The truth is out and we need a plan
Thu Sep 21, 2006 03:10

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Subject: The truth is out and we need a plan
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:45:26 -0400
From: Amanda Moore

I'm going to tell you all what I believe to be the overall plan of the elite in a brief summary.

There are a lot of Americans who believe the 9-11 was an inside job. Some of them know that in 93 , as the NY times reported, so was that an act of terrorism. We can be sure as well, according to inside sources that the OKC and the USS Cole was masterminded by the same terrorist. The bombing in Tanzania, as others have established also had those same ties. We can look back and see where the case against the Arab world has been fostered and also that members of the extremist religion were certainly not innocent babes in the cradle but most assuredly used as pawns and directed by those who had the necessary tools and inside information to pull off these horrendous acts of terror. We created our enemy We gave them a cause. Some believe the meeting with Osama in the hospital in July with the CIA was a collaboration to cement the planning of the Sept.11 acts against an innocent nation of people with nothing but good will toward anyone of any color or creed who would befriend us. I am not speaking of our highest government officials.

Has all this been part of the broader plan to usher in the NWO?. The terrorist are attempting to divide and conquer not just America but every nation. The most money, the highest concentration of power, the elite secret meetings of little known groups of insiders are nothing new. We are puppets. The fact that our patriot brothers and sisters are still allowed to rattle the sabers and spread the news is also part of the plan. We are being used to generate heat. The global elite, most of whom hold high offices in banking throughout the world, need for America to hear the truth, they need for Americans to start the change of regime and even dismantle the FED so that we are in a vulnerable position financially as well as being stretched out militarily. Once we have been pulled like taffy and kneaded like dough, we will be ripe for the UN to attempt a military take over where they can say how we have done war crimes and even genocide against our own people. This will be viewed by the leaders of the world as the most necessary move to insure world peace. They will talk about our WMD's and how we invaded Iraq and bullied so many small countries. With all of that said, We need a government with backbone and we better elect someone who will work with us and try to do the right thing. I suggest strongly that we all do paper ballots and vote Libertarian. Or maybe we in the patriot community should ask Ron Paul to run as an Independent or for the Constitution Party. Let's try to decide what to do now.

Please join us in our quest to get the new Aaron Russo movie into a theater in your area. Go to and do what you can. The numbers will make the difference


Whitewillow AKA Amanda Moore WTP Chas. SC


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