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Mr. Hartmann:

Believe a review of the Constitution of the United States will reveal that there can be no PARDON for Treason or Murder and surely IMPEACHMENT FOR ONE OR BOTH cannot be stopped by any Official Of Government including a new President.

What Ruth D. Bundy and myself filed in the United States Supreme Court under Case 06-382 is a clear cut violation of the Constitutions both Federal and State of Florida. It will take many more people demanding Congress review Case 06-382 in order to have the 'Absolute Judicial Immunity' or 'Immunity' issue for Felony Criminal Acts and Actions reviewed as according to Title 18 U.S. Code Section 2, 3, 4, 241, 242, 1621 the Felony of Perjury and Aiding and Abetting or Conspiracy involving Perjury makes any Judge at any level a Principal/Accessory/Aider and Abetter if not indicating a clear Conspiracy to HIDE A FELONY. Until this matter is resolved by the Supreme Court of the United States and Congress... which ALL must ask for review and combined efforts to stop such acts... all BAR members including Judges at all levels will consider to be the CHOSEN CLASS ABOVE THE LAW.

We [Ruth and I] ask simply for everyone to send an e-mail to the Government Officials such as President, Vice President, Congressional Representatives and Governors and SHERIFFS all across the Nation to have them Review the Case 06-382 and all Corrected Petition and Appendix plus WAIVER [Silence means guilt] are on  for ALL to pull off and read. Copies were sent to the U.S. Supreme Court amounting to 40 copies of each document in BOOKLET form from Batavia Printing in New York. E-MAIL started the ball rolling and the Corrected Petition is fittingly dated 09/11/06.

Judiciary at all levels may not violate Felony Statutes/Laws or Constitution... protecting ALL BAR MEMBERS under false immunity must be addressed as Florida Supreme Court and Judges have started in motion granting 'immunity' to fellow BAR members and even Clients/Witnesses/Members of Boards which will impact the entire NATION if not stopped by the Highest Court of the United States of America and CONGRESS!

YOU can remain silent and let it happen eventually in your State or local area... OR you can take action and call for action by Congressional Representatives and other organizations who can easily file an AMICUS BRIEF for or against the issues presented UNDER SWORN PENALTY OF PERJURY.

Errors such as County Court Case 97-10682 are typographical and corrected later in pages. Once filed the cost prohibits one from sending a CORRECTION as it would mean a new filing and at some $4,000.00 it gets costly FAST. What amazes me is the Supreme Court of Florida, Second District Court of Appeal and Judge Herbert John Baumann, Jr. were openly charged with FELONY ACTS and CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS easily confirmed and suddenly a WAIVER is filed on the same day the form was sent by me and Ruth to the Attorney General of Florida. IF the other BAR members lock step with the WAIVER... it is hoped the Supreme Court Justices will see through the CRIMINAL ACTS EXPOSED and GRANT the Corrected Petition FORCING ALL RESPONDENTS TO RESPOND or in the alternative GRANTING THE CORRECTED PETITION -- Quashing all lower court Orders and GRANTING A NEW TRIAL IN FEDERAL COURT 'AB INITIO' or Now for Then making the statute STILL TOLL for the Trial.

Again. Check the Constitution on IMPEACHMENT FOR TREASON OR MURDER and it is believe NO PRESIDENT CAN PARDON ANYONE CHARGED WITH SAME. Personally I feel the President KNOWS who was really responsible for the Attack on America in 09/11/2001 and GOD HELP THOSE WHO COMMITTED TREASON AND MURDER because someday the FBI, SECRET SERVICE, SHERIFFS and LAW ENFORCEMENT will see through the smoke screen and arrest ALL who knew and participated. NO PARDONS ALLOWED!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
092606 12:10 AM or 0510 HRS ZULU/GMT/UCT

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