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The America that … who … used to know?

This must have been written by a white-Anglo-Saxon individual of high class status and considerable wealth! Or, it could have been written by a very, very young, poor white or very young, poor member of any minority group who has no knowledge of his ancestral tribulation in this country under the Manifest-Destiny mentality “gringo”!

This ideal America existed only in small measures sporadically throughout the country and the idealism cited was still in the beginning stages on a State by State pace before 911!

But while many of you blame the existing government for changes you claim have occurred, I find it to be more of an out-of-control liberal revolution that has eaten away, and continues to eat away at the moral fabric of this nation!

If by justice you mean penthouse condos for prison inmates and terror suspects and immediate release within our borders of confirmed terrorists, forced acceptance and encouragement of alternative lifestyles to include rape, pedophilia and incest, and free housing- food- shelter- and healthcare at tax-payers expense for anyone who chooses not to work, then this country has had it’s share of it and it will continue until we become another … Sodom and Gomorrah. As for tyranny: you’re welcomed to live in any other country (why not Cuba while your at it)! Today thanks to liberalism, If the little one fights back, then this little one is called the bully (Israel) and if the big one is forced to retaliate then the big one is called a tyrant (USA)!

Human rights! A current privilege for most minorities! Is it a terrorist’s human right to impose their will on any and all that disagree with their point of view? They’re certainly not interested in anyone’s rights especially American human rights! And, you could count the countries in one hand that appear to be interested in any human right! In comparison … America still Champions human rights!

Torture: how many of your ancestors were hung by the river side, just for fun, by our highly admired “rinches”? But I guess the air-conditioning going out on a GITMO detainee’s bunker while our soldiers sleep in tents is “cruel and unusual”! “Alls fair in love & war”!

Pre-emptive huh; I think we learned that from Pearl Harbor! So what happened first in your recollection, 911 … or the beginning of the Iraq war?

SPY … (hold on let me laugh) … on its own … (sorry, gotta laugh again) … citizens!

How dare America spy on its own citizens? Damn … where have you been? Spying on minorities is STILL a favorite past-time; join the fun, I get to spy on you – you get to spy on me – we get to spy on them – they get to spy on us!

I bet there are few countries that can remember if they even attended the Geneva Conventions! But you’re right that doesn’t mean we should ignore them ourselves! I mean, if illegal aliens can get all the freebies at tax-payers expense, than we should see to it that terrorists have the privilege of even killing an American or two in the courtyard of a penthouse by the beach … for exercise of-course!

America and Americans cannot respect a constitution that they no longer understand because it has been misinterpreted by liberals to create leeway for the fabrication of rights and laws for everyone else, except …the working American citizen!

Today’s American leaders don’t have time to prey on fears; they’re too busy praying because of fear, and most of them don’t even believe in … God!

When chaos strikes and war is inevitable:
the brave stands-up to prepare for battle,
while the coward sits-down to prepare
drafts on conspiracy theories, with which
to attack … their own brave … who else!

“It has been 5 years since September 11th”…but I’m afraid that unfortunately, many of us do not know that America … you claim existed!

E. Garcia Mission, TX.

Sept. 24, 2006

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