Cancer/Aids/Diabetes planned Population Control
Concern that the Public Knows the Truth on Cancer.
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The Real Truth About Cancer, Aids, Diabetes and the complete Regenerative Capability of the Human Body by understanding some simple observations that have been kept from your understanding via for example cancer, aids and diabetes cannot exist in an a body that is alkaline
and will simply just go away if the person simply changes their dietary habits and drinking habits and directs their body to becoming simply alkaline.

Read the following and realize How Really Big the Big Scam by Elitists Really is to Mass Murder You, Your Families, Your Communities, and Your Nation, Off while solely and only they and their globalist money laundering corporate network reaps in vast profiteering from your dying for them. Nothing like dying for the Globalist Elitist Satanist Luciferian Scheme of Destiny is their?

Someday in the future it will be also discovered that the very cells of our human bodies are literally producers of "Browns Gas" and are held together by "Browns Gas." That this gas that is only comprised of being 66.6 percent hydrogen, 33.3 percent oxygen, created from only water that is produced by simple low voltage will also weld anything to anything, heal all known diseases, regenerate the human body to be enabled to live for literally hundreds of years, neutralize all nuclear waste material, power all piston engine technology, replace the oil energy industry for forever and that it will someday play a key part in literally helping mankind to discover new forms of elements, materials and to help mankind build non chemical utilizing means of travel beyond the stars using "Gyroscopic Aether Technology."


The later discoveries about regenerative discoveries evidently revealed that this combined solution will evidently cure all or most diseases as that the Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water when used as a solution catalyst will increase not only the cellular oxidation factor by several hundred percent but also accelerate the absorption of co mixed additives like MSM ( up to a thousands times and regenerate the human body to being longevity sustainable and approximately regeneratively reversing the aging process to twenty years younger or more. This solution could be a means of leading to the discovery of human immortality as said by one researcher. Another person who was scheduled to die within a month evidently tried out this solution and drank it every two hours and today is thriving and vitally alive with no known cancers in their body and this was more then ten years ago. They evidently also did the toxic removal methodology routine by also taking cayenne pepper - capsicum red pepper capsule thus converting their bio-system to becoming
alkaline and non acidic as is described effectively by Dr. Len Horowitz.

Http:// Search Results 1 - 10 of about 182,000 for Dr. Len Horowitz.

Some day the future of Medicine will be based on what will be considered to be "the physics of enzymes" or thereof the meaning of all life as we consider it scientifically as that of being the future development and understanding of: "Calalytic Ionic Physics" whereas until that day the Global Elitists will continue to utilize their complete control over the planet's entire system of medicine for only their sole profiteering agendas while utilizing
their complete control over all education and media to manipulate and to dumb down the trusting sheoples supported with their systems of mass eliminations, mind control, and
fluoridation and that the sheoples currently are mentally programmed to think is good for them when all that it does is destroy the brains of the sheoples and dumb them down so that they cannot see what is controlling and destroying their destiny.

The Eltists implemented diabetes via in part by forcing their sendentary salt "Morton Salt" that has less then 9 parts per million of in-organic minerals whereas Sea Salt has well over 120 parts per million heliotropic solar charged organic minerals and whereas it has been fully verified that sendentary mineral (Morton) salt does play a key part in shutting down the pancreas whereas sea salt actually heals the pancreas. When the pancreas shuts
down it cannot any longer properly balance the serotonin, the enzymes in the blood and the ionic ballance of the immune system let alone assist in keeping the bodies immune system in an alkaline state where cancer, aids and diabetes cannot thus exist in a naturally alkaline bio system. Until the sheoples wake up to this very simple means of understanding as to how to heal themselves of all cancer, aids, and diabetes and as to why they have been misled by the Elitists who have created their fast food industries for heavy metal acid food waste bombardment of the human bio system that increases their: cancer, diabetes, aids
medical industry monopoly mass profiteering scam for solely their own implemented mass human population control while they make the profits off of the dumbed down populations who cannot or will not figure this out.
gyroscopic-aether (noun) : gyroscopic-aether refers to over riding gravity by the means of utilizing generated pulsed aether fields that nuetralize and over ride the gravitational effect. Gyroscopic-aether will someday become the next step in mankinds understanding of how to generate free clean energy and to travel throughout the universe without using or needing petrochemicals. —WillPWilson, Term created by WillPWilson to describe future energy technology., 1980 U.S. Psychotronics Association. Submitted by: WillPWilson from Washington on Nov. 11, 2005 08:31
Was George Washington a "Free Energy" Thinker?

Browns Gas "Super Healing Water" Search Results 1 - 10 of about 960,000 for Browns Gas Water heals.

They saw Brown's Gas being used to heal people's bodies and tasted Brown's Gas enhanced water.

