Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project web site.
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Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project web site.

This site exists to advance and promote the truth about what happened on 9/11/01 in order to force our government to investigate the matter fully and openly using the subpoena and discovery powers of the judiciary to bring the true guilty parties to justice.

We have found through experience that videos are a great way to spark interest in the truth about what really happened on 9/11/01. Therefore, the particular mission of the 911dvdproject is to help spread understanding of events on that day through the distribution of DVDs that educate the viewer about the many still unanswered questions and little known facts that remain concerning 9/11.*

AAA.We recommend 9/11 Mysteries** Links are at the bottom of this page.

These are the DVDs we are currently offering:

A. Loose Change-Second Ed.

B. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime-First Ed.

C. What’s the Truth?

D. Who Killed John O’Neill?

E. Terror Storm

F. Confronting the Evidence

G. BYU Professor Steven Jones presents a case for controlled demolition of WTC 1,2 & 7 at Utah Valley State College February 6, 2006

Some of these videos can be downloaded at

E-mail your order to: order911dvds@yahoo.com

To place an order, send an e-mail to order911dvds@yahoo.com. Include the name and quantity of the DVDs that are being ordered, and of course the shipping address to which the DVDs should be sent. Any combination of DVDs is acceptable in an order. Repeat orders are encouraged since it is important to spread this information as far and as wide as possible. It may take two or three weeks to fill your order. If you wish you may send the DVDs back for redistribution even after watching them. Please pass as many discs around as you can.

It is our intent that we not profit from our efforts in the 9/11 Truth movement. We have distributed thousands of DVDs at no cost and do not intend to recoup this cost. However, the DVDs that we provide cost to duplicate and distribute, so we do accept donations to help keep this project going.

Our estimated monetary investment in reproducing, packaging and shipping these DVDs is about $1.00/ disc for orders of 5-19 discs and $ .75 for orders of 20 discs or more. If the person or group ordering the DVDs decides to donate to the project we ask that the donation is made only after the order has been received. Please note that all donations are 100% voluntary.

For example: Yankee Doodle orders seven DVDs (one of each disc offered). When he gets his order he has only six discs because one was not available at the time his order was mailed. Yank might then send six dollars as cash, check, or money order to the address given in the package. If he got 20 DVDs he might send $15 to the sender of the package. Donations are strictly voluntary. However, if this project is to be a success and to continue, we will need to cover our monetary expenses somehow.

We have given the courageous and patriotic producers of these films the assurance that we will not sell their works for profit. Because of postage and material costs, we actually operate at a loss. We ask that those that use this service not ask any more for the DVDs than they donated for them.

If someone truly can not afford to donate the small amount that we recommend for the DVDs, we are glad to give them away, but if too many folks don’t donate, we will not be able to replenish the discs and be forced to shut down the service.

We ask that the minimum number of DVDs per order be 5 and the maximum number be 50.

*We do not necessarily endorse every single statement made in these DVDs but agree with the general thrust of each of them. We hope that the DVDs will stimulate you to do further research into the events of that day and are sure that if you do, you will agree with us in the 9/11 Truth movement that a thorough and above board criminal investigation into what really happened that day is necessary.

**9/11 Mysteries

A great new DVD is now available titled 9/11 Mysteries. This is one of the most compelling graphic demonstrations of WTC controlled demolition to date (IMHO). The producer has shown interest in allowing us to offer 9/11 Mysteries here after the cost of production is covered. Very reasonable discounts are offered for quanity orders. Currently another addition to the series is in production. 911dvdproject.com encourages support for this project. ~ webmaster

Learn more at 911mysteries.com or view the video in its intirety on google video here.

The American people deserve the truth about 9/11. It is our patriotic duty to DEMAND the 9/11 TRUTH!


Don’t forget to include a mailing address with your order.



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