Wed Sep 27, 2006 20:17

I am personally (as I hope everyone else will) BANNING 7-11 stores after the "convenient" withdrawal of their due to expire very soon contract with CITGO petroleum, supplied by Pres. Chavez and Venezula. Their "excuse" was the critisim that Chavez displayed at the UN towards Georgie Porgie.

ALL Chavez did was state what MOST AMERICANS and THE WORLD already know: Bush is an alcoholic; he probably does smell like sulfur because his actions/nonactions are definitely evil/devil motivated (remember Skull & Bones, etc).

So, for them to say that they will not renew their currently expiring contract w/Chavez as a "support" stance for Georgie Porgie is really dumb. They have chopped their nose off in spite of their face, so to speak.

It takes a very long time to negotiate such large contracts and I feel quite certain that they were already in negotiations w/the state side companies (especially the Houston based on, mmmm, wonder if it is connected to the bush oil investments, conflict of interests? like that really matters in this administration!).

So, hurrah for Pres. Chavez!!!

Hope he keeps up the good work in stating the truth about the "president" of this nation and the evil doing, lies and everything corrupt taking place by this "administration."

May be the world governments can save us from the future of the 4th Reich that is/has occurring/occurred thus far.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM 7-11 AND let's see just how long THEY continue to profit!!

  • BANN 7-11 STORES — nukedboomer, Wed Sep 27 20:17

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