Conspiracy of Silence Cover-up-Conspiracy

From: "Ted Gunderson"
Conspiracy of Silence Cover-up-Conspiracy
Wed Sep 27, 2006 03:29

From: "Ted Gunderson"
"Anita Langley",
"Brig Gen Benton K Partin"
Tim White,
"John DeCamp",

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:47:50 -0500
Subject: Conspiracy of Silence Cover-up-Conspiracy

Ted L. Gunderson
FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (ret.)
Gunderson Professional Investigations
POB 38 Clatonia, NE 68328
402-989-5545 o Fax: 402-989-5595:

Granada International Media Limited
Attn: Legal Department
48 Leicester Square
London, England WC2H7FB

September 25, 2006

To whom it may concern:

I received an unsigned letter dated September 11,
2006 (see attached copy – 2 pages) which demands
that I immediately cease and desist in allegedly
"copying, distributing, offering and/or exposing for
sale, and selling" Conspiracy of Silence, a film
that exposes felony sexual child abuse and

Conspiracy of Silence
Conspiracy of Silence proved, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had stressed in the ... When the Discovery Channel program, Conspiracy of Silence, ...

Having noticed that your letter contained no return
address and no signature authentication I am seeking
at this time—via this presentment—to ascertain its
credibility. Specifically, I wish to know who wrote
this letter and whether the person who wrote it has
authority to have set forth demands that may
constitute UNLAWFUL LEGAL COERCION to feloniously
compel me to a perform *labor [*performance of a
physical or mental task in time] absent just
compensation, a serious criminal violation of State,
Federal and International Law identified as forced
"involuntary servitude."

In fact, this suspicious letter may provide prima
facie evidence of the use of—or attempted use
of—felony coercion and involuntary servitude since
it apparently threatens to bring legal proceedings
against me should I fail to comply with its obvious
"labor" demands, particularly making said demands in
sections 3 and 4. You are hereby provided notice and
warning that I lawfully and legally refuse to
perform any task of labor absent compensation.

Concerning your allegations that I may have violated
your purported copyright on the subject film, please
be informed that I—without admitting or denying
anything—have determined that this film constitutes
evidence of felony sexual child abuse and
molestation. In fact, I in my capacity as a retired
FBI Division Chief and private criminal
investigator, a bona fide State and Federal witness,
complainant and law enforcement informer, have
acquired further evidence of a continuing felony
conspiracy by known and yet unknown individuals to
adjoin, cover-up, compound, conceal and/or obstruct
justice concerning the domestic and international
criminal activity exposed in the subject film.

Therefore, I also notice and warn you that it may
constitute a serious felony to harass or intimidate
me to "cease and desist" in my lawful and legal
obligation to disseminate this Conspiracy of Silence
film-evidence to the private and public sector. My
criminal investigation of this matter is a
continuing endeavor to bolster public awareness with
intent that local, State, Federal and International
law enforcement authorities will be compelled to
bring to justice all suspected felons who
perpetrated, aided, abetted and/or directly or
indirectly encouraged, advocated, supported or
otherwise co-conspired to perpetrate, cover-up,
compound, conceal and/or obstruct justice concerning
the domestic and international criminal activity
exposed in the subject film.

I wish to know the names and positions of the person
or persons who wrote me this intimidating letter
since I believe these individuals may be party to
the criminal activity I’ve disclosed above; and,
because it is my just intent to investigate such
individuals so that I may determine whether or not
they are "suspect" or otherwise integrally involved,
directly or indirectly, in said "conspiracy" to
feloniously obstruct justice and/or to suppress or
destroy vital "evidence" (i.e. the Conspiracy of
Silence film). Could this be the true hidden intent
of this intimidating letter addressed to me? I
believe that it certainly is!

Hence, I refuse to cease and desist in making this
film-evidence available to the public and to law
enforcement authorities as long as justice remains
ignored and/or denied to the known and yet unknown
child-victims of felony sexual abuse, molestation
and exploitation.

Please properly respond to this letter within twenty
(20) days of having received it or I shall deem
Granada International Media Limited to have provided
me—via tacit procuration—its permission to continue
my lawful and legal endeavor to make the Conspiracy
of Silence film-evidence available IN THE INTEREST
OF JUSTICE to the public and to law enforcement
authorities, sometimes for a fee and sometimes for
free and encourage other people to help me obtain
criminal justice for the victims by doing the same
[presuming said company does indeed own the
copyright and not Yorkshire TV as I have always


I, Ted L. Gunderson, hereby swear pursuant to the
laws of the 50 United States republics and to the
laws of the United States that the film Conspiracy
of Silence constitutes vital evidence of felony
child abuse, molestation and exploitation. Moreover,
I have first-hand knowledge that a continuing
criminal conspiracy is afoot to cover-up, compound,
conceal and/or obstruct justice concerning the
domestic and international criminal activity exposed
in the subject film. I am prepared to testify
concerning my knowledge of domestic and
international violations of law and to summons
numerous credible witnesses to also testify
concerning the subject criminal activity and
continuing conspiracy. Further Affiant sayeth


Ted L. Gunderson,
Private Criminal Investigator
Gunderson & Associates Professional Investigations

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