Western Mass 9/11 Truth Meetings and Events
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Subject: 60 minutes sunday Fwd: 911 Truth Alliance - next mtg and overview
From: Jonathan Mark flyby@mtdata.com
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 06:45:05 -0500
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Flyby News Alerts - September 23, 2006
Western Mass 9/11 Truth Meetings and Events

Dear friends on the FN alerts list,

I might have lost some subscribers to this list, due to computer failures, and
misplaced some who might have unsubscribed. Please let us know if you
want another address subscribed for this list for alerts in the New England
region, or place "remove" in subject and please reply.

Following is information on upcoming meetings and events with the
Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance.. and at end is how to subscribe
to a list serve for this group.. I hope some of you will join this
quickly growing movement. It took five years for many of us in the
9/11 truth movement to make a commitment to work together on this issue
for real change in the US,

Uncovering the election coup is helpful, but the evidence regarding the
cover-up on what happened on 9/11/01 is overwhelming, and deserves
our attention and actions to expose such deceit that has been used
to make wars that were unnecessary, and that has added more incentives
for terrorism than ever before..

People need to see the evidence by a film medium to truly awaken from the
disinformation of the mainstream media. Please join us.

regarding mainstream news, this sunday on cbs' "sixty minutes" the president
of pakistan claims that the u.s. government threatened to blow pakistan back
into the stone age if they didn't comply with them on their so-called war on terror,
just after the 9/11/01 crimes in the u.s. so things are even filtering through the
old television news sources.. but when cbs reviewed the post-9/11 anthrax
attacks last week, they neglected to mention one critical tidbit of information
when reviewing on how no one was caught.. and that the case is now considered
cold.. that one bit of info left out of their report was that the FBI proved that the
anthrax that was sent to u.s. media networks and democratic leadership came
from a u.s. military lab.

fighting for 9/11 truth is really fighting for the essence of our freedom
and responsibility in effectively trying to control our so-called rep. government
from doing unprecedented harm throughout our world.

this movement can only get bigger.. since the evidence of government
complicity is real.

I hope you study some of the powerful films and other available resources..
if you come to a meeting.. steve goodale always has materials available
at his cost.. you can also get great dvds from http://911dvdproject.com

thanks for all interest.. and actions..


> Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:39:39 -0700 (PDT)
> From: stephen goodale sggoodale@yahoo.com
> To: 9-11truth@lists.riseup.net
> List-Id: <9-11truth.lists.riseup.net>

> Subject: [9-11truth] Next meeting Western Mass 911 Truth Alliance, Tues, September 26 and Upcoming Events,Meetings
> Dear 9/11 "Truthers", new and veteran,
> Our NEXT MEETING of Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance
> is finally set up! Apologies for not getting this
> handled sooner:
> Date/Time: TUESDAY, September 26th, at 4:30 pm, until 7pm+/-
> Location: Living Room of the "Dakin House" (a dorm/office complex
> right next to Franklin Patterson Hall)
> Hampshire College, Amherst
> Directions: Take Rte 116/West Street south from
> Amherst Common, about 3 miles to Hampshire
> College main entrance, on right. At first crossroads after
> entering campus land, take a left. Drive about 1/3 mile to
> right-hand entrance to Franklin Patterson Hall, and then
> park in parking lot on the left. The Dakin House complex
> is right by this entrance and parking lot, to the
> north.
> Contact (if you need help finding meeting, etc) :
> call Serena (cell) 773-513-9693
> This Meeting's Agenda:
> 1. Preparations & outreach for a major film screening
> of "9/11: Press for Truth" at Hampshire College the
> evening of Tuesday, October 10th, which will include
> the producer, Kyle Hence. Outreach will be planned to
> bring community residents and students from the other
> colleges and high schools
> 2. Plans for setting up other screenings in the
> Valley, or presentations, that include Kyle Hence, a
> long-term 9/11 Truth activist. He is available for
> events on Monday, Oct. 9, through Wednesday, Oct 11th
> 3. Preparation of strategies, including handouts,
> signs and perhaps banners for promoting "9/11 Truth"
> at Amy Goodman's event at Mt. Holyoke College the
> evening of October 4, a Wednesday.
> 4. If time allows, developing outreach strategies into
> the community, including media publicity, tabling, and
> offering presentations to various community and
> special interest groups.
> You will find below our list of currently-scheduled
> upcoming meetings for Western Mass 9/11 Truth
> Alliance, events we are already planning to attend or
> sponsor, directions on using our email list-serve, and
> directions to Adam's house for the October 3rd
> meeting.
> There is a LOT happening all over our country, and the
> world, regarding 9/11 truth and the continued
> groudswell of citizen support and demand for both
> truth and justice regarding the September 11th crimes.
> To keep informed, and inspired, take time each week to
> visit some of the excellent 9/11 sites...here are a
> few: 9lltruth.org, scholarsfor911truth.org,
> 911blogger.com, ny911truth.org.
> To obtain Dvd's, pamphlets and books on 9/11 and
> related issues contact me and/or go to Jonathan's
> excellent website: www.flybynews.com
> Kind regards, and keep rockin' for the truth,
> Stephen Goodale
> Sustainable Peace Builders, and cofounder with
> Jonathan Mark of Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance
> 413-230-3138
> =======================================

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