Russia: Democracy in Retreat...
Wed Oct 3, 2007 13:16

Dear Patriots,
As President Bush and the neocons continue with their grandiose "messianic" plan to create a "model democracy" in Iraq it appears that democracy in Russia is in retreat.
President Vladimir Putin, who is due to leave office, is positioning himself to maintain power from behind the scenes as prime minister. Only when it's too late will Americans and our dipstick politicians realize that Russia, China and Venuzuala are poised to stop unapologetic, imperialistic expansionism in the Middle East. Have we forgot that Hugo Chavez urged world leaders to read the book "Pax Americana" when he addressed the anti-American United Nations?
Russian fighter pilots have been probing American airspace off the coast of Alaska and I fear that the day is on the horizon when these long range bombers will not stop. American planes can be grounded through the use of EMP or electromagnetic pulse weaponry.
Also,it is no secret that China is floating the U.S. economy and along with Russia insist on a peacful solution in regards to Iran. If Israeli Zionists or Dick Cheney give the order to Bush to bomb Iran with mini-nukes prevailing winds will carry radioactive fallout into China.
On a more positive note I am doing everything possible to create and urge individuals and their respective communities to become debt free and self-reliant. Please don't wait for a crisis to happen. Worse case scenarios like the above must be openly discussed and dealt with accordingly at the local and state levels as the powers that be in D.C. have sold us out, destroyed the Republic, scrapped the Constitution and trampled the Bill of Rights.


Daniel E. Moore, USAF Veteran

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