I am beyond angry! I am mad as a hatter!!!
Wed Sep 20, 2006 20:49

I am beyond angry! I am mad as a hatter!!! Go here and see if your name and information is here as well!


Dear Family, Friends and Prayer Warriors,
A friend and Prayer Warrior e-mailed this to me and I wanted to share it with
you. It is important that we know how easily anyone can find out all kinds of
personal information, including our Social Security Numbers online for a small
fee. Read the e-mail I received below and you may want to get your name out of
their database.

Beginning (May '06) a new database was made available to the general public free
of charge that displays your personal information (names, addresses, phone
numbers, birth dates). (Soc. Sec. is available for a price.) The database is
found at www.zabasearch.com / and then type in your name and check...you'll be
SHOCKED as I was!

I urge you to forward this email to family and friends. Check to see if your
name and information is in their database. If so and you want it removed, send
them an e-mail at info@zabasearch.com  to request it be removed. I do not know
how our names are appearing there, but I checked my own and a few other random
ones and they are all in this database!

After opting out by email, check back after a few days to make certain your
information has be en removed. If it has not been removed then file a complaint
with your States Attorney General.

As if I don't have enough to do...I found out that we need to send in

picture id to get removed but to be permantly blocked we need to contact

the county record department. This should be against the law!

this is just one of the places and their response in the article.

The zaba site is different that this one so you will need to follow through

Customer Service E-mail Response

Subject: How do I remove my information from your site?

Email Response from our customer service:
In order for Intelius to ‘opt out’ your public information from being viewable on the Intelius website we do require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a state issued ID card or driver’s license. If you are faxing a copy of your driver’s license, cross out the photo and the driver’s license number. We only need to see the name, address and date of birth.

Please fax information to our customer service department at 425-974-6194.

If you are not comfortable doing this you can send us a notarized form proving your identity and we will be glad to remove this public information.

** Please note removing the data here does not prevent public records from sending us new information in the future. To permanently have your records sealed you will need to contact your county’s record department.

Intelius Customer Service

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