Why Clinton "Lost His Temper"-- by [Neocon] William Kristol
Mon Sep 25, 2006 17:55

What is a False Flag?

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Subject: Fw: Why Clinton "Lost His Temper"-- by [Neocon] William Kristol
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:00:46 -0400
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Note how "losing your temper" is impugned as politically stupid or wrong, yet Bush and Cheney lose temper incessantly as well, and not for pursuing justice, but when their unconstitutional plans are crossed. Justice and self-defense require hot indignation, particularly when inflammatory propaganda is levelled at a party. This is not about Bill Clinton, who is also no friend of constitutional government, and also supports a false "war on terrorism". This is about uncovering the truth for the blinded American people who rely on major media to provide them with it. Clinton put the propaganda front and center as the issue he was attacking, and important facts were spilled as a result.

The Neocons Respond, they had to, and say nothing of substance, but merely play the typical left-right paradigm. Note Clinton's important revelation from his interview--i.e. that the CIA "would not certify Bin Laden" was responsible for the U.S.S. Cole attack, and therefore he did not "take him out" in Afghanistan. But what have we heard about Islamo-Fascism, but that Bin Laden and Al-Queda were responsible for the attack on the Cole! Cleary the truth has changed during the Bush administration! Note too how everyone assumes the Taliban (whom the socialist Clinton also hates) were involved in "terrorism", while their friend Musharraf in Pakistan has given them asylum and protection (knowing their innocence). This is important since it proves once again, similar to the FBI having "no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11", that the entire Bin Laden blame-game is a ruse, and total fabrication of the neocons, needing a "radical Islamic" patsy after 9/11 to cover their bloody, treasonous hands. The democrats, like Clinton, justify the invasion of Afghanistan for the "evil-doers" Taliban, yet there is no evidence whatsoever that they were involved in terrorism that has been presented to the public except allegation and repetition. Oil had everything to do with Afghanistan and is mentioned in the PNAC September 2000 document (sunset of Clinton) about controlling "resources in the region". The "intelligence was fixed around the policy", not only for Iraq but for Afghanistan. Richard Clark only bears witness that both corrupt parties, for "democracy" reasons wanted the Taliban removed, because it was alleged they were involved in terrorism. False-flag attacks by Jewish Zionists (Mossad) have been used consistently in history to bait and force U.S. intervention in the Middle East, and that would include the Cole, the Beirut Marine barracks, and of course the U.S.S. Liberty, as the U.S. Army War College catalogues: "Wild card. Ruthless, cunning. Capable of attacking U.S. forces and making it look like a Palestian attack". After all their motto is "by deception thou shalt make war". The neocons have used deceptio within U.S. government to make war, as the case of Iraq proves mostly clearly.

Since Bill Clinton nailed the neocons "right wing" critics to Chris (Son of Zionist Mike) Wallace's smirking face (whose Iraq invasion policy he turned down, which is why they Lewink-skewered him)--whom he knows are making this 11th hour before elections campaign drive on Blame Clinton for Bin Laden (since Bush has not produced him "dead or alive"), along with ABC's "Road to 9/11"--then this is the PNAC neocon response, authored by none other than the son of Irving Kristol (father of the neoconservative movement), and signer of the "new Pearl Harbor" document, William (Bill) Kristol. William Kristol uses the term "left wing" democrats several times (hiding the fact that neocons are left wing radical Judeo-communist revolutionaries who want to socialize the Middle East and world).

Why Clinton "Lost His Temper"
The former president knew what he was doing.
by William Kristol

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