering it. Powerful people don't like losing, or suffering - for anything or anyone.

A most frightening sight in Germany was a German convoy traveling on the highway at a time of Peace. Yet the world stays in destructive, environmental-polluting, murderous turmoil and Peace is elusive, while hatred and suspicion is plentiful.

Conditioned by TV during the 1960's to believe Germany was dark and dreary, visiting Germany and Austria in the 1990's was enlightening because I found the people there to be fun, intriguing, happy and hospitable. The landscaping and countryside is breathtakingly beautiful.

Railroads, among the oldest, most conservative corporations in the world, were instrumental in aiding the horrors of war and Nazis during WWII. Boxcars carried more than bombs and ammunition: even human cargo.

Many corporations today operate outside their countries and homelands with their own lobbyists, legal teams, police forces and guards. They operate for stock market success and profit. The human factor is often secondary or further down the scale of priorities.

Nobody wants to believe there is a ruling elite we must fear and question, or that there could be something so cruel as a "Man's inhumanity to man" among them.

But what matters is the truth.

Let's hope the World will realize Americans are good people, and the actions of corporations, politicians, and greed accompanied with war and hatred is not the will of the majority of Our People.

We don't need or want concentration camps, dictatorial leadership, fascism, or martial law.

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