My speech
Fri Sep 22, 2006 20:15

If you are here in America you are seeing the creeping rise of a dictatorship.

Nearly every War in the end;
Is about money...

Mind you US involvement in the first two World Wars was initiated so bankers could sell weapons to both sides of the conflict.

Just before the strike of Pearl Harbor we knew of the air strike in advance yet allowed our troops to be slaughtered in order to rally the Nation! We have seen evidence of foul play in our electoral process and are propagated to select between two candidates that have both been members of the same secret society. Our media is spoon fed and censored leaving our Police, Firemen and even journalists afraid to loose their jobs should they make any affirmation of the tyranny devastating everything from foreign relations, the environment, our currency, and sovereignty.

The United States is allowing an agenda for World domination to pass through its very bowels. There are currently well over 600 manned concentration camps in our own country with barbwire fences ready for use and empty. Empty like the soul a man that would drag his feet on world environmental standards. A man that knows we can be manipulated by the elements of nature. We have seen the great technology of Nikola Tesla and know we can create lightning storms and super heat the Earth. We know by heating the Earth by EMF waves we can manifest hurricanes or intentionally melt the Polar Regions elevating the sea level. We face a global crisis brought fourth by sinister programs funded by the Federal government such as Global 2000. Our tax dollars pay for research in methods of mass extermination and we have seen the evidence of its implementation. George H. Bush was head of the CIA when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and we have seen evidence that ties him to a President that warned us of the very type of men behind his murder. What did JFK tell us that resonates in our conscience? “The only thing we have to fear is fear it’s self.” How could have we forget that moment in history and trade it for one that white washes us with delusions of grandeur and a sense of false security? Many highly educated figures are currently under the impression that every president since JFK has been in the back pocket of a secret cabal with a hidden agenda to dominate the World. For the first time in history we see the son of a former President also take the seat of the White house. We hear new words today. Words that repel one another instead of coexist like freedom and tolerance. The word “tolerance” is not one that we should allow to be spoken by a President of the United States!

On September 11 we saw witnesses silenced and evidence of demolition like the molten metal at the very base of the twin towers that would not have existed otherwise and the toxic residue of Thermite as described by people like Professor Steven Jones. We have been blanketed with an official story that has holes seeping with lies to the very families of the fallen. We have since seen public outcry and polls that seem irrelevant to an administration bent on hidden agendas to assume control of the Caspian sea oil reserves and export opium through Afghanistan. Our CIA uses a branch known the ISI to channel funds fabricating what we know as Al Qaeda to be used as a patsy for global tyranny. An excuse to occupy a foreign territory for an agenda predetermined and verified to be so by the words of the president himself. We are currently a rouge Nation to the eyes of the World audience. We are viewed as volatile, throwing false accusations to occupy or bomb territory based on the illusion our agenda is for greater National and World Security. We have traded our liberty and sovereignty for a view through the eyes of a world driven on greed and struggle. More than 3 trillion in gold was stolen at ground zero the day Bush conveniently has used as a springboard to cluster bomb Afghanistan deeming hidden control of what is now a Narco Sate. We find ourselves judges in a competition for our very freedom between the silenced shouting of a growing truth movement and an administration that has used the lives of thousands of innocent in a self inflicted wound preying on the will for sheer revenge coming from a small fraction of a deluded public. This same president has since created an anomalous War based on false pretence before our very eyes leading us to Iraq. He continues to do so when he accuses Iran of building Nuclear weapons. He accuses Syria of being weak on “terror.” Is not the true terror that we are so out of touch with the initial aspirations of this great Nation? If every Nation delegated who they deem should be in power World wide, what kind of a World would we live in? If we are to have peace on Earth, Each Nation must first retain their own sovereignty. We must first learn to respect the boundaries we have drawn before we collectively have the charisma to take them down together. Democracy is not something that can be spread by force it is slow awakening for each Nation. Even a teacher great and wise cannot teach a student who is not ready to listen. In the Mayan civilization they would not allow a person to teach anything at all until they were over 50 year old. How is it that we have one man to represent the people of the United States who had the ability to hijack the Presidency twice as well as our finances, our environmental regulations, our law and our lives yet can’t even hold a children’s book upright on 911?

