Bill Moyers' isn't the only one - please help us, too
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Subject: Bill Moyers' isn't the only one - please help us, too
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 16:29:13 EDT


We have received several e-mails from you concerning the work of Bill Moyers, one of our favorite journalists. But we have also sent to you news releases regarding the work done on this television program, and while we are sorry you have not seen fit to spread the message so far, we are hoping you will see the value of the work being done by a group not affiliated with a network, funded by any conglomerate, or beholden to any advertisers.

Out There Television has been on the air since August, 2001, and was one of the first media outlets to air any information contrary to the mass media spin. We have interviewed dozens of experts from 911 truth groups like the Scholars for Truth, researchers like Jim Marrs and Dr. David Ray Griffin, and even other journalists like Alex Jones. Perhaps you could let your list know about this website and this television program which can be seen throughout the U.S. on the America One Network (the last of the truly independent television broadcasters) and free online from our website at

Please help us get the word out.

Thank you.
Kate Mucci
Out There Television


What do London, Washington, Muskegon, Paris, Rome, Pahrump and Denver have in common?

They’re all cities in which the last of the truly independently produced and distributed television programs is broadcast. Out There TV has millions of loyal viewers in dozens of cities across the U.S. and in 31 countries in Europe and Africa, all without the help or blessing of any media conglomerate or millionaire backers.

Kate and Richard Mucci hosted and produced the first Out There on August 11, 2001 on a tiny television station in southern Nevada. With the enthusiastic support of Pahrump citizens, Out There soon became so popular it was picked up in nearby cities like Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City and Kingman. In May of 2006, the show joined the America One Network lineup, and has already become the network's number one show, garnering in three short months an unprecedented second airing each week.

With news and topics no other media dares broadcast, and with interviews by experts on government conspiracies, political manipulation, global warming, medical cover-ups, and a host of paranormal issues ... Out There has become the Number #1 independently produced and syndicated television program of its kind in the world.

Out There TV is also available worldwide on the web from the website at, with the most recent episodes available free, on demand.

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