William J. Wagener
BULLETIN: 9-11: To: All thinking Americans
Tue Sep 19, 2006 16:02

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Subject: BULLETIN: 9-11 - -Police & FireFighters AFRAID to SPEAK TRUTH - at Ground Zero
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 11:28:06 -0700
From: William J. Wagener producer@onsecondthought.tv

To: All thinking Americans

September 15, 2006, Santa Maria, Mike McCormack, a former hospital tech, &
civil Air Patrol & a FIRST RESPONDER who spent 8 days including Sept. 11,
2001 at Ground Zero at the WTC, called into our LIVE TV show in Santa Maria,
CA. to tell my listeners that police swat team
raided his home, after he disputed the EPA report on the issue of lung
disease affecting thousands of FIRST RESPONDERS. Mike McCormack is
semi-famous for digging out the American Flag from the rubble, that had
flown ontop of of the Twin Towers.

Now his medications cost him $1700.oo per month, he says, to stay alive,.
and our Federal Government, won't pay much to help the 40,000 FIRST
RESPONDERS who are affected. This is the Same Federal Government in Wash.
D.C., which spent $BILLION$ to silence the heirs to the 2900+ dead killed
in the 9-11 event. Yes, $BILLION$ for silence, in one year after 9-11-01,
but just $75 million [ says Mike ] 5 years later to deal with
a chronic and fatal disease which is already claiming dozens, and soon
"hundreds" of NY Firefighters. Mike talked for nearly half hour and we had
a good phone connections from his home in NYC area to Santa Maria TV studio
where ON SECOND THOUGHT is broadcast LIVE locally.

Shortly, before we went LIVE at the studio, I was talking to a NYC
Firefighter with more than 18 years experience in the same Firehouse. He
deep down angry. Seathing hot molten steel type of angry. He was also
short of breathe. We had talked in 2004 when I was in the NYC area in June
doing mostly non-custodial Father interviews. He was already having serious
problems and was not willing to talk on camera, but glad someone was
interested in the "aftermath" effects. This firefighter was spent more than
30 days working at Ground Zero between Sept. 11th and December 2001.
Now he needs his health coverage, etc. Most like him are being quietly
threatened to keep their mouth shut. But on Sept. 15th, 2006, on a secure
phone connection, he indicated he would finally speak out if Mike and other
First Responders would do so side by side, to present a united front.

I told him to go meet Mike McCormack. I don't know if he did. His
connection is not working. Also, I called Mike McCormack at 631-886-1622,
his home phone to see how he was doing. No one speaks. Mike said on the
air to give out this phone number if anyone wanted to donate a few $ toward
his monthly medical costs of $1700. So try yourself.

The sickening thing, is we have a Federal Government, which gave Federal
disaster Responders superior breathing masks not available to local
police and first Responders. Now many are sick, unable to work, and can not
dare to risk having their Health coverage cut off, or losing their job
status. Yet, the same Federal Government was able to fork over $15 Billion
dollars to Airlines immediately after 9-11, Billion$ more to buy heirs of
victims OFF - SILENCE MONEY - to keep them from bringing Federal Lawsuits,
which would have brought LIGHT via evidence in the most
watched LAW SUIT in AMERICAN HISTORY [which, now never took place] to
establish WHO did WHAT exactly to WHOM, and HOW?

Is something WRONG here? Or are we suppose to let First Responders die
gasping from breath and NEVER investigate TRULY what exactly was in that
"dust" and pulverized concrete [and possibly demolition charges]?

More importantly, and shocking to my West Coast TV viewers , was Mike
McCormacks statement, that 60-75% of the FireFighters of NY still alive
believe that the airplanes "did not bring down the twin towers", and that
the bldg. #7 was brought down by demolition charges. Now The Government has
been VERY silent about building # 7. It was "pulled", a industry code word
for "demolished by demolish charges". Those kind of
charges to bring down a 47 story steel frame building, would take more than
2 days to put in place by experts, who would have to get by "security".
So we know that building # 7 at least was intentionally "pulled" with the
owners permission, because that audio tape is available on the net.