These notions are driven out on a daily basis between the growing truth movement and a mainstream media bound to give us our official illusion of reality. The reality is that on June 5th of 1933 congress and Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed a law that deprives us of the gold standard. If we are to eliminate the strangle hold on our currency we must change it. The war isn’t with Al Qaeda whom are a mere smoke screen distracting our nation as well as creating civil war in the Middle East. The war is between the true patriots left in our country and the Federal Reserve. If we are to win this war, a war between the greed of plutocracy and humanity we must void the ambitions of these elite bankers. We must literally tear down the FEMA concentration camps with our own hands before we find ourselves on the wrong side of the fence! We must bring our troops home to stay for good. We must avert our dependency on not just foreign oil but all fossil fuel. We must condemn our very footsteps before the World in regard to foreign occupation, drug smuggling, torture and the Atom Bomb. To accomplish this and other tasks we propose to amend the constitution.

Before additional demands can be made we must first acknowledge what has been already written previously to this administration and hold them as well as the Federal Reserve accountable.

I hereby claim in the name of every American in this country that this "War on Terror" is to be defined as "Insurrection" under article 14 section 4 of the Constitution as well as the Federal Reserve. We as a people claimed bankruptcy back in 1933
and are ready to move on under a new dollar. Not a dollar based on precious metal in time of need but the very symbol of life.

{Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.}


(The ideas of one Man awaiting the consent of 2 Million more.)
For the welfare of the nation we the people of the United States of America make the following demands to be amended to our constitution:

1. No federal or state representative will be allowed to own or receive any financial benefit from any corporate entity.

2. We call for the instant and total abolishment of the Federal reserve, and the Internal Revenue Service. We refuse to maintain a fiat currency. We demand that each new dollar be printed by the state and are to be exchangeable at the fixed rate of 50 cents per gallon of standardized uncontaminated drinkable water. The new currency is to be set in place on the date of January 1st 2020 and is not subject to inflation. This exchange is limited to 50 gallons per person, per month and water distribution zones are to be available by each state at the ratio of one per 50,000 persons. Acquisition and filtration of water is to be done by the National Forest Service and individual State funding is to be appropriated for the Forest Service to keep enough water in stock. The printing of the new US dollar will on hemp based paper from hemp grown by the state and be traded at the ratio of one State dollar per federal exchange note dollar. This exchange may be made for the duration of the year 2019 after each Federal exchange note is marked for its authenticity by the department of Treasury.

3. In the interest of eliminating secret societies from the powers that be, no President may be elected who has any genealogical tie to any previous president within four generations including that of their spouses. No President, member of Congress or that of the Supreme Court may socialize in private and each of their exchanges weather it be verbal, written, electronic or any other means are to be recorded by any number of independent non profit volunteers and their communications are to remain pubic domain.

4. We demand a one method voting system for each election and require that no candidate receive any non-profit or commercially rendered financial contribution but that of private citizens and may not exceed $100 per donation that inevitably aids his or her campaign. The one method system will be conducted by punch card and each card will be counted once by means of the same model of non-digital vote counting machine. All candidates running for the office of President and vice President must all take the same IQ test as well as 6 identical 200 question tests prepared for the topics of foreign affairs, current science, morality, writing, economy and ecology with each question answered publicly and their individual scores are to be presented.

5. We the people demand that our military under any circumstance is not to occupy any known foreign territory weather it be for National security or to annex the region or any circumstance.

6. We demand redistribution of wealth for the purpose of basic health care coverage toward each citizen from the wealthiest 4% by a reduction of 30% in monetary assets weather it be private or industrial.

7. All coal, oil and nuclear power plants are to be dismantled and replaced by clean alternative energy production funded using progressive military cut backs by the year 2020. The new alternative energy technology will be brought fourth by methods such as tidal electrolysis, photo-voltaic, hydro electric dam, wind or the technologies of John Searl, John Hutchison or the non-profit Irish technology firm "Storm."

8. Federal funding for the group known as global 2000 has lead to the synthetic production and distribution of HIV. It is the will of the people that any members of global 2000 are to be internationally censored; their funding pulled and are to be held on trial for crimes against humanity.