Results 1 - 10 of about 15,900,000 for Browns Gas Water helps.
• hydrated water for health

When Brown's Gas is bubbled through clean water, the water absorbs oxygen and hydrogen. We think there is an additional energy (electrical in nature) added to the water as well. We find the drinking the resulting enhanced, oxygenated and hydrated water to bring us alert like drinking a cup of coffee, without the side effects.

Many people know that oxygenated water is healthful. There are many companies selling water that has had oxygen added to it.

What is generally unknown is that water is even more healthful when hydrogen is added to it. Drinking water is called hydrating the body. An astonishing fact is that chlorinated water, coffee, carbonated and sweetened fluids are generally dehydrating. Most of the diseases known to mankind (including aging) can be prevented or mitigated by hydrating the body.

Every test of Brown's Gas enhanced water shows it to be super hydrating, far superior to regular water (as much as 10 times).

Enhanced water is an essential key to keeping an active youthful body as the years go by.

We have reason to believe this water enhances every chemical process in the body, making a super immune system and mitigating the symptoms of aging, mostly caused by dehydration.

• detoxifying water - In North America chlorine is used to purify water, intending to kill microorganisms that cause disease. Chlorine is a deadly poison and attempts are made to put in just enough to kill the microorganisms and not the person drinking it. Most of the rest of the world purifies water using Ozone, a form of oxygen. Oxygen kills the microorganisms without harm to people. Brown's Gas is an excellent way to oxygenate drinking water.

• atmosphere enhancement
We now live in an area that has very dry air. We were using nearly a gallon (4 L) of water a night to keep our bedroom moist enough so that we could breathe easily. We are finding that the Brown's Gas gives us the same results using only a cup (250 mL) of water per night.

• muscle relaxation; pain relief when Brown's Gas is applied to the skin, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which then flows (via blood) to muscles and joints that have problems due to dehydration, resulting in nearly instantaneous relief of pain caused from cramps and swelling. This relief continues
for extended periods of time.

• speed healing of wounds When Brown's Gas is applied to a wound, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which kills
anaerobic microorganisms and assists cell regeneration.

• help plants germinate and grow Plant growth can be enhanced by either hydrated water and/or 'programmed' water. The resulting plants and fruits are more healthful to eat, providing nutrition and energy that most current produce cannot.

• neutralization of radioactive waste It has now been officially proven (in Canada) that Brown's Gas can neutralize radioactive waste in seconds, easily and extremely inexpensively. This neutralization treatment can
take place right at the nuclear reactor so there is no need to transport or store nuclear waste.

This issue is so politically HOT that we deliberately do not promote it. Brown's Gas technology is not firmly enough in general use to prevent suppression by 'vested interest'.
This single application is worth billions of dollars and can revolutionize the nuclear power generation industry.

• creating new industrial materials
Brown's Gas can both make and weld rubies together. Brown's Gas can weld sapphires together. When Brown's Gas cooks rocks, it turns then into semiprecious material; for
example feldspar (30% of earth's crust) turns into a transparent form of moonstone, which can be used as a nearly indestructible building material (colors can be added).

• transmutation
We've learned of two ways of using Brown's Gas to make materials that did not exist in the original samples. We can make metals from water. Again, too politically HOT to touch.

• inexpensive toxic waste disposal
Brown's Gas is an implosive flame, with the power to reduce nearly any material to it's basic components (usually nontoxic). So enclosed chambers can be built to vaporize PCBs and other toxic waste.

• vastly increase recoverable ore - In tests conducted by several mines, Brown's Gas treated ore allowed recovery of up to three times more mineral. Brown's Gas can be used to treat waste dumps of obsolete mines, recovering more mineral than the mine originally produced. Again, this application is worth billions of dollars.

• underwater breathing gas Brown's Gas is nontoxic and breathable. When used as an underwater breathing gas it allows divers to stay underwater longer and come up faster because the hydrogen does not cause the bends as much as nitrogen or helium. This would allow much more use of ocean resources.

• super-efficient room heating Generally, Brown's Gas is a poor way to space heat, because the flame radiates very little infrared (heat) energy.

However; there is evidence that, using catalytic materials, a Brown's Gas heater can be constructed that radiates huge amounts of heat and does not require any room venting. The
efficiencies stated are 400%. In other words, a 1000 watts input will produce 4000 watts of heat. Eagle-Research has not yet verified this, but has seen enough evidence to list it here.

• surface treatment of materials When a Brown's Gas flame is played over the surface of materials, there are effects that can be beneficial. Iron becomes rust resistant, and can be surface hardened to prevent wear. Brick and cement become corrosion and water proof.

• combustion enhancement Brown's Gas has been proven to help burn water/fossel-fuel mixtures in a ratios of up to 90% water. This works in internal AND external combustion (from vehicles to home heating and electrical power plants).

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