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Please note that the Department of Defense is now on record as saying that it conducted a search of its files and located no records responsive to the Muckraker Report’s FOIA request to document the circumstances, logistics and dates surrounding the discovery of the videotape, nor has the Department of Defense located records demonstrating the authenticity process and authenticity of the December 13, 2001 Osama bin Laden “confession video” – a video that the U.S. government used to fully solidify...

Osama bin Laden “confession video” unplugged

To read the rest of this Muckraker Report article, visit:

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CNN, Pentagon Videos Expose
9/11 White Jet & Helicopter

By Jon Carlson

The South Tower crash and the Pentagon crash used similar modes of operation: a white jet remote controlled an aircraft from afar and handed off closeup remote control guidance to a military helicopter hovering near the target. Unlike the MO used at the North Tower where the white jet flying immediately above the aircraft made a Bull's eye, the helicopter guidance MO resulted in 'OFF-TARGET' hits. An engine from the aircraft that struck the South Tower and landed in a NYC street has been identified as a CFM56 engine, the exclusive powerplant of the Boeing 737 NOT the Flight UA175 Boeing 967 claimed by the Federal Government. A A3 Skywarrior substituting for the Flight 77 Boeing 757 was the weapon of choice at the Pentagon.


Bill Moyers' "The Secret Government" video segment

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