Tetrasil or Imusil is to be distributed to all US citizens whom are carriers of HIV. The patent number is 5676977

9. All CIA documents are to be made public domain, each member and any of their crimes on and off shore are to be held in the court of law with a randomly selected jury. All laws applicable of a common United States citizen are to be implemented identically to that of any person funded by a government agency.

10. The United States will refrain from the sale of weapons to any other Nation during peace or wartime.

11. No man or woman may own more than one media outlet of the same transmission type.

12. The FCC is to be limited to monitoring the RF band for safety purposes only and may no longer have any authority over the censorship of media.

13. Any jet or airplane found emitting aerosol gas or particles at the sub micron level or any other alien emission other than jet fuel exhaust and water condensation are to be escorted to the nearest airport and seized brought to FAA standards appending investigation.

14. Under no future circumstance will any person be put in jail for substance abuse or the sale of any drug known to man. Public use of any physically addictive man made drug is also prohibited.

15. We view capital punishment as an archaic and inhumane solution to disruptive social behavior and hereby abolish the death penalty permanently.

16. We ratify the fist amendment with the additional clause that each man or woman may also have the right to have no religion. We grant any person without a religion has the same unalienable rights as a person who does.

17. Social security may never be privatized by any corporate entity and SSi funds are never to be diverted.

18. Military spending may never be higher than the sum of spending on public education and the NASA space program.

19. Having been violated of our first amendment right to congregate without fear of reprisal we hereby establish a group of emissaries to be known as State Fighters. The State Fighters will also be deployed during public demonstrations at the ratio of one State Fighter per 50. Only military Navy Seal and Green Barrettes may volunteer to be State Fighters. No longer will Police be allowed to subdue any citizen unprovoked less they be confronted by a State Fighter bound to fire lethal ammo on the offending officer. If a citizen has broken a law the State Fighter must stand down and allow the person or persons responsible to be arrested. At least one State Fighter is to stand between the police line and the citizens to analyze the crowd and negotiate with law enforcement each instance of misconduct. A police line may not confine or push a crowd any distance or confine them to any location. State Fighters make their presence known by shooting a green flare at assembly. If an officer disrupts any man woman or child to any degree of assault applicable to a United States civilian including the use of rubber bullets, electric shocking devices, pepper spray, tear gas, microwave, or any component that manipulates the natural biological function of a human being a yellow warning is fired by a ground level State Fighter indicating that police have broken a law and the event descriptions are to be distributed via radio and the officer or officers involved are to be identified via paint ball rounds. If the police targets fail to fall back into the police line required to be at least 30 feet away from their intended partial barricade within one minute a red flare is to be fired giving the go for State Fighter snipers to fire lethal ammo on the officers that have been tagged by the ground level State Fighter. Police may be allowed into the crowd in pairs of two at a time to arrest unlawful civilians. Should more officers be needed than two the State Fighter may give consent of the additional number of officers required by hand signal.

20. Article 1, Section 8, clause 2 and 3 of this constitution is hereby repealed. Under clause 15 of the same section the word “Union” is to be changed to “State.”

21. Congress shall have line item, retroactive veto power over state legislation.

22. The President shall have line item veto power over federal legislation.

23. Any bill that raises either taxes or spending by the government shall require a 2/3rds vote in both houses of congress, and shall still be subject to a presidential veto, in wh


24. National lakes and river water may never be sold in any amount. We will not allow any national forest trees or territory to be salvaged for resources for any reason.

25.A legitimate petition defined by proof of birth and address by US citizens numbering over two million must be written and exemplified by the Supreme Court in the form of a bill to be voted on by congress.

26. The Navy may not exceed a radius of more than 100 miles from US territory. The Navy may not make transit between the mainland and Alaska or any of the US islands.

27 Under no circumstance are concentration camps to be built or maintained for the use of containing human beings on government or private land.

28. Any citizen convicted of a crime serving punishment may choose to call for an independent investigation and have their case opened again before the court on an annual basis.

29. We demand for all nuclear weapon projects and research to be immediately disbanded. All Nuclear related arms built or acquired by the United States are to be disposed of safely by the year 2020.

30. Under no condition including that of Emergency will the words written in the constitution be changed or can any amendment become nullified without the public consent of at least 2 million citizens beyond congress.


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