Beware of Fear Mongers from Victor Thorn.
Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:48


Beware the Fearmongers

by Victor Thorn
In recent months I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of alarmist-type activity emanating from certain alternative news sources. It seems as if these individuals are filled with a rabid, manic drive to satiate the Internet with as much fear and paranoia as possible. I bring this point to bear because I recently had the opportunity to watch a film clip from one of these fear-monger’s latest videos, and in all honesty it caused me to arrive at a troublesome conclusion: the New World Order elite must love the individuals behind this movement.

You may wonder: what factors brought me to this result? Well, think about it – when are people most easily controlled? Answer: when they’re in a state of continual fear. This has been readily proven in numerous psychological and sociological studies, and the manipulators atop our world’s control pyramid are well aware of this fact. That is why the government and media have indoctrinated us with so much fear over the past few years concerning terrorism, anthrax, beheadings, the Patriot Act, etc.

It’s bad enough that we have a concerted effort being waged against us by politicians and the TV/radio networks, but when those within our own ranks bombard us with video after video (not to mention a seemingly endless array of articles and links), we have to start asking ourselves why we’re being assaulted with such heavy-handed doses of FEAR. In fact, this seems to be their forte – their prime specialty – they’re fear-mongers; and either wittingly or unwittingly they’re doing the NWO’s dirty work.

Now, some people may object, saying that we need to know this information; and I agree wholeheartedly. But anyone who has done their research doesn’t need a daily and/or weekly onslaught to realize that the government doesn’t have our best interests at heart. That’s evident. It’s now time to accept what we already know and move on in a more pro-active direction – namely organization. When all of that other stuff is pounded into our minds like a sinister form of psychic driving, it becomes old hat.

Can’t you see what’s happening? The Internet fear-mongers are simply picking-up where the government/mass media fear-mongers leave off. If you don’t believe me, look at their videos some time – they’re filled with an over-abundance of rapid, quick-cut, fear-laced Clockwork Orange images that are exactly the same as those used by the trauma-based mind-control thought-benders. Likewise, apocalyptic cult leaders such as Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and Marshall Applewhite (of Heaven’s Gate fame) all used similar fear-laden techniques to overwhelm and control their followers. Is this where we want to be going?

The most disconcerting aspect of this scenario is that the fear-mongers aren’t empowering people, but instead crippling them with fear. At the same time, they’re also misleading them into accepting an acute state of paranoia where they think that Big Brother is watching and obsessing over their every move – what radio stations they listen to, Internet sites they log onto, which books they read, and even what highways they drive on. But here’s a dirty little secret that crumbles the entire foundation of that premise: the government doesn’t give a damn what 99.999% of the populace does because --- guess what --- nobody’s doing anything that falls outside of their accepted parameters!

Isn’t it obvious? The New World Order isn’t some type of dismal, futuristic version of George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. Rather, the New World Order is in existence right here-and-now. This is what it looks like! We’re right smack-dab in the middle of it, and those in the seats of power only want three things from us:

1) They expect people to be gainfully employed and to carry their own weight so as to not be a drain on society.
2) They want us to keep the Machine running by producing goods and services, while at the same time consuming these goods and services. The entire System is based upon this simple concept.
3) Most importantly, they want their subjects to readily and unquestioningly surrender a significant portion of their income through a variety of taxes, which allows them to maintain their power and keep the System running.

In other words, they want their subjects to be docile, passive, and ‘well-trained,’ without the ability to become organized. And sadly, I think they’ve been very successful in these endeavors because that’s precisely the direction our political leaders and media have led us toward. Regrettably, the fear-mongers also fill this role by paralyzing people with increasing amounts of apprehension so that they can be more easily controlled.

So, with the above rationale in mind, I have some friendly words of advice for these individuals: drop the fear-schtick and start trying to unify people so that they can free themselves; not live in states of perpetual mental bondage that you’re creating on a daily basis. We have enough books, videos, and articles on this subject to last a lifetime. Now it’s time to move on because you’re playing right into the hands of those who you are supposedly fighting against. We should be helping people NOT be afraid to stand-up and free themselves from the NWO’s tyranny, not to be further enslaved by it.

Of course everyone should be vigilant, but who wants to constantly be afraid or debilitated? Instead, be loud, proud, and never let them see the fear in your eyes; because if you do, it’s all over (and who wants that). It’s time to rise up, raise your fists, get organized, and start fighting back. To hell with fear (and those who promote it); it’s now time to be strong and unafraid. How else are we ever going to take this country back?

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