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Fri Sep 22, 2006 21:06

I have been reading off and on this board for years.. The same warnings are given out daily. I decided it was time to speak. Exactly,how do you purpose to act upon this information? I am curious? Never the less,go to Camp Democracy and view their valiant efforts of serving Mr. Bush,Mr. Cheney,Albert Gonzales a verdict on their hearing.
Did you or I hear this in the news? No. Did sheeple America make any effort to see or hear. No.But maybe you can pass this along,I will continue in my endeavors to save this great country and preserve it for future generations. Please pass along the Video. It will save some lives.These generous people need to be applauded,for their bravery.
Video of Bush Crimes Commission Forum at Camp Democracy:

Video of Bush Crimes Commission march from Camp Democracy to White House to deliver guilty verdict:

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