We know that no skyscraper has EVER been brought down by a "fire" nor a
airplaine. We have Mikes word, that over 60% of the ON SCENE
NY FD FIRST RESPONDERS still believe "No skyscraper has ever" been brought
down by fire, or airplane," but they are "afraid" to speak openly
on camera about it. Privately, Mike who sometimes carries sick and dying
FIRST RESPONDERS to a hospital, at his own expense, says this.

Mike's main transformation from "hero" to "suspect" is based on
"illegal" gun possession. I frequent tactic of Turks, and Hitlers Nazis was
to seize guns so that no one could resist Government Genocide. This below
is from another news story on Mike McCormack;


"The SWAT team also accused McCormack of making chemicals in his barbeque

McCormack's tenant, who questioned the officials' behavior during the raid,
was "taken to federal jail and nobody has heard from him since," according
to McCormack.

McCormack believes the set-up and the raid are a direct reaction to his
activism in helping get the EPA documents that proved the toxic dust
cover-up released.

"I said shame on all of them....yesterday I was recognized as a national
hero....they chose to humiliate me....they basically flushed my life down
the toilet for no reason whatsoever," said McCormack - who is now shunned by
his neighbors and treated as a dangerous criminal, with the local
authorities going to the lengths of moving the location of an elementary
school bus stop which was outside of his house."

Turning "heros" into "enemies of the state" was a common practice in Nazi
Germany and many dictatorships. I point this out simply as a sign of
our American slide to fascism under George W. Bush & his prior abuser of
office, William J. Clinton.

The fact, that Senatorette Hillary Clinton, nor Democrat
nurse -turned-Congresswoman Lois Capps, nor anyone in Congress has stood up
Mike McCormack and the thousands of First Responders who struggle to breath
5 years after the twin towers were brought down, demonstrates
that the two major parties in America are just two thumbs on the same
fascist fist, pretending to be in opposition to each other.

Also, Mike had a tenant at his building, who for the "crime" of asking
the appropriateness of the SWAT TEAM invasion of a 9-11 hero, was
disappeared into jail last week and not been heard from. That firefighter?
His wife still works for a government agency, and was told she needs
to "muzzle" her firefighter husband. The Federal Agent who told her to
Muzzle her husband, has less than 5 years employment, and knows nothing
about firefighting or FACTS that : NO STEEL SKYscraper has ever collapsed
from a fire or a airplane. The Agent does however, know who cuts
his paycheck. How many will die silently, before a real 9-11
investigation, with Prof. Stephen Jones, and others are empanneled and
authorized to
issue Arrest WARRANTS for the real domestic terrorist, in Wash D.C. who sent
the NORAD squadrons on exercises in northern Canada on Sept. 11th, 2001, and
then let Bin Laden Family members quietly fly on special flights OUT of USA
during the 3 days all American Flights were canceled.

Since our Great and wonderful Wizzard of D.C. [Bush] can not help Mike
McCormack, and is sending out agents to silence heirs and firefighters
who dare to speak [was there once upon a time a 1st Amendment "Privilege" of
Freedom of speech, or was it a "Right" ] , perhaps a few of you
can call Mike an offer him some kind words, if not a $5.oo fiat paper
Federal REserve Note. Then again, if he does not answer, as he did not
answer me this morning [ lunch time in NYC ] maybe the SWATS have arrested
him for speaking out on my TV show, last Friday. Enemies of the
State... you know, can be dangerous, when the Government is wrong. Major
McCormack, 631-886-1622. For those who give a damn. At least,
call him. Tell him I gave you his home phone number. And remember the Feds
will most likely be listening in on the call, in this ALL AMERICAN
STATE of New York. You know, where we have "Freedom & Privacy", ... ya
right. What happened at St. Marks, Sunday? Ask Mike.

WILL I be posting the LIVE TV show on my web site? Maybe, if enough
people care? Did you call Mike yet?

William J. Wagener,


Ye shall Know the TRUTH,
and the Truth shall set you free.
Seek the Truth in all things.

Accept Not the deception.

Copyright September 2006

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