Bush's Empty Words to the U.N.
Tue Sep 19, 2006 21:23

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Subject: Bush's Empty Words to the U.N.
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In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, George W. Bush invoked the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and said its principles are "as true today as they were when they were written." The only problem is that Bush is violating about one-third of those human rights tenets, including bans on arbitrary arrests, unfair trials and mistreatment of detainees.

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At UN headquarters, thousands demand Bush remove US troops from Iraq; Senators appeal to declassification board to reveal more pre-war intelligence on Iraq; George Monbiot reports that tobacco industry scientists colluded with climate change deniers; wetlands may be sacrificed to slake thirst of growing populations; mercury contamination everywhere in food chain now; weak new EPA rules threaten the lungs of millions; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at

Outside UN, Protesters Urge Bush to End Iraq War
By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

Tuesday 19 September 2006

New York - Thousands of protesters including former American soldiers rallied outside UN headquarters on Tuesday, urging the US government to end the war in Iraq and bring home the troops.

Nearby, about 200 other protesters demonstrated against the presence of the Iranian president, others called for human rights in Myanmar, and just a handful demonstrated to press claims the United States orchestrated the September 11 attacks.

While world leaders gathered at the UN General Assembly inside, about 2,000 anti-Iraq war protesters chanted "Peace can work, no more war" half an hour before President Bush spoke.

"This war has drained the economy and has cost a lot of lives," said Claire Thompson, a nurse and union leader. "We're calling on our leaders to end this unsustainable war and just bring the troops back home."

There have been 2,681 US military deaths since the Iraq war began in March 2003, according to Pentagon figures, and 147,000 US troops are serving there. At least tens of thousands of Iraqis also have died in the war.

"People in Iraq also want to end the war. We want our country back," said Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-American who moved to the United States last year.

Iranian-Americans rallied outside the UN headquarters, protesting the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the General Assembly.

"I am outraged by the presence of Iran at the UN general assembly. I think Ahmadinejad's actions and statements are pushing Iran to war," said Shirin Narunan, a leader of the Ad Hoc Committee to Stop Iran's Nuclear Weapons.

Iran, saying its nuclear program is for civilian purposes, has declined to suspend its uranium enrichment program despite UN Security Council demands to do so.

Burmese pro-democracy activists demanded the dissolution of the country's pro-junta organization, the Union Solidarity and Development Association, and the release of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi who has been in prison since 1990.

A group of protesters claimed that the US government "orchestrated" the attacks on September 11. Les Jamison, an event coordinator of NY 911 Truth, said the 9/11 tragedy was scripted by the US government to regain "military might."

VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: Bush Owes Us an Apology
Keith Olbermann: "There needs to be an apology from the President of the United States. And more than one. But, Mr. Bush, the others - for warnings unheeded five years ago, for war unjustified four years ago, for battle unprepared three years ago - they are not weighted with the urgency and necessity of this one. We must know that, to you, thought with which you disagree - and even voice with which you disagree and even action with which you disagree - are still sacrosanct to you."

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