David Stewart
How Many Of Your Choice Of Candidates are Papists
Wed Oct 3, 2007 05:51

~ Apart from Devvy Kidd?! I would be surprised if she is able to stop admiring herself in her full length mirrors long enough to come to terms with the rigors of a political campaign or repent of her rabid catholicism by learning the truth about her satanic religiousity through the realities given in the following Web-Pages:

The lesson here is that:~ First find out about their religious affiliations or membership of any "secret societies" i.e. Masons, catholicism, CFR/TC etc...
Remember, catholicism exercises just as much power & influence over their people (political candidates)as do the masons & CFR/TC Illuminati etc. And I know just how devoted Devvy is to the mother of harlots whore of Rome! And that's just for starters - Soooooo please give me a break!


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