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Tue Sep 26, 2006 19:04


Hello All - this will take a few moments to read and digest - please
take the time to do so, it is a most important subject concerning a
major health issue.

Some months ago, A Current Affair aired a story on Perth-based surgeon,
Dr John Holt, who many believe, has the cure for cancer.

The NHMRC is supposedly conducting a review of Dr Holt's method of
cancer treatment Microwave Cancer Therapy.

The original date for this review to be submitted to the Minister for
Health was December 21, 2004. It was not submitted. A further date was
set. Again, the review was not submitted. It has still not been

Strange when considering Dr. Holt's claim that he could train any doctor
to apply his therapy in a day. Dr Holt, who is 80 years of age, has
cured thousands of people of many forms of cancer and closed his practice on
June 30, 2005.

Because his method of treatment is considered by our government to be

Chemotherapy (a known killer), is the accepted, orthodox method in
cancer treatment. Dr, Holt's retirement will be a great loss to his
patients and to the many thousands who could possibly be cured by his
clearly successful method; people who will be told by oncologists that
there is nothing more that can be done for them. This is your chance to
help fellow Australians, who finally have a chance to beat cancer, keep
Dr.Holt's work from being buried by our bureaucrats.

Have you ever noticed how many appeals there are for cancer research,
and yet after more than three decades, there is no cure? Ever noticed
how every cancer cure ultimately gets swept under the carpet?

Cancer is a multi-billion dollar global industry that will not recognise
any cure that cannot be manufactured as a patentable drug.
It's about money. Check it out on the web. It makes very interesting

Medical history is peppered with similar examples of important
discoveries, which were ignored and decades later, were acclaimed as a
wonderful new treatment or preventive measure, with somebody other than
the original pioneer getting the credit. This occurred after thousands,
maybe millions had suffered or died needlessly. I pray that we will not
see this happen again with Dr. John Holt's work.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Australian Government and the
Department of Health and Ageing act swiftly and responsibly to ensure
that Dr. Holt's treatment method for cancer be fairly evaluated and

If approved in mainstream medicine in Australia and if it is proven to
be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, Dr. Holt should be recognised
for his groundbreaking work.

your name at the end of this list, then forward this email to anyone you
know who believes in common decency the right to life. If the email gets
untidy with repeated forwarding, please tidy it up before forwarding.

If you are the 50th person on this list, please forward this email to:

Mr. Tony Abbott, Minister of Health & Ageing -

And cc to:

And also cc to:

You must then clear the list of all names and start a new list. We will
hit Abbott with thousands of lists which we believe cannot be ignored.
We have the opportunity to bust the insidious cancer industry
essentially American drug Companies) wide open in Australia .

We're small enough as a nation to be able to do it. Americans have no
chance. Thank you for your assistance in attempting to save the work of
Doctor Holt and with it, possibly, the lives of thousands of cancer
sufferers in Australia and the world.

1. Lisa Fahey, Boambee East Australia
2. David Fahey, Boambee East Australia
3. Donna Moy, Coffs Harbour Australia
4. Neil Moy, Coffs Harbour Australia
5. Lyn Akers , Queensland Australia
6. Graham Akers, Queensland Australia
7. Debra Oldfield, Queensland Australia
8.Tony Oldfield, Queensland Australia
9.Chad Oldfield, Queensland Australia
10. Sue Nutter, Sydney Austral
11. Carohl Rittlewski, Sydney Australia
12. Sharon Johns, Melbourne Australia
13 June Carelse.Melb.Vic Australia
14 Dominique Samuel. Perth, Western Australia
15 Veronica Tamin.Perth, Western Australia
16 Diane McLanders, Sydney, Austral
17 Jane Sakovits, Sydney Australia
18 Leah Conn
19. Tarmi Lawrence, Springwood, Australia
20. Edee Ware, Hunters Hill, NSW Australia
22. Wendy Manier Cairns Qld. Australia
23. Pamela Valenti, Cairns, Qld, Australia
24. Bill Kilvert, Cairns Qld., Australia
25. Jennie Gorman, Benalla, Victoria
26. Allan Mutch Toowoomba Queensland
27. Brian McDermott, Central Queensland Free State

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