Give Pelosi her airplane.
Tue Oct 2, 2007 12:23

........"There is only one cure for America's ultimate financial collapse and that is for Congress to exercise Clause 30 of the "Federal" Reserve Act, buy the outstanding shares of stock, shut down this unconstitutional system and sell off their assets to reimburse the people of this nation for this outright theft of their wealth down through our history. "........

Will Congress will instead employ more of its family members as lobbyists and government paid employees; give generous raises to its membership; increase its Secret Service/Security protection; continue to ignore the welfare and corruption existent in Congressional members home communities; write more laws to protect personal interests of lawmakers; and find better ways to increase personal wealth of its own membership and campaign contributors?

Will Congress continue to ignore the crimes of its own members, continue to cover up and move at a tortoise pace in making decisions to correct problems?

Oh what the heck, the kids are starving, and without health care; education is no longer guaranteeing jobs; illegal drugs are exterminating thousands of Americans; billions are laundered in drug profits alone; corruption is rampant and can't be corrected...... HELP!!

Give Pelosi her airplane!

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