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For the Boys (1991)
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FOR THE BOYS might just be a "Better Midler" film today, in a period of another middle east war and albeit a more tragic and unpopular one with a far more critical and on going media focus than the first 1991 war.....This exceptionally well made musical drama, made for about $70 million in 1991 and really a protest musical parable, did not reach the intended at the time and the first Iraq war was over before this film had a chance to make an impact. Seen in 2006, now is actually the right time for this film. We are also quite a while from other Bette Midler films of the 80s and as a result FTB has a stronger solo spotlight. Having appreciated this film in that light, I believe it is possibly one of the last great semi musicals of the 20th century and is helped immeasurably by a very pungent script. At times it is not unlike NEW YORK NEW YORK both in look and romantic combat. Cann and Midler work so well against and with each other, underlined by George Segal in a role that is actually substantial for him. Apparently this is loosely based on the life of Martha Raye, who complained bitterly upon release that "this fact" was not recognized. FOR THE BOYS is a major musical film but tapers off tune wise in the last 40 minutes while the starling and harrowing (but slightly illogical) Vietnam War scenes are played out. Midler is front and center star at all times and the production values show the huge budget well spent on screen. If reissued today might get a better reception given the Iraq war to play against and therefore have more impact. It's a good film, serious and with excellent music and comedy in the first hour especially.