Flag Burning is our Patriotic Duty
Thu Sep 28, 2006 22:14

Today is a sad day for America. The House and the Senate have given Bush the power of Adolf Hitler by legalizing Bush's concentration camps where Americans will be tortured for anything the government wants. In a few years these same senators will be claiming that "I had no idea that Bush would abuse this power when we authorized Bush to set up torture camps" the same way they are presently claiming they had no idea what Bush was going to do when they authorized him to start a war with Iraq. And people will act surprised when America's allies distance themselves even more from us. I can no longer identify myself as an American. We are like Iraq. We are occupied by the enemies of freedom. We are the Nazis of the 21st century.

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Here's a flag burning to express how I feel about America's new status as a pro torture country. Now we are just like them. No damn wonder that the UN members cheered when Chavez called Bush a devil. I'm and Atheist, but Chaves might be right.

Flag Burning is our Patriotic Duty


There comes a point when the citizens, Acting as the Fourth Branch of Government, have a duty to their country to rise up and slap the government down when it gets out of line. We must never forget that the government exists for only one purpose, and that is to serve the people. That the government and the courts derive their powers by the consent of the people, and that the government has a duty to put the Will of the People above it's own self interests. When the government fails, it is the duty and the responsibility of the people to put the government in it's place and let the government know that it is, in fact subservient to the people.

Our forefathers did not fight and die to preserve the flag, but rather they fought and died to protect our right to burn it, just as our founding fathers did to the British flag. The burning of the flag is an act that asserts the right of the people over the government. The denial of the right to burn the flag is the assertion of the government to rule the people. America is ruled by the people, not the government, and it is in fact our patriotic duty, at this juncture to assert that duty.

Flag Burning is a patriotic act done by people who care deeply enough about our freedoms to challenge the government when it becomes a threat to the people. Patriots who love America burn flags.
In the 1960s the government got itself trapped in the Vietnam War (police action) and was unable to get itself out. The systems of government failed to make itself do what was right. But the people, in order to preserve the nation, rose up against the government, forcing it to act in a lawful and responsible manner. In this case the electoral college has failed to produce a result that anyone can rely on. This is a failure of the methods of the Constitution itself. Now we have opportunists who would usurp the power of the people, who have clearly spoke their intent through the popular vote, and substitute a process that has failed. That is not acceptable.

It might be different if the electoral system produced a clear winner, even if it disagreed with the popular vote. That would have been a different situation. But the electoral system didn't produce a clear winner. It failed! And we must admit that it failed. If Gore, by some chance were to have won under the electoral system, and he could have if he had a spine (as electors are people and free to vote as they choose) then the Bush supporters should have burned the flag. The process, as applied to these circumstances is unfair, and the courts have a duty to declare the process void. If they fail to do their duty, it is our duty to enforce the Will of the People on the courts.

The Duty of the People to Burn the Flag
The government exists to serve us, not to rule us.


Carl Klang sings about the Federal Reserve.



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